[Patch Notes] 1/10 Server Update

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A new year has started! We hope that everyone had a safe and happy holiday and is ready to get back in the swing of things, especially with those New Year resolutions wink, wink. This year, we are starting things off with an all new battleground! Keep reading to find out more!


• Hellstorm Battleground – More Info
• Essence Exchange – More Info
• Your Worst Nightmare – More Info


• Point of Interest – More Info
• Up, Up, and Away! – More Info

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IS R2 new year resolutions, trying to make CS crap so we all run to BR? I know i won’t go.

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Why, just why?

R2 forums are already atrocious to read. Please dont bring this mindless slander to Kong as well.

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Obviously you haven’t played cs in the last 6 months, nor read the R2 forums. Sango’s slander isnt mindless. In fact, its completely and undeniably justified. CS is R2’s forgotten trash. How many game breaking glitches are going unfixed? New events? No. Garbage recycled events, constantly. We dont need inferior magic dust as an event quest rewards. They dont fix bugs, they turn them into typos. Level 10 required to enter sg? Oh, well we meant to make it 11. Typo. Its fkn lazy. They seem to want to milk as much cash out of cs as possible, before completely wiping their hands clean of anything and everything cs related. Just about every single acceptable event in the past few months, has been completely casher related, and they are only getting more greedy with time. The gap between cashers and non cashers it too big to fix now. New players have no chance at all in catching up. There are quite a few other cs host sites, and they all seem to give a **** about their players. Way better events, better rewards, better everything. After my time here is through I will never play another game hosted by R2. Lazy, greedy, and incompetent. R2 games.

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I play everyday and spend time on the R2 forums. The reason why comments like this are mindless is because they have no substance. They are empty complaints as long as they contain nothing more than “this is crap” or “this sucks”….. your comment has substance. It points to specific issues with the game that are worth the community discussing. Sango’s comments may be inspired by something justified but unless that justification is included, you have to admit that they will be disregarded and generally ignored.

Can you point out some game breaking glitches? The Showdown bug is game breaking. The 110 TG sucks but it isnt game breaking.

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The two that stand out to me are, the ability to enter the gotor fight in peace mode, and the ability to kill people with afk protection on. And thats just the tip of the iceberg. There are hundreds of bugs that should have been fixed months ago. They have all been brought to the attention of mods and gms, via the main R2 forums as well as tickets. Both the threads and tickets are closed, yet the issues go on unresolved. “We’ll take care of it” and “We’ll look into it” means tough ****, we need to get ready for a wartune update. And as to what will be generally ignored and disregarded, well, everything. They just don’t care anymore.

Gotor Glitch thread closed 7/31/12

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I think it’s quite ironic how the new updates are all posted by “R2_Wartune”.
But there are more threads beside the gotor thread on R2, and even though the GMs replied with “This suggestion has been accepted” they never bothered to actually do something.

I’m not sure if their main focus is wartunes but hey they decided to host 4 games (Castlot, Broken Realm, Wartunes and CS) and I’m pretty sure that they never increased the number of devs or GMs.

But hey, now we got 2 more mounts above hellwing, isn’t that nice of R2? Seeing how many people still don’t even have a Gorilla Titan yet.. The gap sure widens everyday and as soon as all the noobs get their hellwings, hellwing will be worth ****.

I made a “Major Update Suggestions” thread on R2 a few months ago, I never got a reply of any GM but of quite a lot players and none of them disliked my ideas to improve this game. Too bad, no matter how much we spend, they don’t care about us. All they do is moneyfarming this game until it dies out. There sure is no reason for any player to even think about starting this game on our S1-S4. They will never enjoy it.

But the worst part is, that even when you try to make issues public, their forum moderators are pretty fast with closing threads and posting bullshit all over their forum. They are just a bunch of papagirls and papaboys that love everything R2 is doing and no serious discussion can develop over there. The best reply is “File a Ticket” and even when you file 100 of them, nothing will happen, you just get a generic reply or you are getting a response of someone who is either 10 years old or never played this game at all.

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Shaddup akuma you big whingey!