Guide To Scouting!

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Hope This Guide Helps!
•Sub-Machine gun
•Doped saber
•Plasma Pistol
•Flare Gun
•Hail Raiser

Introduction- The scout is the fastest class available, Its power to move quickly around the battlefield makes it a good choice to use when trying to stay alive! It is equipped with 2 weapons! The Sub-Machine Gun and Doped Saber!

Sub-Machine Gun- The scouts only ranged weapon! It deals about 10 damage every hit and has an ammo capacity of 45. You will be useing this weapon mostly in mid-air or when trying to kill stragglers or run-aways. This weapon is very helpful when fighting another scout! the doped saber is almost useless in mid-air and if you both use a doped saber the winner will be whoever hit first! Also use this against tanks that abuse the hammer. if they cant hit you with it! your safe!

Doped Saber- This is the scouts main weapon that you will use most of the time when in battle.It deals around 30-75 damage per hit which makes it good for killing! And you can press “R” to perform a “doped saber chop” The chop is useful for taking out shields and dealing massive amounts of damage! The Chop deals about 150 damage and makes you travel 89.5mph (MAX speed for scout) use the chop to enter a fight by flying in while holding “right click” and when your target is in sight press r and SABER THIER FACE IN HALF!

Plasma Pistol- when weapon comes out

Flare Gun- when weapon comes out

Hail Raiser when weapon comes out

Information- The Scout can Travel at a max speed of 89.5mph! while running it achives 32.5 mph.Its fuel amount is about 3 seconds untill it runs out. It can preform a super speed mode by pressing “Q” which gives the scout the ability to travel 54.9 mph while running and makes you able to fly higher/further then before. It can also preform a high speed “thunder kick” at the enemy dealing about 20-30 damage.

(finally)Guide- The scouts main purposes are to be “fast” and to be “powerful” to achieve that you need to almost always be flying around viewing the battlefield for any stragglers with low HP that you can kill,snipers that you can gank,and other scouts that you could beat up! An whenever you find an ally fighting an enemy. Change the battle into a 2 vs 1 so you and your teamate kill the enemy and can live to fight another battle!
fighting a tank- NEVER EVER FIGHT A TANK! Its 550 HP and armor can maul you to peices! and 1 stun by the hammer and your lucky you actually survive! But if you are forced to fight a tank…always stay moveing! use all the grenades you have to damage the hell out of him! and be his opposite, if he uses the hammer you use the gun, if he uses the gun use your saber! and if they activate thier bubble…just run…
fighting a gunner- Its not quite i fight if the gunner can see you..because the assault rifle is too powerful for the scouts squishyness to deal with. So just find his weak point! wait untill he is sniping and saber his butt off! if he trys to run you need to try not to get hit my any of his attacks and manage to kill him with either your gun or saber!
fighting a tech- Make sure its alone…and kill it :P techs cant do anything without teamates BUT if the tech has a turret make sure you lock onto HIM with “rightclick” NOT the turret…or else you will waste time and the tech could…1:run 2: kill you if its a TurretIII or 3: teamates will come and kill you.
fighting another scout- when you are fighting another scout you need to be smarter then them! if they’re about to saber combo you. get in midair and shoot at them with the gun! and try to land a grenade to their face if you can.As i said before…if you both use the saber the winner will be whoever got the first hit. so be smart and OUT SCOUT EVERYBODY!!!!!!!!!!!
Conclusion- Hope this guide helped you at all :I
OH and P.S. to all scout players out there…never…NEVER..NNEEVVEERRR..settle to useing the glitch! even if you get mad or need to use it to survive.

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U do realize there r already other “scout guides” right?

Though it seems no 1 bothers to make about gunner, tank or tech.

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Here’s one:

There are others if you keep looking. Of course there are multiple scout guides.

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@skullhead51 dotrawr’s tanking guide?

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Yes dotrawrs tank guide is AMAZING!!!

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Originally posted by EpicEddyFace:

Yes dotrawrs tank guide is AMAZING!!!

hahaha everybody can learn something from his guide