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I suggest this seperately so Artlogic can’t get around it as easily. Also, note that I designed this to be pretty much the last update regarding items for Epic War Saga.

I think there should be an answer to ALL the useless items around in the game, to give the game a finishing touch, and, to make this idea for Artlogic appealing, with the least amount of programming work possible.

That brought the next suggestion into my mind.

This would be a formula-based system (which is there to calculate upon the final stats and cost depending on the stats/boosts/cost of the items used), which allows you to dump a set of weapons / armor / shields of one sort in the first slot, and another set of items (all forms of runes, ore and unusable items can be dumped here) in the second and a form of ore in the third, to be merged into a new item.

The parameters to decide the boosts are Crystal value and Gold Value, in that order. Original stats don’t matter, but the stat proportion of the items used will be taken into account so the new item will be somewhat similar to whatever the player used for the merging.
Crystal or Reward Items without any stats or boosts, whether they are Dragon Wings, Ninja Marks or Earth Dragon Horns or anything else, doesn’t matter, will just add a solid amount – a percentage of the stat proportion – onto the stat proportion of the main item (Sword/Armor/Shield) used.

Crystal value doesn’t count for the costs for merging (which is just all gold costs combined), but will be remembered in case the player wants to merge the previously merged item with another batch of runes/ore into an even more powerful item.

Note: If a boost can’t be added any further, because, let’s say, there is already Fire +L, then an obvious way to solve this is just to add the remainder into stats according to the stat proportion of the item.

I have no clue if this will make the game feel finished, especially not those who had a rebirth, and I don’t have enough experience with the game to say so, but I think this is the shortest way be rid of updating Epic War Saga while not leaving any item useless AND adding an endless stream of new possibilities at the same time, so I found the idea slightly too interesting to just throw away without posting it.

What do you guys think about it?

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you new? all we need are uses for giants foot, assassins knife, and red dragon’s eye. we won’t get it ever since they are finished with the game even though it isn’t finished. everything you stated is not what we need to finish the game and it requires more coding than you think. everything has uses except 3 material items. we need uses for them and we don’t need anything else. new item slot would cause balancing issues which would need tweaking for all cots and all missions.

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I admit I’m a new player.

But I’m also talking about the lack of uses for those Runes for example, which could just as well have no stats considering no one uses them (= useless). Why using a Fire Rune? A normal item is way better.
Then, there are items to be useless later on once you enabled the units you need those for, but that rarely happens which I very well know, but it might happen with Fire Dragon Wings and Boomerang Sticks, and the likes of them, as you don’t need that many of them (6 and 3, respectively).

But I admit I might have overlooked the amount of coding it might initially require, but I very well know that things can easily go awry balance-wise if the formula is done wrong.
But to know that, you don’t have to be experienced with a particular game; that’s the case with games in general.
But it explains why I did not come up with a formula myself; I’m not experienced with this game enough. I only know that many items don’t have a real use (either by the vitue of having no use in the Smith/Lab, being outclassed, or having no use after units are obtained) and I tried to come up with a solution which does not involve being capable of selling items as that was said very often before (and rejected?).