Armory Guide (locked)

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The Armory is a menu which can only be accessed from the Main Menu, and is unlocked at rank Corporal (Cpl.), which means that you need at least 20 XP.

When you enter the Armory, you are brought to the Class page with Gunner as a default. In the Armory, you are able to view the stats of the Class you have selected, and the class is displayed holding the weapon you have equipped in the top slot (on the right). Clicking on the arrows next to the Class name will switch you to a different Class.

If you click on a slot, you are brought to the page for the weapon that you currently have equipped in that slot. Clicking on the arrows to the left and right of the class name will bring you to the armory page of another class.

If the weapon you are viewing has not been permanently unlocked, a bar at the bottom of the screen will display options for buying the weapons.

If you have a weapon equipped, but you are viewing it from the other weapon slot, you will have the option to equip the weapon.

Equipping a weapon this way will switch it to the slot you are viewing, and the weapon it replaced will switch to the other slot, swapping the weapons.

Every weapon’s page will show a statistics box on the right side, which shows all of the weapon’s stats, relative to the other weapons in the game. Some weapons have more stats than other weapons, because they have features that not all weapons have.

On the left side, there is a box which describes the weapon, and any effects it has.

Weapons can be rented and/or unlocked for either Cash or Kreds, although you may only permanently unlock a weapon using Kreds and only rent a weapon for three matches using Cash. The more time that you rent a weapon for at once, the less expensive it is per day.

The default currency is Kreds. To switch between Kreds and Cash, click on the currency icon in the bar on the bottom of the screen.

If you want to purchase a weapon with Kreds, use Kreds already in your Kongregate account or buy a package of Kreds which gives you enough to purchase the weapon. Trying to spend Kreds when you do not have enough to complete the transaction will automatically open a menu to purchase more Kreds.

On this window you have a number of payment options, select the one of your choice.
After selecting a purchase method, you can buy the Kreds package you want. This menu will automatically select the smallest package of Kreds that will give you enough to buy whatever it is that you are trying to buy. Different payment options have different sized Kred packages, and packages for the same amount of Kreds may cost more or less depending on how you are buying them.