Raids - Sabotage and Ideas

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Do you hate raids too?

I strongly dislike raids and I sabotage them by doing this. I spent all the gold I had left on upgrades, keeping a very small amount like 10K. I chose the 3 weaker common units that I had (peasants, spiders and vagabonds) all not upgraded at all. I got my army killed. Revived only 1 of each. I went to combat with 1 spider, 1 peasant and 1 vagabond. The strong opponents use the best runes at the start of combat. So you make them waste all their runes to kill a spider, a peasant and a vagabond. You even get an element for compensation. And you can repeat it as long as you want, as long as you have stamina. And wait till I get royal aura. So don’t attack my 26 draconids that guard my 264 gold because I will waste all your runes.

Some ideas : Raids should be like a contest “Try to conquer my castle”. Only 1 raid per day with unit kidnapping for the winner. Attacker can’t use runes (because the defender fights fiercer for his castle and is on familiar ground). The last is also an equalizer for the fact that defenders don’t use spells. A max total of gold you can lose in a raid (The prize for conquering) The more gold you put as prize the more units you can capture. A choice for players that don’t want to participate. Upgrade the battle arena in defence mode by buying traps like the lightning altar, the cursed cross, the holy statue or the good old trap spell from the series.

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in my opinion, garisson army should have advantage compare to attacking army. 20% HP or 20% leadership bonus would be fine. Because garisson army is controled by AI which is a very weak point.

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Whats in raids are screwed :

  • factor of gold capture
  • AI
  • work even defender is online

Whats must be changed :

  • much less % of gold capture
  • forbidden to use runes for attackers
  • more units for defenders or allow to put more legendaries or special units instead of common
  • 100k gold save for each lvl of deffender
  • loosing gold and/or units to those attackers who failed