[Patch Notes] Crystal Saga 11/14 Update

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We’ve got a few different ways to collect November Tokens this week, along with an all new system: Tenets. Obtain Wisdom and become truly powerful. Details and links below!
● Blessed Bath Booty – More Info
● Rock the Ladder! – More Info
● Tamalan Arena – More Info

It Pays to Consume – More Info
Point of Interest – More Info

What’s New

● Tenets – More Info

Bug Fixes

● Addressed bugs with the new event Warriors’ Arena. The event should now be functioning properly, however please continue to let us know if you experience any problems with it.

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How about fixing the party separations for void and priest skill magic blast which stun own character.

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two glitches in warriors arena still

a few of us noticed in warriors arena its killing a person and deducting points but sometimes the winner does not get the points which then the loser gets removed from arena and the winner sits around until a draw happens

another way for a a draw to happen is the loser gets an option to revive and no one gets any credit for wins or losses and it gives a tie instead

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i thought you said it had no glitches .-.