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So…. Since I’m far too nice, here I am again buying things to find out what will give the best bang for your buck, and cover a few brief topics about crystals.

A few things:

  • I won’t be checking out Crystal Equipment. As far as I’m concerned, the game is eminently beatable right now with Gold and Achievement gear.
  • I can’t promise that the results I get at my level will exactly mirror those at your levels, just give you an idea of what you’re getting yourself in for.
  • Each crystal unit/hero will get a ranking out of 10.
  • I will personally get each unit and deploy it myself, rather than relying on the computer to do it, so I can fairly compare it with other units.
  • I will never spend crystals on anything with a gold alternative, even if that alternative is not yet implemented.
  • Because a lot of people don’t seem to realise this, note that yes, you can get free Kreds by doing special offers and performing surveys. You can head over to “Get Kreds” > “Buy Kreds” and then select the “Get Free Kreds” option to check out what’s available. You can find your own guides on which offers are the best.

Now that’s out of the way, let’s start with heroes:

#1: Rhino the Executor:


To be honest, Rhino is actually pretty neat.
Rage: Check.
Poison Cloud II: Awesome. You all know this one and hate being on the receiving end of it.
Rain of Arrows: This spell is awesome. Thirty or so arrows at 0.3 of your attack?

And all this for the budget price of 600 Crystals.

Well, Rhino moves almost as slow as Popo, and his attack aptitude is pretty low too, so you’re not getting as much out of them as you might hope for. You’re basically paying for a more offensive Popo replacement, but without the speed of other Crystal heroes.

Since Rage is the most important thing on this hero, you may want to save your Crystals for something better.

#2: Lutea the Summoner:


She doesn’t have Rage, but Lutea does have a few things that are seriously useful:

Twin Tornado: Tornado rocks, twin Tornado rocks twice as hard.
Swords of Judgement: This is pretty much the hardest hitting attack spell in the game, and Lutea has the highest attack of all heroes with it.
Heal 3: Heal is often overlooked in the face of rage, but healing is actually pretty great, especially for keeping already hard-hitting Titans up and running. She’s the only hero with Heal 3, though heal 2 is usually plenty for serious healing.

The big one is no Rage. Without something there to help with farming, it’s hard to justify getting her. She’s also not that quick (though she’s quicker than most of the heroes), so again, actually getting her into range of the enemy to use those awesome, awesome spells is a bit awkward.
Her chassis is okay, especially her 0.65 Atk, but 0.7 Def isn’t that impressive overall.
Lastly is her price tag, 1,000 crystals as of June update is fairly doable, but there are other heroes out there that you might want to go for ahead of her, though she’s looking a bit more attractive than she was at 1.6k.

#3: Dragonzord


This guy is pretty unlucky. He’s got the biggest price tag of the “starter heroes” but he’s got the least going for him.

First off, he’s got no tactical goodies. No rage, no heal, not even shield. All he has are attack spells.
Secondly, he doesn’t even have long range attack spells, they’re all pretty short range except for Meteor III (which, though awesome, isn’t enough to save him), and since the Zord has no healing spells, this means that he has to get up close and personal with enemies to do any damage. He’s slow, he’s a big target, and his special attack drives him way forward into enemy lines whenever he uses it, making him the kamikaziest of heroes, without much to show for it.
Update: June.

He’s now 1,200 Crystals. Still expensive, but at least he’s not competing with Khobbit.

#4: Omni Knight


Okay, the first of the neo-heroes and he’s a pretty strong contender already.

First up, no rage, fine. He does, however, have Heal, and Shield too, meaning that his buffed units will be taking about 3/4 as much damage as usual, and he can always patch them up later.
Meteor III: For hobbit spams, this one actually works out pretty well, since those pesky swarms tend to have more units than can be easily hit by other means, and, unlike a certain other Hero with Meteor 3, Omni is by no means a one-trick ponyzord. Five Meteors in a line about half the screen long, and the health (and healing) to make use of it in optimal positioning at the front of your units? Pretty neat.
Thunderstorm 3: Long range and pretty awesome. Its biggest downside is being thunder, it’s not actually that good against some of the worst enemies in the game: Gorillas and Pegasus Knights, but it’s pretty good against another nasty enemy: Cursed Pirates.
Special Attack: This deserves special mention, since Omni’s special attack is freaking awesome. It’s non-elemental, it has three hits, and it has a range of half the screen. Crowd control for 1 mana.

Lastly, statwise, Omni is simply the best tank hero. He’s not quite as defensive as Popo at 0.8 Def aptitude, but at 4.0 Health, he’s got the highest HP of any hero, and with heal he can easily recover from his tanking excursions later. He’s as fast as Viegraff, and unlike Frei, he’s not about to keel over because someone just so happened to have cast Volcanoz on him.

As ever – no rage is a downer for a would be farmer. Shield is nice, but killing faster is getting exp faster.
The second major downside is a bit unfair to the guy. He is really and truly head and shoulders above any hero before him, but he loses out hard to Khobbit and Frei, who are both a lot faster than he is. If you’re paying 2000 Crystals for a hero, then you really want the best, and though he’s definitely the best at tanking and probably second best at damage output, you might prefer to have the best at speed or firepower instead.

#5: Khobbit the Spartan


Don’t let his aptitudes fool you, this guy rocks.

Is it his triple hitting special attack? No.
Is it the fact he gets Shield, Rage and heal? No, though that’s awesome.
Is it the fact he gets the awesome Rain of Arrows? No, though that’s awesome too.

No, it’s that Khobbit, all for having the worst Health, low Def, and piddling Atk, moves like he has a mach 3 engine up his rear end. Khobbit has a speed of 5. For reference, White Tigers have a speed of 4, and normal Hobbits have a speed of 3.

Khobbit can, within six seconds, be next to the enemy hero on their side of the screen, and release two salvos of Rain of Arrows, ending the match within seven seconds of it starting. On 2x speed.

I shouldn’t have to say how awesome that is for farming, but his speed has so many more advantages:

“Tanking”: Because he moves so fast, Khob can start attack animations without ever being there when they finish, or just sit at the high point of an archer’s arc and never get hit.
“Hit and run”: Run forward, drop an Arrow Rain, run back and heal, then repeat whenever you want.
“Trolling”: Enemy units will slavishly follow your hero. At high enough levels to survive this attention, just run Khob around and watch the enemies frantically chasing after you whilst he heals, whittles away at them with arrows, and summons his own armies to deal with the enemy hero, who’s too busy watching Khob running around to defend himself.

He’s just outside of the maximum “achievement crystal” threshhold right now, but it’s pretty doable to get the extra 400 with a few surveys, making Khob a serious bargain.


There are two and a half downsides to him. First, he’s totally non-elemental. That’s not actually much of a downside on its own, but coupled with his more serious downside of having a low attack score (the absolute lowest in the game, no less), this makes him a lot less “spastically fast 8 second win” material against higher defence opponents on whom a little elemental boost would work wonders.

Apart from that is his Health and Def scores, which are terrible. Use Khob with the knowledge that you will not be using him to tank, you will not be able to fire and forget him in front of your troops, but that you will be using him as the ultimate hands-on hero in the game.

#6: Frei the Sky Princess


Okay, she’s the most expensive hero by far, but is she the best?


Special Attack: Wind elemental, a range as long as Omni Knight’s, with two hard hits and a number of smaller ones with Launch and Knockback. Not only is this powerful at close range, it’s great for breaking up enemy formations from long range, well outside the dangerzone.
Twin Tornado: One of the ultimate Crowd Control techniques in the game, of course Frei has it.
Heal 2: Because why wouldn’t she have the ability to fully heal all her units?
And of course, Rage. Yeah, she’s got it all.

She also moves about half as fast as Khobbit. Sounds slow? That’s faster than Valkyries.

But none of this is why Frei is the best, though she’d probably be “arguably” the best without it with her awesome utility and damage output.

Frei is the best because she has Transfer.

What is transfer you ask? Transfer costs 6, and casting it gives you 2.5 bars to your summoning bar, as well as giving you the standard 2 mana just for casting a 6-cost spell.

Why is that awesome?

1: You can instantly summon 4 cost units when you cast Transfer, or 5 cost after a second or so’s wait.

2: This gives back 2/3 of the bar (about 3 orange blocks), meaning you can either wait a pretty short time and use Transfer again, or you can Rage or Heal 3 your forces. Your call.

3: Because transfer isn’t quite instantaneous, if you happen to have a 1 or 2 cost unit, you could summon a unit, cast Transfer, cast your 2-cost unit, and then when transfer activated, cast it again, giving you three summons on the field.

4: Since transfer gives so much mana at once, Frei with a little Mana+ can be summoning 8 cost Arch Angels before your enemy is summoning 2-cost Elf Rangers.

5: For those as didn’t know, Mana regenerates faster with more mana in your pool. Frei’s ability to kick start her mana to a higher level means that she will be getting mana and summoning units faster than anyone else, and units are the meat and potatoes of the game.

If Khobbit is the king of farming easy missions, Frei’s ability to summon powerful units faster than anyone else makes her the queen of beating the harder ones. It’s hard to overstate how amazing Transfer, or Frei, is. For end-game players, having Frei makes for victory times over half a minute faster than having Popo against 6-6, and enables entirely new strategies that would never work without her to boot.


There’s one, and only one, and it should be obvious – Element. There aren’t many dangerous Earth units, and there are quite a lot of dangerous fire and wind units, so taking multiplied damage from them and dealing less damage to them is a pretty major disadvantage.

Fortunately, Transfer does help make up for this vulnerability since she can always summon lackeys to do her dirty work for her, but her fire vulnerability crops up too often and too painfully to be ignored.

#7: Sir George Lancelot:


Special Attack: A plume of energy hitting Short range, and only short range. Lancelot is apparently anti-Pegaknight.
Raging: Obviously.
Meteor II: Rather redundant with the admittedly great Meteor III.
Meteor III: Short, long and medium, Meteor III is great at handling weenie spawns.
Dragon’s Roar: Basically a one-hit special attack with a decent range that

The Omni-Knight of version 1.4, Lancelot is cool looking, has Rage, and has a decent ranged selection of abilities, along with decent stats, but when you’ve just released a hero with Rage, Heal, Shield, and an ultima level Ice Blast move for Gold Only, he’s looking a little pale and uninteresting. Well, he’s looking awesome, but with no healing and the latest standard for heroes, he’s just not that great compared to Khobbit for your 1,800 Crystals.

#8: The Mighty GhatotKacha:


Special Attack: Ranged, long lasting, but low attack multiplier – this makes it poor for handling bigger or higher level units, but it’s pretty decent for small ones.
Rage: Obviously.
Heal: He has the best basic heal, since he has the highest Health.
Thunder Storm 3: Almost redundant with such a long range special attack.
Jurus Perisai Baja: Awesome. Absolute, 100% damage immunity.

He’s the ultimate defensive hero. He has the stats of a tank, putting Omni Knight to shame, and invincibility is almost as awesome as it sounds.


No melee defences at all. Not like Frei, who can sweep annoying units out with her spear, Ghato gets to run around like a lemon instead.
Secondly, if you want to maintain Invincibility, it means you do nothing else, and you use 3 cost units. Anything more, there’s a break in your shield, anything less and there’s a gap in your shield. There’s also a gap in your shield for any new units you summon until you next use JPB.

Get ninety plus units and want to maintain invincibility? Too bad.
You want to heal (Ghato doesn’t Invincible himself)? Denied!

Ultimately, unless you had the goods to beat the level anyway, invincibility simply delays the inevitable.

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I love how nobody posts in my threads like they’re all official and stuff.

Anyway, there are all of four non-gold units in the game. Given the amount people complain that “everything should be gold acquirable” that’s actually pretty good going.

#1: The Beast Rider


Beast Riders aren’t a bad unit, they move pretty fast (slower than Hobbits, faster than Valkyries), they attack only once (I think? I’ve checked four different times and I can’t see to isolate one of them), but their attack move has a long range – I’m talking “in front of enemy hero in its default position, it can just about hit the enemy spawn point”.

But…. Earth units get the most crystal units, but honestly, you get one of the best ones for free at the start of the game, so that really doesn’t help them here.

Against Pegasus knights, their purple breath weapon tears into the whole group for decent damage – but only if they manage to get close, which at a stat disadvantage is pretty unlikely.

Overall their best feature is against swarm units – goblins, hobbits, and elite hobbits. Their breath is no nonsense and hits a large number of units at once, but against serious units the low, low knockback and the low, low damage multiplier (hitting for minimum damage against 300 Defence Ninja swarms with 1700 Atk stat), they’re just not going to cut the mustard. It’s also worth noting that they’re one of the few 4-cost units that can’t hit the boss in 6-6.

Honestly the best thing that can be said about these guys is that they’re cheap, and if you like the idea of murderous halitosis, they’re not terrible, just not great – especially since they attack once each at half their stated attack, making them pretty useless against heroes and Titans.

#2: Dragon Rider


The easiest way to describe Dragon Riders is to compare them to Dragon Warriors. There are a lot of similarities.

They’re both tanks, Riders are even tougher than Warriors – at least in defence. Their Health, whilst it starts higher, fairly rapidly falls behind.
Riders move almost twice as fast as Dragon Warriors, which is neat. And they’re fire, which has potential against Wind, especially because the first attack in their attack chain juggles.

Now, the downside is, there’s only ten of them, and they do not begin to compare to the damage Warriors can output – Dragon Warriors attack twice for a total of 1.6x their Atk stat in damage, Dragon Riders attack three times, for a total of 1.1x their Atk stat. Not only is this bad for penetrating Def, this means that even though they’ll appear to have a better Atk score as the Warriors, they’ll hit for just over two thirds as much damage.

Dragon Riders have potential. I can see them, if they manage to get into combat in the first place, managing to permanently juggle an opponent until it dies, but as it is, they’re not that quick, and they’re not that tough that they can wade in against danger units with impunity. I’d sooner have Ninja, or, in the case of needing some juggle, Succubi.

There might be a place for them if you really want/need a tougher but slower Templar Knight unit, but given the price tag, this is a novelty purchase.

#3: Stone Guardian


Arguably the worst unit in the game, and I’m not sure who’d be arguing against that proposition either.

Don’t be fooled by the stats, or the aptitude, don’t be lured in by their crystalline charms, Stone Guardians are defined by one thing, and one thing alone:


They are the slowest unit in the game, and they are a huge target. They have zero immunity to knockback, and they’re so slow, it takes ten seconds after summoning them for the first one to even appear on your screen.

It takes three minutes and forty seconds for a level 1000 Stone Guardian squad to make its way across Mission 1-1 and kill Grullborg. It takes a level 1000 Goblin squad less than a minute. And that’s with a thirty second head start.

To add injury to injury, they cost eight hundred crystals.

If you want to picture what a Golem rush might look like, summon a squad of Yeti. Imagine it moving two thirds as quickly, being a way bigger target, and having even less knockback resistance. Oh yeah, and you pay more and only get four instead of twelve.

Never, ever buy these guys to use them. They are embarassingly, painfully bad.

However as they are now a stepping stone unit for Lava Golems and Flame Devils, bear in mind it’s cheaper to buy these and move through the recipes than it is to just get the other unit straight out.

#4: Catapult


Comparing them to Gorillas, it shows that Gorillas have a lower Health and a lower Def, whilst having a higher Atk, Speed, and population.

So…. simple right? As a ranged unit getting into position and firepower are more important than tankability, so just use Gorilla right?

Once again, the Stat Bar is misleading. Catapults deal drastically more damage than gorillas, both one on one, and squad versus squad – because Catapults shoot two shots every time they fire. One goes low, letting it have an easier time taking out rushing hobbits and other small-fry, and one continues on a medium arc. Unless your target’s def is in the exact range of the difference between a Gorilla’s Atk and a Catapult’s, the Catapult will knockback further, hit for more damage, hit with more projectiles (notably not against Metatron, since only their “top” rock can hit him, meaning they’ll take out the goblin spam but deal half damage against the boss), and even attack slightly more reliably, since their attack animation is faster than the gorilla’s.

If all that wasn’t enough, the double hits means double mileage against the most lethal unit in the game – Pegaknights. At a stat advantage, they’ll take out two at a time. Even at a stat disadvantage, their increased knockback and double chance to crit will help greatly.

I can honestly say they’ve replaced Gorillas entirely in my line-up, and at 400 Crystals, they’re is easily got from a few surveys or from achievement crystal. Even better now they’re

The downside for them? It’s got to be their move speed. It takes a bit longer to set up a catapult than a gorilla, and in a few rush situations that might make life harder since they can’t attack until they slowly move past your spawn point, so bear in mind that you’ll need to prepare in advance if you want to make the best use of them.

#5: War Tank


The best overall comparison for these unit is with Succubi, and unfortunately it’s not a favourable one. The bat-winged ladies hit twice, deal a lot of damage per hit, can hit melee, and are overall highly accurate.

War Tanks possess none of these qualities. They move slower, there’s fewer of them, and they randomly shoot at an area that’s about an eighth of the maximum map size, and no, not all at once. They’re ultimately less valuable than a unit you can have from Mission 1-2.

Worst of all, these require you to lose Catapults, the best ranged unit in the game. Catapults are way, way better, if you’re going to buy Catapults, keep them and give these a miss until or unless they become more worthwhile.

#6: Fairy


At 200 Crystals, fairies are incredibly cheap and cheerful. Decently quick, decently powerful (for early game), and infinite range. Not a bad short term purchase if you’re starting out.

Unfortunately this is where they fall down – They’re Wind Temple 5, so by the time you can get them, you have access to Warg Riders, and their Summoning Cost screams “late game”, which is definitely where these cuties do not belong. Get them if you loved puppies and want an upgrade, but don’t imagine that they’ll be overly useful.

#7: Turdzilla


They cause Freeze, they hit three locations at once, they cost a lot to summon…. And they’re the only ranged unit in the game which is not only Medium Range (all others are long), but also has less than 1.0 attack power! It’s not like they can even hit a unit multiple times easily, so what this works out to is that you’re dealing scratch damage, that isn’t very good at stopping fast melee, whilst having no melee capabilities. Against pretty much any unit, including Wind, Earth and Fire units, there’s a really good chance that your Catapult will do better, and cost less (in both senses). A bit of a disappointment really.

#8: Lava Golem


They’re slow, they have a lot of the features that Stone Golems have that make them useless (pretty much all of them actually), but they do have a neat Charge attack which propels them forward at speed, making them not entirely terrible, though you’d still probably be better off using Ninja. Still, they’re another stepping stone to greater things.

#9: Flame Devil


This guy’s one of the beefiest solo titans around, he hits a lot of times, and a lot of units, he takes a lot of punishment….

But he’s not perfect. He does tend to get stunned/frozen at inconvenient times, and if that happens he deals no damage at all. Overall the twins are probably better in more situations, but he’s still plenty cool and if not the strongest fire titan out there, probably an honourable second.

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Thanks for this, but i’m still gonna save up for omni knight because he’s just… so cool!

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Another useful topic created by Kholai, as usual.

I didn’t know Khobbit was so good.

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i posted

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Well i could say you have done it again with providing all of the members of Kongergate with good and very useful advice but i would be repeating myself! XD Kholai keep up the good work and i guess i can say you are the biggest help ever!!! <3 u!

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Exactly how much is khobbit? I didnt get what u said, and he sounds awesome

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Originally posted by Epicwarfanatic:

Exactly how much is khobbit? I didnt get what u said, and he sounds awesome

He’s 1,800 Crystals.

Information updated to account for version 1.4 units.

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way too many…

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You currently get 605 Crystals from the front page of achievements, 605 Crystals from the second page of achievements (with 350 more next update), 410 on page three (not including Ashura, Devil Incarnation, Limit Break, Surpassing Hacker or I’m a Bot for a further 1600 Crystals), and another 500 on Page four if you ignore the Level 9000 one for an extra 500.

That’s 2,120 Crystals available easily, an extra 1950 available if you’re a grinding nut, and 500 more coming out about next Friday. Save or spend accordingly.

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thnx a lot man

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hey kholai please tell me for quen succubus, power go goblins, ork bomber, black dragon zero, fafnir, great wyrm and aeon

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Originally posted by GalGhost:

hey kholai please tell me for quen succubus, power go goblins, ork bomber, black dragon zero, fafnir, great wyrm and aeon

I’m waiting to get Aeon before I rank everything new and finish this guide, but off hand: Lilith: 10/10, Great Wyrm 9.5/10, Fafnir and BDZ: 7/10 or so, Ork Bomber: 3/10, Power Goblins 5/10.

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Are you going to upgrade the guide for 1.50?

What’s your recommending crystal unit buying order?

I’m thinking:

1. Lillith (Queen Succubus) – for rapid-grinding high levels
2. Frei – for winning tough unit-based levels
3. Khobbit – for rapid-grinding lower levels
4. Aeon (via the recipe)

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seraphial is best hero ingame now. she teleports which makes her best farmer making the record for 3-5 second farming.

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You know what is the alternative name for 3-5 second farming? Carpal Tunnel Syndrome…

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is sun wukong any good? cause he does look awesome in the mission

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whats the best crystal hero now?

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holy angel seraphiel is the best now

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No SunWukong is alot better because of spirit bomb and also fire has easier boost available e.g. laventine TDKS2 and if your wondering how i know so much ast lvl 12 is because i am kingfarhan and created a new account

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Originally posted by killer_bfd:

No SunWukong is alot better because of spirit bomb and also fire has easier boost available e.g. laventine TDKS2 and if your wondering how i know so much ast lvl 12 is because i am kingfarhan and created a new account

Lol what? spirit bomb doesn’t make him better at all. Hes slower, and doesn’t have the potential to two shot 95% of the game.
Also, sera doesn’t NEED the boosts to be amazing. Further more, sera has holy judgement, which is similar to spirit bomb, but trades a bit of range and power for stun.

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This needs to be updated cause we got some new units now.
Like: Lilith the Succubus Queen and Holy Angel Seraphiel. I want to know some infos about them

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Originally posted by MalayangPilipino:

This needs to be updated cause we got some new units now.
Like: Lilith the Succubus Queen and Holy Angel Seraphiel. I want to know some infos about them

While i do agree that it needs to be updated, you can ask in chat about them if you really want to know.

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lilith is good?? no!! its weak!!! he weak vs water and other players can kill instantly with ice blaster 2