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With the new patch on 1st dec, 4new classes has been released
with little retouch on the old 4, and Assassin & Blazer were my

The blazer is just awesome for being OP. I mean we got the
only dmg buff Qbility.MD and hyperboost is just too hard to
get sometime, and u can’t use it when u actually want it.
Also, there is the charm hack, that allows u to see all the ppl
through wall, and cloaked Assassin.

The Assassin really match my style. Cloak, Poison catalyzer
together with Kukri’s poison and Knyphon makes him a deadly
Assassin on the battlefield.

While cloaking let u approach ur prey relatively more safe, Pros are
able to spot the cloaking’s distortion, and tear u apart. Especially
when u suffer from a DOT status(umm a flying fireball sounds legit)
or under the effect of MD, ur cloak isnt protecting u anymore,
beside from the auto-locking which isn’t that bad. It’s still bearable.

But, this class really has some impotences or im just failing HC :
*Arial combat
*Mid-Long combat

Its really fun when ur opponents isnt award of ur presence
and doesn’t actively take counter measurement like bunny

If ur opponent starts jumping around, the assassinate
become really tough because the lock on doesn’t work
so well in midair. It’s quite difficult to land a Knyphon on
a jumping target. The Kukri’s “charge attack”(L+Rclick) is
pretty nice, but has a CD on it.

But, if ur prey decides to keep distance with u, and shoot
from far away, we are ******, so ******* ******. Forcing us
to retreat because it’s really hard to effectively hit and kill
an opponent in this situation. And, needler is just out of
question, with quasi-null accuracy.

So, how does ur assassin deals with these problems?

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When i play my assassin, i only play when there are no blazers, because they just F*** you the F*** up! BUT when i am playing it, the SECOND somebody starts to get airborne, i charge my jetpack and run, because it is just innefective in the air, the kukries can’t do crap, and the needler just sucks overall…

my suggestions for the needler are:

target locking like the rocket launcher, and more alpha damage. the poison stack is reasonable… but the alpha damage on it just sucks. what is it like 33? that means it would do 3 damage to the classes before the X10 hp part of the update. also, give the needler more than what seems to only be 20m of lock on range.

in speaking of lock on (i’m going off track here) but it doesn’t seem to work very well at close range. you can’t lock onto a tank with his buckler up if you are facing the front of him.

give the needler the lock on range of 35m, and more ACTUAL range, because the max range is like 40m… lock on range should be 35m, the longest it should go is maybe 80m before the bullets stop tracking the enemy (assuming you gave them the heat seaking like the rocket launcher)

the kukries are fine as they are, just maybe don’t make the assassin jump around so much. if the target is standing still and you are locked on, you hop back and forth and miss every single time…