[Patch Notes] 1/17 Server Update

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Yet another week into 2013, we hope everyone had a wonderful week! This week we are not only introducing a multitude of quests to help give everyone a chance at some great prizes as well as introducing some cool new things... Check out the threads below to find out!


• Drake Hunt - More Info
• Feeling Lucky - More Info
• Pieced Together - More Info
• Wing Exchange - More Info


• Not so Cuddly - More Info
• Enchanted Skill Packs - More Info

Other Additions

• The New Terrors of Vidalia - More Info
• Hellstorm timing has been changed, check out THISpost to find out more about Hellstorm.

Other Additions

• Killers Den Magic Immunity Buff has been fixed so players may not use it in Champions Bluff.