Repair Costs of Barracks & HQs

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Repair costs of Barracks and HQs :

-Lev. 1 HQ Repair Cost- $314
-Lev. 2 HQ Repair Cost- $769
-Lev. 3 HQ Repair Cost- $1476
-Lev. 4 HQ Repair Cost- $2536
-Lev. 5 HQ Repair Cost- $4127
-Lev. 6 HQ Repair Cost- $6526
-Lev. 7 HQ Repair Cost- $10313
-Lev. 8 HQ Repair Cost- $15616
-Lev. 9 HQ Repair Cost- $23697

-Lev. 1 Barrack houses-3 soldiers -Repair Cost- $55
-Lev. 2 Barrack houses-6 soldiers -Repair Cost- $152
-Lev. 3 Barrack houses-9 soldiers -Repair Cost- $320
-Lev. 4 Barrack houses-12 soldiers -Repair Cost- $615
-Lev. 5 Barrack houses-15 soldiers -Repair Cost- $1131
-Lev. 6 Barrack houses-18 soldiers -Repair Cost- $2034
-Lev. 7 Barrack houses-21 soldiers -Repair Cost- $3614
-Lev. 8 Barrack houses-24 soldiers -Repair Cost- $6364
-Lev. 9 Barrack houses-27 soldiers -Repair Cost- $11202

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well,there is a guide in pdf form to tell us that…

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Originally posted by joeng3:

well,there is a guide in pdf form to tell us that…

can you tell me where to find it or post the link to it?
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I don’t think there’s a .pdf guide to that, and anyway I don’t want to have to open a pdf file everytime I want to check. Thanks for this, it’s really useful.

Botoven, maybe we can work together can make a comprehensive sell/buy/upgrade/repair price for all buildings, plus add what is improved upon every time you upgrade. (eg. At rank 3 your cities increase population by X number, at rank 4 it increases population by Y number)