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Hi! First of all: Great game. For a game that shouldn’t require more than a few logins a day, I find myself checking up on it whenever I can. I have a suggestion that I believe would add some more excitement to it, though.

I think there should be at least minor penalties when one loses a PvP battle. As it stands, the only significant incentive (rankings aside) to attacking another player is Victory Points, and even that is offset by the forsaking of monster-only experience and loot. I think that a system of loss and gain for PvP participants would do the following:

(1) Add an incentive for attacking players that is consistent with the part of the game’s theme; If I’m a vampire and I stalk and assault another, I am assuming he will suffer damage. I might rob him and take some of his money or equipment. I would probably not just leave him there fully intact.

(2) Create and enhance player and guild rivalries. This is almost always a good thing because the level of competitiveness encourages planning, strategy, and overall involvement with the game and its engine.

(3) Variate the choices within the game. Attacking a player would now be significantly different than attacking a NPC, with different rewards and consequences.

Against possible objections that PvP losses would be unfair or discouraging, I would suggest that there is already a system in place to allow players to opt in and out of PvP. I am also not advocating massive losses – though I think that a system allowing players to choose their level of competitiveness would be interesting (i.e. players could opt-in to a level where losses and rewards were both high, and only fight players who have similarly opted in).

Hope this wasn’t too long. I appreciate you taking the time to read our feedback!

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I love this game I really do. Congratulation for every part of it, especially that attacking players won’t really comes disadvantages for the defending player, but brings attacker lots of things.
I would like to suggest some tiny impovements:
-1 It would be nice to have a paging system also at the end of every Hierarchy page not just at the top
-2. Also would be good if attack button won’t be appeared in profil if someone disabled PvP fight/or can’t hit him more than 6 times in 24 hours is still counting. Hierarchy pages can also show these people to different colors so we know that they cannot be attacked.

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A bugfix and a few community driven changes have been finished and uploaded while we closed the summer sale for this year :-)

- Complete proc and ability details of your current build on the My Vampire page
- Guild list can now also be sorted alphabetically
- Players inside a guild are sorted alphabetically (Leader and officers on the top)
- On Kongregate players also see a link on the coven boss page which they can share if they want that players who are not in their guild should join the coven boss.
- Bug showing a wrong ranking on the MyVampire page is fixed

1) That is how we had it when CoB started on FB, but most players disabled PvP then, that is why we changed it so the defending player has no disadvantages (otherwise PvP would have not enough targets).
2) I guess the guilds could indeed be used for more, if anybody has ideas what would be challenging (keep in mind some guild players may have disabled PvP) or what you would like i will forward the ideas to Andi (the game designer and CEO of Diviad) :-). I cannot promise that a feature like that will come then but at least he can think about it ;-)
3) It would be hard to change the existing gameplay without making a lot of players angry (keep in mind that the game is also running for more than 2 years on FB and not everybody likes changes) but for a new part in the game (e.g. something with guilds, etc.) it could be possible.

1) should be easy, i will add it with the next update :-)
2) should also be easy for the profile pages, for the search victims page however the 6 times in 24 hours check cannot be added because of performance reasons.

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Dear Phil! :)

We want to ty, this :)

“- On Kongregate players also see a link on the coven boss page which they can share if they want that players who are not in their guild should join the coven boss.”

I hope this will help to us to fight whit bosses.
Only one suggestion for this :)
Can’t you make it to automatic whit the livefeed coven boss button?
Like, the one who summon the boss, can make it open the fight whit a checkbox, and you can see this kinde of fights under the livefeed (separeted from the guild boss fight, and only the open + guild fights, not all).

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Wow, thanks for all the changes.

Boss links refreshes the page and we lose the current chat log. An in-game address box like the “View other player’s profile:” one would be awesome.

And how about just making pvp permanently on ?
Disable the disable button !

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THX for replys, some more suggesions:
3. There could be an edit button in guild pages for your writen messages, so if u want to correct, u wont have to delete and repost again.
4. Guildchat is a little short for posting info for a bigger clan, so if u make a paging system for it (as hierarchy have) that would be i think very much appreciated.
5. You could make an “Add to Black Book” button to every profile page because if you forget to add sy to it during battle screen then after the battle (when i realize that he beat me with 100 hp ) you can’t.
6. Buffs are too expensive looking at the 24 hour that nobody will use because of 8-12 hours off computer time 12 hour/15000cr would be more frendly i think.
Keep up the good work.

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ok, i have added the following as it was easy (and quick) to add :-)

- Paging icons on the hierarchy and My Coven page are now also shown on the bottom.
- The ‘Attack’ link on another player’s profile is only shown if the player has enabled PvP and if you haven’t already reached the 24h attack limit against that player.
- There is now a field where you can enter the Coven boss url on the Epic and Coven Boss page. If you enter the URL there (e.g. by rightclicking oy the link in the chat and selecting copy link location in FF) the Kong chat should not be reloaded.

@immr1988: Regarding PvP always on we had that discussion on FB as well but we have to respect that some players don’t like PvP (even if you don’t lose anything, just because they don’t like ‘being attacked’ messages in their diary) and only play CoB because you can diable PvP.

3) it would take a little bit more time for that so as i think this won’t be happening too often i would leave it like it is.
4) I will at least put it on the list of possible improvements but with lower priority
5) That should be easy again so i will probably add it soon
6) As the prices there are fixed it is difficult to make a fair price. For beginners the prices are horrendous, for Level 100 players a joke. Maybe we should make variable (player level dependent prices) there. I will talk to Andi about that next week.

Thanks all for the feedback and suggestions!

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@diviad_fill: Thank you for the response regarding PvP. I had no idea that the game originally had a loss-system that was so unpopular.

I still think it would be handy to have some sort of PvP system where the defender has losses. It could be separate from regular PvP, and only people who wanted to risk it could do so.

Again – thanks for the game!

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@technexx that’s not good idea at all
When you win as attacker you gain credits, exp, vps, talent point and loot, as a defender you gain credits and vps, defender already has losses, 3 losses to be exact, and now you want to change it to even more losses
When you lose as attacker you lose 1 vp, and as a defender you lose nothing, and thats the way it should be, maybe as a defender you should gain more not losing

As for a suggestion guild wars should be nice

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Just a info: Mount procs should now be considered in the proc details (bug fix)

One minor improvement: You can now add someone to your blackbook from the profile directly (if the player has enabled PvP) :-)

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@Phil, “Increase control by X” on passive ability section doesn’t appear.

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@imsus: Should be fixed now. Thanks for reporting! :-)

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A new (tradeable) servant can be found at the trainer in the Underground Sewers :-)

Underground blogger

Increases your chance to find PvCB loot by 1%.

Bloodlust per attack: 1
Chance to intercept: 7
Passive attack chance: 7
Physical damage: 34

Bloodbane 1
Bloodward 1

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Well done with the new servant :) Guess I will be visiting Sewers again to hunt down some Clowns.

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Thank you for the updates, especially the boss linking.

How about showing the total damage cap % that’s been done on coven bosses, or the remainder like (300/1500 remaining). It’ll help the boss killers a lot.

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I think I found an error, but I’m not very sure. On the wiki of the game, Path of the Righteous power has Redemption 4 and Ascendance 4 at level 4.
In game, it shows Redemption 4 and Ascendace 2. Is this supposed to be like this?

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Two more community driven enhancements:

If you search for opponents per default you will get 20 randomly selected players of your level but you can customize your query and also search for players up to 2 levels above your level or up to 5 levels above.
Other proposed changes regarding the search (e.g. filter out the players you have already attacked and where you have reached the attack limit) are unfortunately not possible because of performance reasons.

The number of blood badges you own is now shown on the boss overview page.

@immr1988: If the boss is not in execute phase yet you can determine quickly if everybody has dealt his 75% as the boss would be down then. If the boss has still health left some players have not yet dealt the 75%.

@kod_1: That is a bug in the Wiki.

Path of the righteous has the following Ascendance levels:

PotR 1: Ascendance Lvl 1
PotR 2: Ascendance Lvl 1 (with higher chance than at power lvl 1)
PotR 3: Ascendance Lvl 2
PotR 4: Ascendance Lvl 2 (with higher chance than at power lvl 3)
PotR 5: Ascendance Lvl 3

I will forward it to the Wiki administrators :-)

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Ok, tnx for the quick answer.

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Great updates Phil, this makes PVP more fun!!
and one more, Could you please make this thread Sticky? so we can find out what official updates has been applied.

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Bug: when power or glyph levels it disappears from the setup, and when you load saved setup it also cannot load leveled power or glyph.

“It’s a trap” quest is quite slow compared to most other quests since most players try attack people 5 levels higher. If needed for balance make required number of victories higher, but, please, make every victory count even if it doesn’t bring VP. It’s a trap after all :)

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@imsus: Thread is sticky now :-)

@Tevir: yes, technically a glyph or power with a new level is a new item, so if you level up you have to save your setup again. If you load an old setup the check will see that you do not own the glyph with the lower level and will remove it from the setup, so you have to do the manual change here, sorry.

Regarding the “It’s a trap” quest i asked Andi but we will leave it like it is (without the VP gain restriction it would probably be exploited)

Just a info: You currently already gain one Victory point as defender even if your attacker is 3 levels lower than you, in contrast to the attacker who can only gain Vps if the attacker is one level below up to 5 levels higher than his own level.

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Great game!
Ive noticed that when I view other players profiles, rarely, I do not have the option to Attack or Add to blackbook.
I tried again several times, but the same problem kept coming for that player only.

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@blackhole11: Thanks for the feedback :-) and regarding your question: That happens if the player has disabled PvP.

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The coven boss type such as xeno or undead is shown on the boss page, but the damage type is only shown in the livefeed. Since boss links go directly to the boss, we won’t know what it’ll be immune to until we attack.

Can damage types be shown as well on the coven boss ?

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There should be a market, where you post things you want to sell, maybe for a charge in credits, but, you could post your offer and wait for someone to reply or counter-offer. It would be pretty useful to most players.