Glitch hackers list (locked)

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Originally posted by hrs111111:

2. Lft Zersik

Bullets do too much damage for his class and I’ve noticed this frequently (1 shot sniper/saber dash when you have full armor/ 3 tech bullets – can kill my scout – when he doesn’t have the megadamage powerup). This makes me wonder if there is any megadamage glitch we are unaware of that gives you permanent megadamage throughout the game ?

I also noticed that Zersik was able to lock on to my scout even when I had sensor-evade. Another exploit?

At this point, I’m also inclined to doubt if the game has not been made fully immune to client side hacks (like changing the damage values for instance at the client) from affecting the actual server side values!

Sometimes mega doesnt show despite being picked,he could have manual aimed(highly doubted scouts weapon isnt known for manual precision) though he did poison dmg to me as scout ,while being invisible through whole attack, i died by poison dmg by simply losing health from poison second before getting to health and he claimed he killed me with scouts r slash when i said he glitched or hacked(obviously he lied).

With all that said i’m suspicious about him too.

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Ok, I haven’t played tech.

Scout-had mega damage. Mega damage + Critical hit with saber chop = Insta kill for light chassis.

Railgun + Mega: Headshot critical kills light chassis in one hit.

Those are the classes I played. Plus I learned a new scout sword technique, so yeah.

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Almost forgot:

Mega damage, just like tank shields, occasionally turns invisible.
And if you are locked on to someone BEFORE (this means prior to) they use the scout haze, you remain locked on.

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