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Kongregate in general has been decent at coordinating attacks, and defending other kongregaters, but its very hit and miss, so I’ve decided to try and start a group of kongregaters which will defend others of the group, and be defended by others of the group, with coordinated attacks against kongregates main rival (new geo/newgrounds).

I decided on Syndicate, rather than guild/clan/team/crew, since it felt more unique.

The group is focused on being mainly composed of aggressive, active attackers, rather than researchers or turtles (huge defensive army/many strongholds) as such some requirements are necessary, nothing unachievable after a day or two of playing.

Chatroom 2 is where you can find most members of the Zero Syndicate.

We now have an IRC chat room, it isn’t meant for anything in particular but I figured why not make it, I’m not going to bother with a password. anyone is welcome as long as they are known and trusted by one of us.

  • Members:
  1. Zephilinox
  2. [CODENAME] Epic Bob Donut killingspree26
  3. DindoS
  4. mikolajwisnia
  5. RageQuitGaming
  6. curtywurty
  7. jugador1
  8. neko_chan13
  9. Smokescreem
  10. MegaMatty005
  11. Renzz
  12. Zanit
  13. seamik
  14. Theorules
  15. dracus
  16. XxxMayronel21xxX

  • Requirements:
  1. Follow any rules of the Zero Syndicate.
  2. Active in the chat, in the game, and in attacking.
  3. At least 3 Cities at or above level 7, no more than 6 cities.
  4. At least 1 Barracks at or above level 6.
  5. 1 or fewer Armories at or above level 7. (no armory required if you have power 9 and/or 8 and/or 7 weapons stockpiled at 80+ each)
  6. Strongholds should be in the 4 blocks adjacent to the center block, but strongholds themselves are not required.
  7. A HQ with a decent defense bonus from Strongholds, assuming you have any, and at a level equal to or higher to that of your Barracks.
  8. You must accept the fact that there isn’t much profit in attacking other players, we do it for fun, ourselves, each other, and winning, nothing more.

  • Rules:
  1. Defend/Avenge the other members to the best of your abilities.
  2. Don’t be stupid, ask other members to help you pummel an enemies kingdom. split the pain!
  3. Coordinate attacks with other members against top players of our enemy team and our targets as often as possible.
  4. take a look at our target list at the bottom of this post every once in a while :b

  • Targets:
  • try to keep at least their HQ/LS black, it annoys the hell out of them.
  1. Anyone in this list
  2. 185db [NG; Attacked DindoS]
  3. DarkHeroX2 [NG; Attacked Researcher]
  4. Dimitrilium (A.K.A general turd) [NG; Attacked Donut killingspree26]
  5. Link-Zero-Omega [NG; Attacked Researcher]
  6. are there any I missed? let me know and I’ll add them.

These rules don’t stop you from helping other kongregaters outside of the Zero Syndicate, if you’d like to help them out, go right ahead, one for all and all for one, right?

Any questions? if you’d like to join, just post or talk to me in the chat.

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Personally, I think Kong chat is good enough, as if your being attacked you generally want an IMMEDIATE response. Several hours matters a lot in this game.

Even though I don’t think this will be too necessary, this looks like you’ve organised it 5000% better than idiots in other forums – See Backyard Monsters and TDP4 and the like to see what I mean – every 20 clans there is 1 good one that actually survives for more than a week.

Personally, I’m a researcher though :)

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Yeah I think the fact it is site vs site makes any intra-teams almost redundant, but only almost, and maybe there is a gap somewhere in which it might be useful to have this, I wanted to try and see if it could get anywhere, instead of having the idea sitting around in my head or waiting for someone else to do it.

Thanks, I came from backyard monsters so I know exactly what you’re talking about (I quit when it got badges), in this case I decided to make it rather simple instead of long with way too much information.

researchers are awesome :b I was going to be a researcher, but at the last moment I decided I wanted to have some fun and became an attacker instead, but kong couldn’t win without you and the others like you.

If this Syndicate idea fails, then it fails, and no harm is done, if it doesn’t, then its one more thing we can use against NG.

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I actually like the idea, just so I can get more targets faster. Though I guess kong chat is already enough and I’m just being greedy ;).

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Thanks for the vote of confidence :b, feel like joining then?

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just accepted our first member, he/she wanted his/her name hidden so instead his/her codename will appear in the member list, not sure how practical it is but it is fun nonetheless.

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ok so i want in on this stuff. sign me up

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Okay, great, 2nd person to join, welcome to the Syndicate

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sign up me

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done, welcome miko :] the pace seems to be picking up now

you might want to reconsider that launch pad in exchange for another barracks, it doesn’t do much good.

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Sign me up, sounds like a good idea to me!

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I know I’m a researcher, but I want to ask one favour -
I’ve just finished upgrading everything and I’m pumping money so when the next reset comes I’ll be giving it all-in. Naturally, this will attract targets, so I’d like you guys to defend me if your online :)

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accepted, glad you like the idea :]


Of course, kong wouldn’t be able to win if it weren’t for the researchers, any and every member of kongregates team should be willing to defend our researchers, Zero Syndicate included, most of the time we are in chat room #01 or #02.

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I’m cool with that, DragonArcherZ. Go to the Game chat 2. That’s where we hang out.

Also, LET ME IN!

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Dragon, I’m running a really strong offensive build, so let me know if you get swarmed.

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Huzzah! But should I be like number 0? Or 0.5? Or joint first? 6 is unfitting for me.

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the numbers are just in order of join date at the moment, they don’t signify anything, and I doubt they ever will.

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Room 2? Really? I really don’t think there’s 91 members there. Is it just so that “Guests” on Kong can’t view what we’re saying? If so, smart.

I personally thought it would be empty though O.o

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hey, can i join?

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Can i join? There’s only one problem, i had to get rid of one of my strongholds for a launch site ^^"

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I would like to join this syndicate. Please?

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Heh,sign me in.Also,how far did you watch the Fairy Tail Anime?

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Sign me in,too!
My stuff:
All lvl9 buildings
99 Queen Calls
6 lvl 9 Cities
(When I joined,i putted strongholds on wrong places and if i had to move it to proper,I would have to remove most of my lvl 9 buildings.)
Good enough?
Oh and,we could use chatroom 7 since it’s empty..

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accepted, but I’d recommend replacing that city on the left with another barracks.


accepted, but I’d really recommend scrapping the launch pad, splitting your turns between research and your army is inneficient, dedicate yourself to one or the other, remember this is a Syndicate of attackers.


rejected, too many cities, read the requirements please.


accepted, but like jugador1 you should replace that city with a second barracks.

I’m at episode 94 right now, that is, I’ve not started watching 94 but I’ve finished 93.


rejected, you’re layout is just too messy, you’ll need to fix it, on top of the strongholds being in the wrong place, you also have the same problems as jugador1/smokescreem and neko_chan13

we could have our own chatroom (in which case I’d prefer number 8) but there isn’t much need, and it would be quite quiet, room 02 is where I spend most of my time, room 01 is normally quite active, so stay in one of those :b.

there isn’t much to discuss, as a Syndicate we have the advantage of being able to pick a target, start a swarm, and getting the rest of the people chatting in on the action without a lot of bickering, for that we need people chatting.

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Just saw this post, and noticed everyone in the chat. Looks like a cool plan.
If you have some room i’d like to be in.
(Oh, and yes, i have to replace that city with a barracks :P)