Patchnotes OBT: v1.2.49

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1. The drop rate of rare and unusual resources has been increased.

2. The difficulty level and strength of armies at 4-6 levels has been slightly decreased.

3. Fixed some errors that could prevent players from completing the tutorial.

4. The last upgrade of Emerald Dragon now gives +2 attack.

5. Now you can view what auras, licenses and items your PvP opponent is using.

6. We’ve set a fixed number of resurrections (no more than 3) that Inquisitors and Emerald Dragons can make during a battle.

7. Corrected the errors in the descriptions of abilities of the following units: Archmage, Demonologist, Unicorn, Gargoyle-Trainee, Gargoyle-Hunter, Zombie, Eyebeast and Dryad.

8. Fixed the descriptions of Assassin’s Dagger and Gladiator’s Armour.

9. Fixed some errors that could cause problems with “Spiders in the Cemetery” quest.

10. Fixed the error in Magical Armour description (cooldown time: 3 turns).

11. Game fonts have been optimized.

12. The UI has been improved and optimized as well.

13. The size of in-game chat messages has been increased.

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And the reward for completing all the medals?

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Originally posted by diabolicopupe:

And the reward for completing all the medals?

Sorry, we didn’t manage to include that into this patch.
The reward for getting Medals of Valour in all settlements will be added in the next update.

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I see that downgrade of inq was more important then fixing shouts. Ehh ….

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All the changes look good to me.

Being able to see auras and items in PvP is a very nice addition. The only downside for it is that, with the new info (which is more than welcome) on top of everything else (opponents units, terrain and obstacles etc) the first round and especially the first turn of the battle is going to be rather hectic. You have too many decision to make in the very first turn of a battle and too much info to absorb and proccess. In a very short time, just a few seconds, you must decide whether you will retreat or not, your general strategy, the optimal position for your troops at the end of the first round, what do you expect to do in round two or three depending on your opponents moves, the order all units will act in the round and how to deal with it etc.

I have said that before but it would be even more convenient now if this first turn lasts a few more seconds – a bit longer than all the turns after that- for both opponents.

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I think that time before match is ok, when you switch off round camera at the begining. changes are good. can you be more specific how do you change drop rate? can you tell us some numbers? eg 2x more then it was?

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To be more correct. How much in % is drop rate of rare mats from legendaries in battles :

very week
a little less str
same str

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Glad that the # of Inq resurrections was capped. I found myself exploiting it with infinite resurrections to the point that it made battles way too long and tedious. Though I will probably start missing it after a tough battle.

Didn’t know Emerald Dragons could also resurrect, cool.

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Heavy Boots before craft description says +1 attack to all units but after craft description says +1 to def.
Now i have unwanted boots which i will never craft if i know about +1 def instead +1 attack.

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Why are there still no confirmation screens and such amazingly-large ‘purchase’ buttons in the royal shop? Accidentally clicked while mousing over and ‘bought’ a fireball scroll for 4 gems.