[Other] The New Terrors of Vidalia

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Duration: Forever
Server: All Servers
Level Requirement: None

Description: There are two new creatures taking over the world of Vidalia, and you can be one of the few to claim them! Hellwing is now morphable into a Gilded Battle Stallion, and the Gilded Battle Stallion is morphable into a Kilin! When morphing, you will not loose your Hellwing, Gilded Battle Stallion, or Kilin, so you may unleash the fury of all three whenever you want!

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As nice as that sounds, you forgot to tell us that you made a new version of kilin which is weaker than great phoenix. About 13% weaker.
This is just another nerfed content. Kylin is the strongest mount in the original version and comes after great phoenix,
Also the therion mounts are easier to get in their version than in our version. It’s chance based there, like 25% chance to get the mount. Genbu for example just takes 1 single therion at a 25% chance, we need 10 therion at a 100% chance.
White Tiger needs 2 Therion and 25% chance as well, we need 25 Therion at 100% chance. Not like therion are easy to get for us to begin with..

However, I was looking forward to this because I saw the chatcode of “Kylin” and now I just found the chatcode of your new and nerfed Kilin.

Meh, that is just lame.