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i would like to suggest that the number of people that can attack be increased or the number of people that can defend at 1 time be decreased, since after lvl 30 it would be hard to seize someone, also for this point increase the speed of mages. it isnt fair that it takes 10 hours for mages to get to one place were it would normaly take 1 hour.

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What jhonatinmk said about mages I greatly support. Imagine a war bright vs dark…armies had to walk way further then, and in the worst case an army had to travel ~an entire week then because mages are really really slow…

generally, one should increase speed on archers, mages and spears of around 200-250 each

then they would be used more often.

If speed increasement is not wanted by devs however as this would make close combat impossible to defend,
please implent something that is called “prepared marches” or “named different but with same effect” that might cost gold(or other resource), but will decrease traveltime for really long distances. Like everything that has a total traveltime of over 12 hours should be decrease by half. And the traveltime inbetween 8 and 12 hours should be decreased proportionally.

Else I fear interfaction wars will be only for those of us under the age of 15, as the rest of us wont have a chance to see the end of it, if you catch my drift.

Edit: The numbers of time decreasement could be twisted with both in quality as in quantity. But I think 8-12 hours should be more than enough for a regular gamer to defend oneself.

And another thing, that bothered me for a while came to mind again.

Enemies incomming to an allied/leagued town should be viewable in an extra tab and maybe with a greencolored shield or something. This would make being in a league way more profitable and also had the effect, that league mates could really help eachother defend, without strong to impossible activity and with way less effort.

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when archers and mages are in range, why do they continue to go forward? seems they want to die. could you stop them when they’re in range but walk when not? especially when they get that speed boost, it gets annoying at round 2 cuz they have noone to protect them as theyre too close to the melee enemy troops.

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@abdul_569, as long as your melee troops reached the front line first, then even if your archers and mages get there, they do not get hit right away. I believe it goes by first come, first serve (or first come, first die) order – I can’t say for sure as I don’t remember my calvary ever falling while I was attacking. Someone with more experience should be able to confirm or disprove this.

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Grey cards should be taken out
Amount of exp for card lvl should be lower

With the current system it cost way too much to get a good card and way too much to lvl it up

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A or S deck shouldn’t gives green card at all


D Deck – grey or green
C Deck – grey or green or blue
B Deck – green or blue or purple
A Deck – blue or purple or orange
S Deck – purple or orange or bit

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+ to previous Acevalor’s comment.

S deck should realy give something serious, not green stuff for 60k…

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agreeing with acevalors comment. I once got a grey card from doing a s deck which totally sucked =(

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all items after the item update should be changed including ones in players inv. arena npc’s stats should be lowered along with there equipment changed to. reason why is cause it makes it extremely difficult for new players and players lvling. agility should also include a dodge rate. reason is because a fast swordsmen wouldnt just stand there and get hit.

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it would also give players with high agility an actual fighting chance. it evens out because high agilty= kina low def, low hp, and low damage

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beast raising event should be forever because of the fact it makes new players that much more disadvantaged because they have to buy and upgrade cards because of the equipment update which u should update it to players armor and weapons they had before the update along with npc’s or put equipment back to the way it was

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With the includation of Babeltower I think every purpose of smithy(besides enhancing stuff), stables and workshop are removed. There should be another purpose to it.

And buying stuff at ridiculous prices is not something to be considered usefull imho.

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not sure if its a good or bad idea but maybe an armoury for your army. Like iron crossbows for archers which give extra attack boost or better horse food so that cav gets a health boost. something like that like equipment.

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auto levy and auto recall. having 6 pages of siezures is annoying to levy and recall

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Maybe for the portals in explore, an option to pay with gold that increases everytime you pay with it. So maybe starts out 20k the first time you use it, then 40, then 80, etc. It’s annoying to get from Jungle Mirage all the way to Forest when you’re out of magic potions.

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Is there any possibility to balance scrolls stats? Current scrolls have a bit unbalanced stats, for example:

Blue production scroll (3 card effect)
+140% production
-14% attack
+28% defence

Blue attack scroll (3 card effect)
-6% production
+30% attack
-9% defence

Blue defence scroll (3 card effect)
+36% production
+120% defence
+12% exp

Blue ultimate scroll (3 card effect)
+120% production
+30% attack
+100% defence
+70% exp

As you may have noticed blue production, defence and ultimate has more than 100% increase in stats, otherwise blue atack has only 30% increase.

Now lets pay our attention to the card system, we can see that there are two similar cards, attack card (thump) and defence card (shelter). They have the same stat gains (+30% defence for lvl10 blue shelter card, +30% increased attack for lvl10 blue thump card)
So 3 blue defence scrolls provide +120% defence = 4*30 = 4 shelter, great increase in def (without any attack reductions)
and 3 blue attack scrolls provide +30% attack = 1*30 = 1 thump, decent increase in attack (at a cost of redused defence)

My suggestion: can you balance attack scroll and increase attack % and remove defence reductions?

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Please make the scores given in arena make sense.
The scores should actually be awarded according to faction, level, and rank, who challenges who, like the description says. (But it’s not. It seems more like what really happens is the score is awarded randomly.)
If a higher level challenges you, and you win, 60-80 points (depending on how much higher the other persons level is compared to yours)
Equal level challenges you and you win, 50-60.
Lower level challenges you and you win, 30-50. (depending on how much lower the other persons level is)
You challenge higher level and win, 50-70
You challenge equal and win, 40-50.
You challenge lower and win, 20-40.
Same thing but lose on all:
+ some % of score bonus for rival faction.

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Will dark ever get the promised prestige technology ??

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Originally posted by edwin79:

Will dark ever get the promised prestige technology ??

Absolutely yes, it will be updated tomorrow. Along with the Dark Tech, you will also find some other renovation. We will post the update notification later before the updating. Thank you for your waiting! :)

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i would like to be a game helper since castlot seems to be on the front page again and newbies will sure to arrive (like last time it was on the front page). i dont require any payment since its unfair on others but all i ask is that i dont use up trumpets in wc cuz then ill be wasting them, sort of.

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I would spend more diamond if the items were more reasonably priced. The cost are just ridiculous. i.e. 5 diamonds for a back pack and I need 3 backpacks to open the second slot. I would open all 36 slots if it cost 1 diamond each , but your greedy with your diamonds, so I will not buy any overpriced slots and you lose money :P good job team.

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okay, just a few random suggestions, that may be dumb…

1. Make grey cards be useable…
(not equippable, useable)
Also make different level cards give different experience amounts…
ie: Grey card 10 exp
green card 25 exp
blue card 50 exp
purple card 100 exp
orange card 250 exp
(totally randomly picked, make better balanced stats for them yourself ;))

2. Make it possible to send out random amounts of waves: ie: I attack with 5 waves, selected, instead of having to pick 5 waves separately

3. Make the differences between Light and Dark more known, for instance, by making the player pick when he/she gets to lvl 10 or 20, so they have time to figure out what side they want to be on…

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-When merging cards, STATE WHAT CARD WILL RESULT FROM THE MERGE!!! This will fix many 100-diamonds-worth-wasted type errors from happening. People who don’t feel ripped off 10 USD$ will not ragequit or result in negative publicity.

-People want to know if buying cards a lot will result eventually in having deck C double unlocked (or more), or if all extra unlockings get lost. Some people will ragequit over how many diamonds they spent while losing deck C unlocks (or simply BELIEVE they lost that, I’ve even seen one ragequit over not being sure), so you’d better make stackable deck unlocks a reality… indicated with a number so there is no error possible…

-A quest is necessary to show people can take their scroll type cards back into their inventory (most people I asked think ‘recycle’ means ‘destroy’ or ‘usually destroy small chance of getting it back’); so they don’t hoard them to get blue/purple without using them as green/blues first. The idea that you need to destroy blue cards eventually (instead of just picking them back up for a synthetize) has made some people speak of quitting, or generate more negative publicity that most other issues.

-People can’t get any info on what a stat wash does exactly from either forums, the website, or the game that is Castlot specific so most people doing their first wash are astonished at not washing all stats down to 0 + book boosts and most claim deep feeling of having forever cursed their account into not being able to complete in PVP as they are now one hundred+ diamonds/potions down forever WITHOUT getting their stats points back for intellect which was the only reason they used 10USD$. (if the rumored all-stats-wash for diamond wash, it’s VIP requirement if any, or the you-don’t-get-all-your-stats-point-back thing exist with Castlot stats wash, we NEED TO KNOW before we spend diamonds OR potions in it).

-People trying to make a purple scroll type card should be warned the card is useless by itself, unless they also get 2 more of the same type. Most players making a purple card early consider their account cursed and want to restart on the next server… which amounts to losing most of those players. Some of them just quit forever in disgust. Warning should go away once they have already a purple card WHICH THEY MADE as making a purple card after getting one out of sheer luck and still not being able to make a scroll makes for double sized rant instant ragequitting too…

-A quest is necessary to show you can destroy buildings for free. I’ve seen non-english players not know you can destroy them, and quit as they were doing ‘all stone so I can sell it’ and were an unusable account because of the unexpected storage rule saying it has to come from the ressource building and not the warehouse…

-3 newbie helpers told me to make a warehouse early because it stores stuff, it even says so in the text. It doesn’t however seem to do anything else than protect against robbery but doesn’t actually store stuff so it’s useless while under protection! If you have a choice between making the warehouse house stuff, or making the warehouse very clear about only being robbery protection, MOST PLAYERS WANT WITH ALL THEIR HEART that storage is with the warehouse (in addition to its robbery protection function). If it DOES have some token storage, it’s not listed anywhere…

-A quest is necessary to tell players how incredibly useful to leveling up fast getting 6 cottages is.

-Both players I’ve seen buying backpacks bought one, expected to open up one page (all slots that page… a honest mistake), noticed it would only open a slot if… you bought another. Both players were out of stuff and got more potions/diamonds, when they got some bought the slot and expected to open up one slot per 2 potions/diamonds… and couldn’t because the price augments with each slot!!! They both ragequitted immediately. This wouldn’t have happened if you’d sell SLOTS and not BACKPACKS. Buying backpacks makes the player feel blatantly tricked and ripped off 2 times in a row for both of those players and that’s truly a 25 year of gaming carreer record for me to see for a not-intentionally-scamming situation!

-People want some heavy bright VS dark action as soon as possible. You already knew this, but I thought I’d mention it.

-I’ve been by a newbie helper (those are SO inaccurate I am wondering if someone is impersonating them to bring the game down) told the game is on facebook so I got some facebook credits… which can’t get me claps/diamonds. Then I got some Kreds after being told when the new server opens I’ll be able to use them on any server I want, but apparently I can’t use them except on that one server can access and not the one I want to use them on. Could you PLEASE clarify your payment options once and for all, as I used 2 different payment methods for nothing and I have almost been conned into using another (not to mention all VIP level specific unlocks are not ALL listed anywhere so I can’t find out if I can do an all-stats wash or not at VIP3?)

-Also I took 4 distinct surveys on your official website, which all promised claps, but then didn’t deliver because I didn’t fill a hidden required minimum of surveys, and then my credit gets useless because they don’t have enough surveys for my region for that specific survey firm. This is of course a complete utter ripoff and you should turn off that very specific survey offer.

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Also, when going to the league chat window, we expect our chat to end up in the league window like it would in any other game. Even people who know about this quirk find it useless and annoying and would prefer it the way other games do it.

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I noticed a facebook icon on the clapalong site, I am currently logged into facebook but clapalong doesn’t seem to notice at all and just gets me the signup page over and over when i click the facebook icon. (so much for my 3rd attempt to spend my FB credits on castlot)