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We’re posting to announce that we’re recruiting players who will become a part of our helpers team.
If you know a lot about the game mechanics, have a wealth of experience and are ready to share your knowledge with other players, help them in solving problems and answering their questions – join us! Let’s make the world of King’s Bounty: Legions better!

In order to apply, you need to fill out the application form which is given below and send it to (subject: Helpers team). We’ll study all of your applications and contact the applicants we’re interested in.

The application form

1. Your real name and age. Location. Level of English proficiency.
2. Your profile URL and forum nickname.
3. How long have you been playing King’s Bounty: Legions? What’s your level? Did you play other games from King’s Bounty universe? Tell us a few words about your previous MMORPG experience? What games do you play now? What are your favourite games?
4. How much time do you spend in King’s Bounty: Legions? What is the likeliest time to find you in the game?
How much time are you ready to give to helping players, answering their questions and keeping track of violations?
5. Which platform would you choose as an area of your activities: Facebook or Kongregate?
6. Some additional info.


1. Age: 16+ (preferably, but not necessarily). 25+ level in the game.
2. High forum and fan page activity.
3. A deep and fair knowledge of game mechanics and content.
4. Excellent written communication skills.

Helper’s responsibilities:

1. Monitoring and reporting code of conduct violations (forum, comments, fan pages, in-game chat).
2. Answering questions regarding the game mechanics, helping players in solving in-game problems.
3. Informing the Administration about the bugs and errors found in the game.
4. Providing useful feedback or suggestions to the Administration whether they are from gamers or yourself.
5. Contest planning.

Benefits and conditions:

1. Funny and entertaining Skype channel.
2. The opportunity to suggest your ideas directly to the King’s Bounty: Legions Administration.
3. Generous rewards for active help and energetic efforts!