Menu ship and arcade.

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So while I was looking at the pictures from at freefall pictures here:, I saw this specific pic and thought it looked familiar:
And then remembered the one from the menu:
Did you notice the walls and template of the ship? It might be because those suits were placed at the very back of the ship and we’re only seeing a room of the whole ship on the start menu but it was kinda hard to be sure of how big the ship actually was without really playing the game. But I’m pretty sure the ship at shuttle bay isn’t the same ship as this seeing as that it didn’t have the window template of the menu ship from the cargo ship so I was wondering if it was going to be on the new map update it was this Monday right?) but I was still waiting for it so I’ll just update this once its out.
So can you put back the arcade just for posterity and inspiration for the freefall future fan story since its kinda hard to make the stories compatible with the stories from other fans without really playing the game.

Note 1: Here is a video of the arcade :