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Survival Tactics. Anyone got any? What i mean is not an Attack Tactic (Attacking many NG or FACE) but what you do when your all Wiped out. So what do you do when your down and you have 300 turns just siting there?

Here’s What i Do:

Don’t Rage. Raging means that you’ve lost and the enemy has won. Which is what happens. Instead (If you have cities) User that 300 turns of yours to rebuild it. Then use at least 100-200 turns (Depending on City level and how many you have) you should get enough to rebuild at least 1 to 5 buildings (If not well your screwed). Which should be a sum of coins about 3,000 to 40,000? depends.

Rebuild the Barracks Which is the Main point. Recruit 5 Soldiers and put them on defense. It’ll calm the heck out of the place.

Start saving money to get enough to revive your Armory. Or anything else that is used for defense.

(BTW: It’ll help if you check your armory (When you revive it) to see what new weapons that you stole from the attackers. (You know that 0 luck thing?) Yeah that helps a whole bunch with the lvl 9 weapons) (Hey It did for me!)

Revive Everything with money. I Highly Recommend that you use your money to upgrade your cities (If not lvl 6+) Then Revive everything else. I would recommend that you spend some of your money till it’s under 5,000 or else you’ll be a farm target. (Unless you have a high defense). Then Revert to normal with the turns and the recruiting.

La Fin:
Once everything is in order and you can start over again just get the attackers back! This is the Best revival Strategy (What i think at least).

Thats what i think. What’s Yours Survival Tactic?

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Crush Destroy raid WIN (sometimes)

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Sell all buildings and start over again with some extra starting cash