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Trade 2 zombie for 1 Grave touch or 2 undertake for 1 Grave touch
IGN : Devil

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Now buying:

Lightning strike
Fel (most likely for creds though will trade mats/wocs/scrolls)

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Buying scrolls:
Frenzy 6 BDs each, or 25k each
Path of the Righteous 5 BDs each, or 20k each
Agonizing Acupuncture 5 BDs each, or 20k each
Lightning Strike 12 BDs each, or 30k each
Also buying WoC Blood Surgeon 15 BDs each, or 60k each

Can also trade or sell these:
Frenzy x1
Sanctuary in the sands x60
Soulstrike x15
WoC Raven x4
WoC Shadowfrost Demon x1
WoC Giant Rat x1
WoC Wolf x2
Send offer to Snake Eye.

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Selling WoC :
Zombie servant x30
Undertaker x30
Wolf companion x33
Dark fairy x33
Giant rat x3
Blood doll x4
Underworld bodyguard x2

IGN is esna

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Also buying WoC Blood Surgeon 40k credits each.

Send me any reasonable offer.

IGN: RisenDefiance

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buying path of the righteous scrolls at 10 BD or 50,000 credits each, or trading with the following:

4x frenzy
9x purge
1x grave touch
9x dark fairy
2x shadowfrost
9x raven (1 for 2 potr)
4x surgeon (1 for 3 potr)

IGN: Gabriel Pontello

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B> chitin

Send reasonable offer
ign Soi Fong

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Lighning Strike

Raise skeleton
Agonizing Acupuncture
More available but only for blogger/lightning strike

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selling scroll create illusion of beauty for 75k credits

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Buing underground blogger. Need 22x Offering 200000 credits each. IGN Max Destructo

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scrolls :
1x soul strike
3x sits
1x vs
4x decay

wocs :
1x giant rat
1x hobo (clochard)

mats :
50x devil steel
50x hell cloth
2x FT :(
100x corrupted wood
3x scales
1x weathered moss

accepting BDs and creds or something tradeable and disenchantable

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Oak Staff (x3)
Meat Cleaver

Sylvan Cloak

Dark Fairy x2
Shadowfrost Demon x11
Wolf x2
Zombie x6
Undertaker x14

SitS x1
Grave Touch x4
Command Vermin x4

Looking for especially PotR scrolls, WoCs Blood Surgeon, but will consider all offers.

Feel free to send an offer;
IGN Fapasaurus

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  • Selling*
    150 corrupted wood
    300 devil steel
    200 devil cloth
    100 fel leather
    10 frozen tears
    15 bones
    2 scales
    2 chitin
    3 worker gloves
    1 bronze ring
  • Scrolls *
    6 Soul strike
    10 sanctuary in the sands
    2 vile swarm
    7 raven familiar
    1 wolf comp
    5 zombie serv
    1 shadowfrost
    2 dark fairy
    name your price in bd’s nick hujec im everyday
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3 Ravens sold out, thank you.

4 Dark Fairies sold out, thank you.

2 Wolf, 4 Zombie, 5 Undertakers are also for sale/trade with anything including credits and materials.

Send your offers to Myrrh

(Oh, before you ask, yes Ravens, Bloggers and Blood Surgeons aren’t cheap, and 200k for a Raven nevermind Bloggers doesn’t even cut it, so with the exchange rate of 1 BDs to 10k creds, i’m cutting my own throat here :) )

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Path of the Righteous
Sanctuary in the sands
Command Vermin
Vile Swarm



some other cheap ones like wolf, undertaker.

Will also accept BD or offers I can’t refuse :)

I’ll keep this post up-to-date as I stop selling/buying. PM for offers :)

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Buyin Blogger WoCs.

At 30BD each
George63 IGN, send trades

Edit: sorry.

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Buying raven WoC for credits

Send offer to Lazarus Arpad

thanks, I got all the ravens I needed

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Soul strike 57x
Sanctuary in the Sands 44x
Grave touch 16x
Raise skeletons 6x

Shadowfrost deamon 18x
Zombie servant 12x
Undertaker 13x
Fringe scientist 4x
Blood doll 3x
Wolf companion 3x
Giant rat 2x
Dark fairy 1x

Name your price, I am looking for BD, credits or Surgeons (need 3 more)
IGN: pepo

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buying earthmend for:

dark fairys, shadowfrost
potr, purge, frenzy, ss, decay, vile swarm, grave touch

some other stuff (no bds for now, just creds). ign Palpatine

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EDIT: Updated numbers…

2x Earthmend, 17 BD each
0x PotR, 12 BD each
1x Frenzy, 15 BD each
2x Soul Strike, 5 BD each
1x Aikido, 14 BD each
7x Raise skeletons, 5 BD each
2x Command vermin, 4 BD each
9x Decay, 4 BD each (3 BD each if you take all)
5x Vile swarm, 5 BD each

50x Broken fangs, 2 for 1 BD
23x Dream dust, 2 BD each
10x Chitin, 5 BD each

6x Raven woc, 17 BD each
8x Dark fairy woc, 8 BD each
4x Shadowfrost demon woc, 8 BD each
7x Blood doll woc, 5 BD each
5x Bodyguard woc, 6 BD each

Can also trade for Underground Blogger or Blood Surgeon wocs.

Buying SitS at 20 000 credits each.

IGN: Vorax
Just send me your offers, I check often… =)

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2 x Frenzy 14BD (23 for both)
14x WoC Zombie 9000 credits or 2 BD (80000 creds or 15BD for 10)

IGN: Xan Nemec

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got what i needed ty

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Scroll: Earthmend (10 BD), or trade for anything I am selling below.
Bovine Leather (2 BD each/10k each)
Corrupted Wood (0.1 BD/2k each)
The material BD/credit ratio is off because I would prefer to trade credits instead of BDs for the materials.

1x Agonizing Acupuncture
1x Aikido Mastery
1x Command Vermin
1x Create Illusion of Beauty
23x Decay
4x Frenzy
14x Purge
1x Raise Skeletons
13x Sanctuary in the Sands
21x Soul Strike
13x Vile Swarm

6x Blood Doll
21x Clochard
5x Fringe Scientist
10x Giant Rat
2x Lightning Imp
3x Raven Familiar
12x Shadowfrost Demon
4x Underworld Bodyguard
5x Zombie Servant

IGN is Badrag. PM for any details, or feel free to just set up a trade. Thanks in advance!

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Selling Scrolls (Updated on 2/10)
Soul Strikes x2
Path Of The Righteous SOLD
Grave Touch x1
Command Vermin x2
Raise Skeletons x1
Frenzy x7
Purge x8

looking for BD/EM only ign: NickWong
looking forward for reasonable offer only thx. (Will Update on this post if there are more)