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(addicted to this thread)
Would be nice if you introduced a couple of features to spend some of the units you never choose to use.
- Buy a farm on a village, spend some money on upkeep(?), assign some units to it (maybe only available for beasts) – free units of that type would spawn from time to time.
- Some locations could have training grounds, you could leave some units there for a fee – units would get upgrades from time to time.
- You could garrison the town with troops to defend it against attacks, those armies would generate gold and resources from battles.

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one request;
i was an admirer to the original games on PC of King’s Legend; i finished them all; here on this web version one modificitaon will be nice; to enter town just to look if there is avaible quests, what is the wanted’s situation, how many joined how many left, ok no shopping, but view towns that you explored before should be avaible; since the game resource is stamina and we are spending it just to check a wanted, or a quest cooldown off or not;
please work on this;

thx in advance ;

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hey guys i got problem with openning the game…so i am using chrome…and i click on the game(on the recently played) or search for it…after 4-5 seconds it says google chrome has stopped working and it shuts down(chrome) if i want to play the game i must reopen chrome and click on restore tabs(after it shuts down as sayed) then i can play w/o any problems but its annoying

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iridanou, chrome flash shockwave is hanging when unity starts (this game), for me chrome hangs for 10-20 seconds, then it tells me i need to stop shockwave. now i use firefox wish is in my opinion 100x more stable than chrome.

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it is really enough game makers; we are waiting for a wanted quest for days even; i just want to invite “online” list, make it happen , it is not a big deal; why i keep waiting for it?

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PvE is laggy and PvP isn’t. How come and what to do?

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guys i got a problem..friends only apear durring battle but not in wanted list or when in town

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I want to start my account from 0, how can i do this? is it possible?

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Originally posted by Doreus:

I have an issue with the game that I haven’t seen discused before and which I believe is decreasing playability big time. It’s about the info screens within a battle.

I think all the info on troops should be avalible to see in battle, like it was in solo KB. I seen this being mentioned before but the issue does’t end with learning about the troops after u have gained them.

First off other than learning about them and their skills u have to memorize it, which will get harder and harder in the long term when u will be adding more units. This would be one thing if u wanted that the best players were those who memorized all the skills and what they do AFTER the got those units. But in practice most players will just go to a wiki related page to look it up (after it gets created of course) wich makes just for an unpleasurness and does not add anything to the game. If u wan that the playiers get the info about the creatures then make it so that the info about them is avalible after u “research” them instead of not being avalible at all!

Other thing about it are the skills affecting the creatures, do we really have to memorize what each picture means? I get it ain’t all that hard and will happen over time, but com’on why do we have to do that? I just want to look at the picture and see what effect it has without having to memorize it or checking for it on-line.

Ok, and here is the part that bothers me most. (as I use inquisitors a lot) In solo KB u could see what ur max units were in battle screen, here u can’t. Neither can u see how much healed/ressurected an stack will be (info about how much dmg some skills will do is also not shown) This means, among other things, that I have to manually remember how many of each unit were before the start of the battle, which is very annoing considering I constantly exchange my troops, and even more so that u can heal/resurrect stacks even when they are at they full hp. The function to see how much u heal was avalible in solo KB why isn’t it here?

All this comes to a point where one wonders if the game just misses those basic functions to see in-battle info or u guys just expect us to memorize everything and count all the numbers ourself. Either way hope tis will get changed..

On a totally other note, what’s up with the locked spell slots? “Coming soon” ?? Why is’t that unlocked already? We could for sure use them slots, 3 is way to many. U guys waiting till u add some more spells first or has one to do something to do to unlock it?

Good ideas, we’ll discuss the possibility of their implementation.
As for the locked spell slots, we can’t tell you when they’ll be unlocked.

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Originally posted by stankybones:

PvP matching needs to be fixed.

If I attack someone and my power is “scaled down”, I shouldn’t have less troops than them.


I’m level 14, I matched vs. a level 9. It scaled my army down by cutting my troops basically in half. My troop choices and my enemy’s are virtually the same, except for he has 1-2 troops more in every stack, AND gets to attack first. This is a ridiculous advantage.

This effect might be caused by the Commander’s Aura which your opponent was using.
PvP system will undergo some changes, but it’ll happen a bit later.

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Originally posted by bladejay:


The tactician in me has a serious problem with the way that the “wait” command is treated in this game. In the classic King’s Bounty game, the resolution of armies that waited always went in reverse order. For example, units with higher initiative resolved their move AFTER units with lower initiative. This preserved the ability of units with high initiative to both go last in the current round and go again quickly in the next round. I notice in this version that the “wait” command is resolved going from highest initiative to lowest. To me this takes away one of the biggest advantages of the wait command (at least as I saw it from classic King’s Bounty and also from the HoMM games).

I’m sure it’s been mentioned before (I don’t read all the forums), but stamina needs to be fixed in this game. There’s not enough of it given all the activities that take stamina. I’m fine with the stamina cost for battles since the cost is consistent with the cost found in other games. The stamina drain is far too much for resurrecting units. I also highly dislike the fact that moving from town to town costs stamina. Today I found myself low on archers and had to dump 8 stamina points moving to a town that sold them and then back to my original area. Please consider making movement free!

I’d also like to echo a few things mentioned earlier. First, I’m highly in favor of some way to see how many units have died in a stack so that I’m not blindly guessing with Resurrection. Second, the ability to see a creature’s abilities during combat is a must. Finally, I’d love an explanation of how the stats work. To me it seems like a lot of the level 1 equipment are better than the higher level equipment simply because they give leadership buffs. I think that leadership +50 is better than attack +1, but I’d like to know for sure.

These concerns aside, thanks very much for bringing King’s Bounty back to life!!!

As for the movement order, it’s already being reconsidered.
We can’t promise that stamina costs will change in the near future(
The info regarding the stats will be added to the knowledgebase. You’re right, that’s an important thing to know.
And we’ll try to provide an opportunity to view units’ abilities during a battle.

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Originally posted by Dwindler:

Hi may I know what’s the limit for invitations? I’m trying to get some paladins but it tells me that I’ve met the limit for invites and I can’t do anymore wanted quests?

You can send 200 help requests per day.

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Originally posted by puudels:

Is there any way to get an artifact, belt or ring? There are slots for those items in inventory screen, but I can’t find those anywhere! :O

Rings and belts will be added in future updates.

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Originally posted by Ivo111:

I can’t invite any of my friends into a wanted mission, and I haven’t done any before. I just can’t invite anyone at all. How can I potentially fix this bug?

Are you still having problems with that?

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Originally posted by Thijst:

A bug that keeps occuring for me is that when i invite people for a wanted mission the full screen automatically closes.
This is really annoying.

Unfortunately, this is the thing that can’t be fixed(

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Originally posted by DragonMage75:

I have a problem that has me really annoyed. I spent a bunch of time, and units, to finish up one of the town medals. But I didn’t get my reward because both choices were locked! As far as I can tell, I have no way of going back and selecting the reward later if I get them unlocked. I believe this is at least the second time it has happened to me. Why would I bother playing if I can’t even get the rewards I’ve worked so hard to earn?! Why doesn’t earning such a reward automatically unlock the offered units???

The reward is given for collecting 3, 8 and 15 medals.
But we plan to change that in the new update. The reward will be given after for every medal you earn.

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Originally posted by lordoftheend:

I just went on for the fourth day in a row and it gave the first day’s log on reward again. Not game changing in any way just kind of annoying to see happen.

This bug will be fixed in the nearest patch.

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Originally posted by aj2000:

A question:

How do you get pvp mats (Chevrons) if everyone surrenders before they lose a unit stack? Are there alternative ways to get it?

I’ve gone on a streak with 0 stack kills as all my opponents just surrender before they lose a stack

Do all of your opponents surrender?!

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Originally posted by lordoftheend:

I just got disconnected from a pvp match and now I can’t do any for the next ten minutes. Quite the problem.

That happens, because the game “thinks” that you’ve run away from the battlefield.
We’re looking to address the connectivity issues during beta.

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Originally posted by coachcabby:

If you buy a unit from the royal shop like the champion or inquisitor for example, do you receive just 1 inquisitor or several?

You receive just 1 unit.

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Originally posted by Dabomb007:

Is there any way to bring down the quality of the screen to speed up the game.

The performance issue has already been addressed. You’ll see the changes when we install the new update.

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Originally posted by Maashaa:

How can I get “princess Amalia like” hero doll in the game?

There’s a bug that does not allow you to play for a female character (even if you’ve selected “female” gender in your profile). That will be fixed in the nearest patch.

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Originally posted by Coylise:

Here’s an interesting one. Lake fairies have the “amnesia” ability, and the description says it “stuns a selected mortal or immortal unit for 1 turn”. I’ve tried it just now, it causes sleep instead of stun. Minor difference, but worth looking into.

This one has already been corrected.

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Originally posted by legenderis:

one question, about the abilities a monster has,lets say the pilgrim, can we earn more abilities for that monster?and what is that feature that has . do we earn abilities or somwthing like that for our monsters?

Each unit has a fixed set of abilities.

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Originally posted by Jamosh:

issue with invites on wanteds is kind of annoying. i have sent first invites to friends 2 days ago, and still cannot sent to same ppl invites even if i know they accepted them just when they received them? really weird, but it belongs to beta … anyway this is very nice game even with bugs/glitches i have experienced so far

Are you still having problems with that?