How to use shouts to get Resources

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Fell free to add your tips, but here are mine:
1. It’s free. Doesn’t cost you anything to help, gives the person you help a resource.
2. Max 3 shouts every 4 hours (must be different)
3. To shout for resources you must be short of what you need. When you are, click on the green bugle and you are on your way.
4. Once you have shouted out, you need to post the link to your shouts (from your kongregate profile) in chat. Each link is only active for 5 clicks so keep making more to get the most benefit.
5. Be polite – if someone helps you by clicking on your shouts, help them back by checking on their profile and seeing if you can help them.
6. This also works with stamina potions (5). BUT: You must have no spare vials and these link only get 3 uses.
7. It’s painful helping people by clicking on their shouts, losing your chat connection and then restarting the game each time. There is a better way . . .
8. This is what works for me: In the chat window open their profile in a new tab. Keep this open. Right click and open in new tabs each link you want to help. Do @ 6 at a time (or you will lose your open game). I have managed 8, but FF gets toey and sometimes crashes for me. Quickly go back to the game window, wait for 3 messages saying you helped, quickly close these. Shut the first 3 tabs you opened. Repeat the process with the last 3 tabs: go back to the game window, close the 3 other messages and quickly shut the remaining 3 tabs. If you keep the profile tab up, you can keep going down the whole profile. If you want, you can click on the bottom link ‘see all shouts’ and go for your life. Finally – reconnect to chat (there is no way to stop losing chat atm).

I hope this helps newbies – if you use the shouts you can get hundreds of free resources each week :)