Scout Assassin and Tech (locked)

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The scout and assassin bombs are being unfair.

The description of the scout bomb says that it confounds enemy targeting systems. Then shouldn’t it prevent the suppressor from locking onto targets? Or at least decrease its accuracy?

Assassin bomb says that it causes victims to be unable to discern between friendly targets and enemies. It affects the suppressor. So the suppressor goes rogue and attacks everyone. Even the tech who is healing it.

Either both should affect the suppressor or not affect it. It’s really annoying to a tech or scout.

There is also a major flaw with the suppressor. It can’t aim if you go into it. If you walk direct onto the suppressor, you are completely immune to it, at all levels. Will post picture/video.

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tip fo scout, bomb da moms
tip fo assaisnn, bomb da moms

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Post in Bug Report next time.