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Table of Contents


PART I What to do

  1. If you only want the hard badge and to leave right away then all you need to do is read the Hard Badge Strategy. If you scroll down that page, you will find an Alternate Strategy. Use whichever one strikes you as better. If you plan to play the game even after getting the hard badge then keep reading :)

  2. If you just want to play without any hassles, there are two guides that will coach you on how to advance.
    • click: HOMEWIKIQuests – scroll down – Beginner’s Guide which takes you here.
    • click: HOMEWIKIQuests – scroll down – Mid-Game Guide which takes you here.

      . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

  3. If you are stuck on one particular mission, e.g. chapter 3 mission 6, there are mission descriptions/guides available to you in the wiki:
    • for 3-6 click: HOMEWIKIQuests – scroll down – Quest-3-6, it takes you here.
    • for 5-4 click: HOMEWIKIQuests – scroll down – Quest-5-4, it takes you here.
    • etc
    • etc

  4. If you need help with the Cave of Trials (COTs), there is wiki help for these as well:
    • for COT 1 click here.
    • for COT 2 click here.
    • etc
    • etc

  5. Vegito_ has a Quick Guides post where he keeps all his helpful advice for use in chat. This guide was written for version 1.57 of the game (the last update) and uses the “newest/best” gear in the descriptions.

  6. Octoman has created very popular youtube links for those of you that despise reading. Check out his forum post: Epic War Saga: Video Walkthroughs.

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PART II Strategy Tips

These tips are meant to help you play well and avoid mistakes. They do not tell you how to play, the wiki has guides for that.

  1. Mission Mastery
    You should master all missions as you advance. There are some bosses that are hard to beat so you can come back to those after you have leveled up much higher. This is a grinding game and you will repeat the same mission many many many times. You can save yourself a lot of effort by being efficient.

  2. Best Heros
    Save all your crystals until you are able to purchase Holy Angel Seraphiel from the level 10 Castle Throne. What you do with crystals after that is open to debate but Sera is your first priority. Anything else you do wrong can be fixed but not if you use up too many crystals. If you want more info about heros, look at deathlord82’s Hero Comparison. Note: Lilith is not given full credit in the Hero Comparison and should be ranked higher.

    While you save up your crystals, you can buy Steel Armored Popo to advance through the missions. SAP gives you excellent value for your investment.

  3. Obtaining Crystals
    There are several ways to obtain crystals.
    • You start with 100 complimentary crystals.
    • The in-game achievements is where you can get most of your crystals. There are 4 pages of achievements (within the Profile tab) and they can give you a total of 9770 crystals. Note that some of these can only be obtained at very high levels.
    • Clicking on the game links shown within the little green gift box will get you a total of 800 crystals.
    • The daily reward gives random rewards and although it’s rare, it sometimes gives you crystals.
    • You also get 2000 crystals every time you rebirth. See Rebirth Info and/or Rebirth Rewards.
    • Note that crystals can also be purchased using kreds (by clicking “GET MORE”). The game can be completed without buying any crystals but kreds will make it go much faster. Be warned that some players hack their crystals.

  4. Skill Points
    Put most of your skill points into Attack. You have to put a minimum number of points into Energy and Action so that you can level up. It can be useful for lower level players to put some points into Health or Defence depending on your playing style. The math info that gust4v3 created suggests that health is the better option. See the Math Strategies Guide.

    A rough guideline that I used as a beginner is to have points in both Energy and Action equal to 1/2 your level. E.g. If your level is 1700 then you would have about 850 points in Energy and 850 points in Action. Please note that this is only a guideline and you will change it according to your play style.

    The best way to refill your energy and action is to level up before you run out. When you level up after completing a mission or an arena battle, your energy and action are automatically refilled. Note that completing a COT (Cave of Trial) will never refill energy or action.

  5. Farming for Money
    People frequently ask about this in chat.
    • At the early part of the game, the achievements give good sums of money.
    • The best thing to do when you need more money is to farm the highest level mission you can beat VERY quickly but also MANY times per minute. If you only farm the highest level mission you have access to, you may spend many minutes for just one reward. There is no formula to figure this out because your level and equipment will keep changing.
    • Wearing as much equipment as you can with gold(+) bonuses will also increase the reward amount.
    • Completing the achievements will also give you gold bonuses. This is very helpful, especially if you are just starting.
    • Never use crystals to get money unless you have lots of crystals to spare.

  6. Farming for Items
    People frequently complain about how hard it is to get rare items.
    • The best thing to do, as much as possible, is to farm for items from missions that you can beat VERY quickly. Unfortunately, your farming options are limited at lower levels.
      For example, if it takes you 3 minutes to beat mission 5-5 for platinum ores and it only takes you 30 seconds to beat 7-1. It is better to attack 7-1 because in the same 3 minutes you have 6 chances to get gold ores as well as a small chance to get a platinum ore. You can then convert the gold into platinum in the Blacksmith.
    • Wearing as much equipment as you can with item(+) bonuses will also increase the drop rates. Thief rings are the best equipment for doing this. The drop rate for common items is from 30% to 60% (not 70%). The drop rate for rare items is from 6% to 11% (not 12%).
      Therefore, to maximize the drop rates requires:
      - 6 thief rings for common items to get 60%,
      - 5 thief rings for rare items to get 11%
      See the Math Strategies Guide (page 6) for details.
    • Never use crystals to get materials unless you have lots of crystals to spare.

  7. Gear Acquisition
    The items listed below have been used by many people to advance through the missions. They will definitely work but you can also experiment on your own :)
    • When you are starting, 6 staff of holy empire will get you through most early missions.
    • While doing the first 6 chapters you want to upgrade the buildings in your town.
    • You also want to acquire 3 aod & 3 dime (See Part IV for abbreviations).
    • Once you are past 6-6, you want to start making an extra IB (on top of the one from achievements), 2-3 bka, 4-5 khronos shields, 6 cloak, 6 AS and 5 DSL (See Part IV for abbreviations).
    • When you have mastered 12-3, you are ready to start farming Epic Stones for a Galaxy Sword and/or a Ultimate Galaxy Sword. Check this link and/or this link to see all the required raw materials.
    • IMO the Gaia Crusher is useful only if you want to level up faster after rebirth.
    • ALL the items listed above can be obtained using only gold.

  8. Unit Acquisition
    Most people agree on what the best hero is but not on the best units. There are many combinations that will work and you could have fun figuring this out, either by trial and error or by reading up on it. Check the Other Links section for more detailed information sources.

    Here are the most common units that will work for you (See Part IV for abbreviations):
    • Fire: Ninja+, Salamander, Succubi
    • Wind: Angel Knight, Elf Ranger+, Warg+ or White Tiger
    • Earth: Bajaj+, Diablos, Elite Hobbit
    • Thunder: Dark Knight, Goblin+, Pegasus Knight
    • Water: DW+, Lamia+, Mermaid+
    • Titan: Please see deathlord82’s Titan Comparison.

  9. Arena Farms
    When fighting in the arena, some “farms” have been created to help make your life easier:
    • farm100, farm500, farm1000, farm2500, onderbroek, epicfarm, farm6000, gust4v3

  10. COTs – Cave of Trials
    The order of COTs from easiest to hardest for most people is: 5, 1, 2, 4, 6, 3, 8, 7.

  11. Tower
    The attack option in the Tower no longer has much benefit. It was nerfed because hackers were exploiting its weaknesses. Don’t bother with it if you don’t want to waste your time. Some people do attack towers so you still want to hire the best guardians that you can.

    The tower gives random rewards after every 20 battles. Some of these rewards are useless but some are very usefull, if you are very lucky you can even get a galaxy stone. If you want to make your own GS or UGS, the silver sword drops are extremely helpful. Note that SS drops are fairly frequent but not the Dragon Sabre drops. See Tower Info

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PART III Problems/Issues

  1. Loading Takes a Long Time
    EWS has a large game file and loading will take a long time on an older computer or with a slow internet connection. If the orange bar keeps moving then just wait for it to finish. If the orange bar seems to not have moved for several minutes then you should probably refresh.

    Depending on how you set up your computer (Windows) or web browser (chrome, firefox, etc) the game file can be saved in your computer so that you do not have to load it every time you play. Some people have their settings so that the game file is not saved when they go away and it can be frustrating for them. Some examples to try changing are:
    • In Windows – Control Panel – Internet Options, deselect “Empty Temporary Internet Files folder when browser closes”
    • In Chrome – Setup, deselect “Keep local data only until I quit my browser”
    • In Firefox – Tools – Options – Advanced – Network, deselect “Override automatic cache management”

  2. Game stays stuck on “Connecting”

    WARNING! WARNING! Wait the full 10 seconds or you might reset your character to ZERO

    Sometimes the game does not “connect”. If it stays stuck on “connecting” for more than 20 seconds, this is probably because your computer cannot talk to the EWS server. Make sure the game still has the mouse focus, you can do this by clicking with your mouse inside the game. Use the <tab> key until there is a yellow square on the “Play Now” button in the game. Press the space bar and then wait 10 seconds. If the game still does not connect, wait 10 seconds and press space again. Try this several times but make sure you wait long enough or it might confuse the server. Warning!! If you do not wait 10 seconds when pressing the space bar your character might be reset to level zero.

    If you still cannot connect, reload the page and try the process again except this time you will first change the flash settings. Click the right mouse button in the game and deselect the “Loop” option. Then right click again and choose “Quality → Low” option. Click on “Play Now” and wait 20 seconds. You can repeat the <tab> steps described above.

    If this still does not work, try to see if the Alternate Connection Glitch does. It seems like different tricks work for different computers.

    If it still does not connect, just do something else and come back later. The problem comes and goes but does not usually stay around for more than a few hours.

  3. Game Starts to Lag
    You will notice that if you have been playing the game for a while, hero/unit movement will start to slow down (start to lag). The absolute best thing to do is to reload the game. There are other ways to fix this but they are not as reliable as reloading.

    If you have a really old computer then you will want to turn off Blood and HP Bar in a battle. You can also set quality to low (see item #2 above on how to do this) to help make life easier for your processor.

  4. The Enemy Hero just Walks Straight at Me!!
    You are fighting your mission like you always do, but all of a sudden you keep dying. The enemy just walks straight to you and gives you no chance, the same mission that you’ve killed hundreds of times. What happens is that the AI sometimes goes into aggressive mode. To change it back, go to mission 1-1 and farm it once, reload the game and all should be fine again. If this doesn’t work, reload the game first, go to mission 1-1 and farm it once and then try your mission again.

  5. “Time Remaining” does not display properly
    When you use time+ items that will increase your time to more than one hour, the time remaining will be displayed incorrectly. For example, if you equip 6 DSB (+10 minutes each) the timer will only show 10:00 minutes at the start of your battle instead of 70:00. This is not a problem because when the timer hits 00:00 it will then give you the remaining 60 minutes you are expecting.

  6. My character is level 0 again!?!?
    People in chat have reported that their level and stats go to zero and all their gear, heroes and units disappear. Only their previously earned crystals remain. You basically get to start over from scratch but with whatever crystals you had from before. This can be very good but it can also be very painful if you did a lot of work. It is not a rebirth and it seems to occur after being disconnected. Some people have linked this to the connection glitch but we don’t know for sure. Not much we can do about this but if I get more info that can help prevent it, I will add it here.

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PART IV Acronyms and Abbreviations

Please note that only the most commonly used words are listed here:

AOD . . . . . . Armor of Darkness
AP . . . . . . . Action Points – see Game Mechanics
AS . . . . . . . Angel Slayer
Bajaj . . . . . Terror Bajaj
BDS . . . . . . Black Dragon Sword
BDZ . . . . . . Black Dragon Zero
BKA . . . . . . Barbatos King Armor
BP . . . . . . . Battle Points – see The Arena, Tower, and Cave of Trials
Cloak . . . . . Invisible Cloak
COT . . . . . . Cave of Trials – see The Arena
Diablos . . . . Twin Diablos
Dime . . . . . Dimension Axe
DKS . . . . . . Dragon King Sword
DSB . . . . . . Dragon Steak Barbeque
DSBBQ . . . . Dragon Steak Barbeque
DSL . . . . . . Demon Sword Laevatine
DW . . . . . . Dragon Warrior
EB3 . . . . . . Epic Blade III
egg . . . . . . Dragon Egg
EP . . . . . . . Energy Points – see Game Mechanics
ES . . . . . . . Epic Stone
EWS . . . . . . Epic War Saga – Doh!!
Faat . . . . . . Fatality Drink
Frei . . . . . . Frei the Sky Princess
Gaia . . . . . . Gaia Crusher
Ghato . . . . . The Mighty GhatotKacha
gold . . . . . . Gold Ore or Money
GMMG . . . . . Gattling Mute Machine Gun
G-stone . . . Galaxy Stone
GS . . . . . . . Galaxy Sword
IB . . . . . . . . Infinity Blade
IB2 . . . . . . . Ice Blaster II – see Steel Armored Popo or Holy Angel Seraphiel
ICBMM . . . . Intercontinental Ballistic Mute Missile
Igniz . . . . . . Fire Dragon Igniz
iron . . . . . . Iron Ore
Kholai . . . . . Sir Kholai
Khronos . . . This can be either the hero or the Khronos Shield, they sometimes get confused.
Lilith . . . . . . Lilith the Succubus Queen
Matriarch . . . Holy Matriach
mats . . . . . . materials used/needed for fusion of new items or monsters
mutent . . . . someone that has been muted using one of GMMG, ICBMM, or OMG.
Ninja . . . . . . Ninja Assasin
OMG . . . . . . Orbital Mute Gun
pill . . . . . . . Doping Pill
plat . . . . . . . Platinum Ore
Popo . . . . . . Popo the Epic Dwarf – a starting hero but you have to switch to him
Salamander . Twin Salamander
SAP . . . . . . . Steel Armored Popo
Sera . . . . . . Holy Angel Seraphiel
SS . . . . . . . Silver Sword – let the tower drop them, don’t buy them!!
Staff . . . . . . Staff of Holy Empire
Succubi . . . . Fire Succubi
TDKS . . . . . True Dragon King Sword
TDKS2 . . . . True Dragon King Sword II
TG . . . . . . . Tiger God – a titan that costs more crystals than it’s worth
UGS . . . . . . Ultimate Galaxy Sword
Wukong . . . The Great Sun Wukong

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Alternate Connection Glitch

If sotlat’s connection glitch doesn’t work well for you, try this one.(I often can get in with sot’s glitch but I get stuck on the next thing I try to do, though it is different for different computers.)

For best results in this glitch, go on the right click menu, uncheck loop, check play, and set quality to low.

The connection glitch: What you gotta do is repeatedly right click then left click then right click then left click VERY fast on the ‘play now’ button in the game then click ‘play now’ and it should freeze on connecting. Now just refresh and click the ‘play now’ button.

Often you can just right click and left click until it says connecting then refresh.

I personally right click and left click (after deselecting loop and selecting play on the right click menu) and it connects while I’m clicking.

Try to experiment with it and see how it works best for you.

It also won’t hurt to try switching browsers… It helped me connect a couple times.

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PART V List of all Links

  1. EWS Wiki Page

  2. EWS Game Mechanics

  3. Epic War Saga: Video Walkthroughs

  4. Quick Guides

  5. Boss Guides: Chapters 1-11.
    Caution: Do not try to use his character level as a guideline. Beating missions at low levels is his own pet project and cannot be achieved by a first time player.

  6. Hero Comparison

  7. Titan Comparison

  8. Rebirth Rewards

  9. Math Strategies Guide

  10. Tower Rewards

  11. [Ultimate] Galaxy Sword Materials and/or Alternate Link

  12. The EWS Guide for Dummies
    This forum is missing information from the latest game updates but what is there might be useful to anyone that cannot connect to the WIKI.

  13. The Crystal Buyers Guide
    This forum is also missing information from the latest game updates (e.g. lilith and sera) but what is there might be useful to anyone that cannot connect to the WIKI.

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Thank You: Vegito_, deathlord82, & hkstack for helping me with the contents of this forum.

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the 1st: may be it will help

and the 3rd .. when it start to lag .. i usually refreshed the game .. and it become faster ( at least it works for me)

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Originally posted by sexihunter:

the 1st: may be it will help

and the 3rd .. when it start to lag .. i usually refreshed the game .. and it become faster ( at least it works for me)

I have included your update. Thank You.

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sorry guys wrong place

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Titan Comparison

If you evaluate the usefulness and strength of the most common titans, you would come up with something like this (see Part IV for abbreviations):

  • TG > Aeon+ = Igniz+ > BDZ+ = Pitlord > Aeon = Igniz > BDZ > Salamander = Diablos

If you include the less common titans then (see Part IV for abbreviations):

  • Flame Devil > Wyrm > Fafnir > Fire Dragon = Earth Dragon > Arch Angel > Sea Serpent > Cyclops

Please do not start a flame war if you think Aeon+ is better than TG or that Pitlord is the very best titan. It doesn’t really matter that much because all of the common titans are good in some way. (sotlat challenges you flamer types to put up an alternate titan comparison and if it is well written, he will include a link to it.)

  • TG is good because of its speed, it has the 2nd best attack in game and is excellent for farming. It also has null freeze which protects it against the IB2 attack. The main reason that most people do not get TG because it is a massive cost of precious crystals.

  • Aeon+ has the best attack in the game, the most hp, and a multiple hit attack. It also has null shock which is great versus Pegasus. One problem with Aeon+ is that it does not get an element boost because it is void. The other problem is that you have to wait until you are at a very high level to farm the rate stones needed to get it. It can be argued that this is the best titan.

  • Igniz+ can easily become the strongest titan with a fire element boost. Compared to the TG and the Aeon+ getting the Igniz+ requires the lowest amount of crystals. The main argument for saying this titan is not the best is that it is vulnerable to water attacks.

  • BDZ+ also has the second best attack in the game and it has null shock. It is, however, outclassed by the Aeon+.

  • Pitlord can be boosted by the fire element and has good range. The main reason that it is placed so low in this list is its very high cost in precious crystals.

  • Salamander is the first titan most people get, with a fire element boost. It is similar to the Diablos but a fair bit faster. The difference between them depends on their elemental boost.

  • Diablos is the second titan most people get, with an earth element boost. It is similar to the Salamander but a fair bit slower. The difference between them depends on their elemental boost.

  • Flame Devil is reasonably fast and reasonably strong but outclassed by Igniz and Pitlord.
  • Wyrm has good range and can kill almost any slow unit.
  • Fafnir is a thunder titan and therefore good for attacking Sera.
  • Fire Dragon is needed to get the Salamander.
  • Earth Dragon is needed to get the Diablos.
  • Arch Angel is too slow and outclassed by most titans. It has almost no use at all.
  • Sea Serpent is a water titan that is ironically weak to burn status so it remains lower in rank.
  • Cyclops is outclassed by Earth Dragon/Diablos.

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Originally posted by deathlord82:

Titan comparison

OMG!! That’s all excellent info.

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Hero Comparison

Please note that almost everyone agrees that sera is the best hero, especially for farming. All other comparisons are a matter of opinion and personal preference. If you disagree, reply to this post and let’s talk about it. See Part IV for abbreviations.

  • Sera > Ghatot > Frei = Wukong > Power Go Goblin = Lilith > Khobbit

These are the heroes that you can only get with crystals:

  • Sera: gets rage, speed (50), IB2. She is the best hero 90% of the time and can be used for all of the cot missions. Sera is currently the best speed and is best crystal thing to get.
  • Ghatot: invincibility, rage, hp (500). Ghatot is used in cot3, cot4 and cot7. And is best hero for cot4. The main reason to get ghatot is invincibility.
  • Frei: has transfer (for spamming units), rage. Frei has transfer which is used in cot7 to spam mermaid+.
  • Wukong: high attack, spirit bomb, speed (6), rage. Wukong is a fast offensive hero that uses spirit bomb with element boost to to massive damage.
  • Power Go Goblin: transfer (for spamming units), hp (504). Outclassed by Frei.
  • Lilith: gets flaming fist, charm. Charm has the ability to temporarily control an enemy and flaming fist is a high ranged attack spell.
  • Khobbit: has speed (5), rage. khobbit is almost like a mini sera. (sera is much better though)

These are the heroes that you can get with gold. The other gold heroes are not listed here because they are very weak.

  • SAP: has IB2, heal, rage and shield. SAP is a great starting hero and is usually obtained in chapters 5-8.
  • Kholai: his only use is to survive an attack from Sera. Kholai was used in cot3 with lightning when sera didn’t exist (sera uses IB2 and is much faster).
  • Khronos: It’s not a worthwhile use of 66 million gold. Can be used in cot2 with khronos shield boost but you will probably finish cot2 before getting khronos.
  • Popo: This is a hero that everyone gets for free. You should switch to him after level 5 for rage. (Viegraff is used before level 5)

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Originally posted by deathlord82:

Hero Comparison

Another excellent post death. Thanks again!

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Added info on where to get crystals, thanks to hkstack.

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Updated the Abbreviations section to include fast links to the corresponding wiki page.

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At the top you say aboout being stuck on “chapter 5 mission 6?” but don’t give any hints. I have used the hints and video walkthroughs but still get hammered as they all have amazing equipment and I only have Zeus staffs and SoHE

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I think you’ve touched on the answer without realizing it. When you say the walkthroughs have amazing equipment, that means you should get it too. These help posts are made by people just like you and they expect you to use your brain so they don’t spell out every single detail like your teachers would.