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Q: What do I do when things don’t work?
A: If you are having problems loading or connecting, please try these options one at a time.
1. Refresh your browser
2. Restart your browser
3. Reboot your computer
4. Delete Unity Web Player cache and redownload.
5. Private Message freerangegames with all the details of your setup: computer, browser, internet.

Note: option 4 may take a long time since you have to download everything again. This should be used as a last resort. And please when you ask me for help, give me as much detail as possible. It is hard to pinpoint the problem if you just say “it won’t work”.

Q: I’ve installed the Unity Web Player, but it’s telling to install it again. What do I do?
1. First check to see if the Unity Web Player is actually installed. Go to If it’s installed, it should show the version number over on the right.
2. Follow these guidelines to reinstall:
3. If other games work, like this one then the problem is probably on FreeFall Tournaments side, so please private message freerangegames with your web player version number.
4. Email with your Webplayer Log attached.

Q. It keeps asking me to download the Unity Web Player, even though I’ve done it a hundred times! What should I do?
Download managers like IDM or Orbit, automatically acquire download links from any page you visit, and are one possible cause of this problem. Disable these download managers and the Unity Web Player should download fine.