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We were having a discussion on what the controls would be if the game was to go onto a console (Xbox controller) and frg told me to make a thread on it.

Here’s my proposal of a controller layout (With help from CombatWaffles)

One thing to note is that I made the weapon swap on D-Pad like that in the case that you are one day allowed to carry items or more weapons into battle.


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never had xbox joystick but i had ps like joystick
that xbox analogs and d pad seems weird
i think d pad is better for movement then analog due to precision
and placing shoulder button for shooting seems bad for me
i think lock on could go to right back shoulder button
and grenade isnt something you will use a lot(you only got 3 ammo anyways) so i think it should go to one of shoulder buttons

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Just curious…

1) I’ve played non-browser games with a gamer controller;
2) XBox controller can connect to your PC;
3) There is a Configure Keys button in game;
4) Have you tried connecting your XBox controller and reconfiguring keys to XBox buttons?

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how do u connect ur controller