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I have a map idea called Ice avalanche it is a place for winter
and snowy and there is a battle deaths not killed by others but an avalache.
there is a 50% chance to be killed by an avalance and that map is 20%Exp bonus every time you play on that map the problem is many player the more the ping rates is.
Also there is a 10% cash bonus
and an event that occurs every day example

Space Command Event which has a kill count to get that weapon
like a rocket luncher needs 45 kills done you get it bot sometimes your unlucky whenever its permanent or unpermanent
the Days of Unpermanent is
5 days-not bad
15 days-good
25 days-cool
30 days-awesome
2 months- Wow!! (40% chance)
4 months- Oh yeah (25% chance)

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Next time post here:, only with more detail.

Also, why would randomly dying all the time be fun?