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i got new suggetion, (1) add fortress in the game and dark league vs bright league for fortress. and new suggestion PvP, those player arent in a league cannot be seized or attack people who in the league , and people who arent in a league cannot particular in fortress battle. the winner side (gain the control of the neutral maps or access to a fortress which gives alot of prestige, cross or spirits, resource gold, item as rewad. and battle can be twice in 1 week. (2)today problem in the game, people who plays 24/7 will dominate the server, and those who plays 1-2 hour per day will get owned by higher levels. so new server with pvp buttom might help rest player. if people want war or battle have to send request and opponent must accept the war request to join the battle. -------------------------------------------------- so game wont lose much players in future
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To fix the unfair advantage to high level players concerning the Little Guy Protection. Leagues that declare war on each other (Flags appear red for hostile leagues) DO NOT RECEIVE the prestige penalty for attacking a member of an enemy league. This way, for those who would like to play a more peaceful existence, must either decide to stay out of a league, OR become experts in diplomacy ;)

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I think there should be some sort of way to either request the taking over of a league or mutiny because if you have invested a lot in a league and the chief goes inactive, then you’re stuck debating over whether to attempt to find a new league or stick with it and hope that the chief returns soon.

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should remove the prestige reduction if they are inactive for about 1 month, if they are active keep it the little guy protection

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Should rid of the HUGE amount of prestige loss for troop annihilation. I went from almost 80k prestige down to 37k from being Robbed from massive players.. That’s a bit ridiculous… lol

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Grail needs to be fixed. Both factions on S3 were trying to lose the event, some people even going as far as to create accounts with the opposite faction to raise their score. Any event where the losers receive better rewards than the winners needs to be altered.

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Should unlock the league picture and give the chief options to change/modify it as they want to.

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1) add in a full screen
2)be able to trade ( make a building for this)
3)more buildings
4)be able to close chat
5)be able to see people ( make a map called tavern)
6)summon your friends to help you do NPC with you if they are online

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1) a quick suggestions, combined with the bug:
As the League BloodMoon has gotten to lvl 50, I noticed, a LOAD of resources (even some gold :S) on the lvl tech…
However, there is nothing left to level up…
Maybe make:
option 1: Make it impossible to get more then the max level donated available
option 2: Make the chief have the ability to switch around resources…(so that all the resources can be sent to a different technology)
Either one will work :D
Also, maybe since level is maxxed, make the second tech (for arena score) be opened when you click on the league tab technology.
2)How about introducing a Elemental Power booster card.
As an example,Heal of God and Furycrit take less than 4 heroes to perform and the remaining hero’s war element slot is not used.
This slot could be filled with a booster card.
Now i am not saying this card should be as powerfull as a normal war element card,but some augmentation would be quite interesting

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I agree with shimpox7’s idea of trading. It’d be a nice feature to add, and to prevent abuse by creating alts, the trade building could require to be levelled in order to trade certain level cards and equips. eg: lv 1+ for greens, lv 31+ for blues, lv 51+ for purples and lv 81+ for oranges.

Further customisation for buildings would be nice to allow variety, such as different colours/shapes and allow players to see other player’s cities, albeit only between allies or allow a certain pass system which allows players to select who they wish to see/visit their city.

Finally, I would be nice to have further interaction with players to allow a greater “ally” feel, such as more quests and activities which can only be undertaken in a party. I know there are places like stonehenge and dense forest, but perhaps co-op PVP (teams of 2 or 3?) or co-op babel? It’d be an interesting idea and fun idea :D

Thanks, awaiting the next update :D

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The city seizure scores are somewhat unscaled.


So starting at one, increased to 3 up to lvl 40 – i can follow that. Then more than double the score for up to lvl60 (increase of 5), while the next step up to lvl80 yields just 2 additional scores? Why not scaling them the right way and increase seizure scores with the level of the seized city gradually? E.g.:


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I believe that the word censor in these games have gotten way out of hand.

First of all, words with the slightest negative connotation, such as crap, are banned.

Ironically enough, the word “hell” is banned. Why would a word used in-game be banned? (Tower of Babel if you have forgotten…)

So, my suggestion, tone down the word filter to only curse words, and certain sensitive words, but I don’t think words with only the slightest connection to negative meanings should get banned…

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The world map is very difficult to navigate. I’d suggest having a mini map and allowing players to zoom out.

Also being able to declare war, form alliances, and non aggression packs in game and have the members of those leagues marked in red, purple, and yellow would be helpful as well.

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… the whole “faction battle” thing y’all have trumped up this week?

gone in less than 12 hours. Barely had a chance to log in before it was already over… I sleep, and the event is over before I have a chance to even participate. Very not impressed with how you had to be in just the right time zone or you didn’t even get a chance to participate.

cross-faction interaction and competition is a GREAT idea, but you really need to extend the window of opportunity long enough to allow people a chance to participate.

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@planswalker hi, we will re-open this battle very soon, and will set different start time in consideration of jet lag from different countries.

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it would help a lot if we could disable system messages. Especially if faction wars are running the world channel is more or less unusable since its totally overfilled with messages. I dont see the point in giving a system message about weather change and city ownership changes at all.

However, it might also be an option to create a new faction wars channel and let all those messages go there leaving the world channel for world chat.

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I had an idea about the fact we could skip battles in explore (and also bable tower and arena). Castlot may give us some daily free skips and further skips may just cost 1-5 gems/daimonds. (C. may also give more free skips for players of higher VIP level if they want)

Post Scriptum: I agree with Treisinegmoh.

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yu should ad soildersz

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This game has a huge decline after viscount hierarchy, it starts to be boring after Marquess and gets really boring after Duke. But when u are Minister, most of the really active players start leaving. I think that many of us appreciate your effort in bringing new events, really, but we need something more than farming.

What you miss a lot after viscount are quest, we need more quest. You don’t need to do huge events, just a new daily and history quest like: doing all the instances in regular/heroic. Adding more quest rewards for killing heads (i don’t know why at the start we had to kill like 3-4 dudes in every zone, but after viscount you only have 1 head to kill). Having your senate to lvl 70-80-90 on ur 3 cities. Rewards if you Rob NPCs. You could add some special NPC famous city in World map (and increase the prestige you can gain with them), which has a special guard with a quest reward. Adding some explore guy randomly who you have to hunt, etc. I have many more ideas if you are really interested just ask me and i can give more suggestions to add quest, and im pretty sure that other players will love to suggest quest.

Btw, explore needs to be fixed or completed, because there is a zone at northweast incompleted. Would be nice to do the instance there.

And finally, you could give us some free portal teleport daily, maybe 2 free teleports/day or whatever. That way more players would do instances (more considering that is the way to get gems..). Is really hard to do instances when the serves hardly have active players and you have to spent mp or travel whole map to do instances.

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I totally agree with kalsitu. More quests/daily quests or improve the existing ones.

Whenever I see the “Daily Quests” button I’m like: “Oh yeah quests!” and I only get Reminders of stuff available, (such as remaining silver keys, alchemizing which is not really a quest, excalibur not a quest either, enchantment for equipment AGAIN not a quest) I take this more like “Daily Rewards” more than Quests. I put Babel and Arena aside because they actually require some improvement to “Quest” it, rather than just click and get your reward.

Players need some other prestige income because as kalsitu already said when you become Marquess/Duke it’s just plenty much farming and farming and farming… for Prestige! Most players quit because they don’t feel like farming Prestige and with so little options available to actually get some, the quitting becomes a rather easy decision. So.. here are my suggestions:

-Babel Tower should give Prestige added to the Gold/Equipment rewards. Example:
Floor 1, Battle 1 in Hell difficulty gives 2100 gold. It should also give 21 Prestige for clearing that battle.
So basically 1% of the gold reward of every single battle in Babel Tower is also Prestige.

-Make Prestige also available in Alchemy.

-Make Instances give Prestige reward added to the Gem/Equipment reward. Basically the scores are turned into Prestige.

-Arena scores gained after a won battle also gives Prestige. Losing a battle only decreases score not Prestige.

-New actual Daily Quests with Gold/Prestige rewards. Let’s say, “Defeat X mob in Explore at X difficulty X ammounts of times”, “Complete X Instance at X difficulty”. Kind of like Rosy Road event but permanent and daily, and these quests would be depending of the current Hierarchy, so higher Hierarchy will get a higher challenge with higher Gold/Prestige rewards.

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kalsitu & @Airesito thanks for your ideas, our team will discuss about them. And we are open for suggestion from players, we believe your ideas would help us making this game better. Thank you! :) You may leave your ideas here, PM me, or send them via

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I love this new arena thing. It makes things much more interesting, and now I can use and upgrade some of those extra arena cards! But if you’re still thinking about changing the arena, I think it would only make sense that you get a bonus on the score if you win when someone challenges you and you win. If a level 90 challenges me, a level 76, and I win, I shouldn’t only get 20 points.

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I liked the ideas of airesito.

I will suggest some more:

- One of the quest that i’ve enjoyed the most is Ultimate explore, but it can be done only once and ends at Avalon. I suggest to add more “lvls” on Maze and Dungeon. Also restart the lvls in every event. As the rewards are so cool and it could be imbalanced at high lvl, when you have completed all the levels once, the next time you get little less rewarded (or only jewels/badges/medals) and maybe a good reward in the last guy. Also, would be nice making medals drop on instance (and not only levying), so more people could get medals and we could bring some fun on instances.

- In the game description you can read a game of Scheme, etc. But tbh i’ve only used schemes at the start of the game(quest). Schemes could be cool, but they are too difficult to get, you could remove the free token (is not worth at all) of excalibur and maybe some duplicated resource and put some scheme like goblins and boxes.

- World Map activity could be improved. In a PVP game you wanna test your army, no matter if are players or NPC. As the NPC part in this game is too poor, we end siezing players ( we can’t do it anymore though). Recently i’ve been robbing many famous cities just to see if the LVL of the NPC means anything, and well… only in troops number, but is no challenge at all. As you did with our castles, you could add cities with different looks and difficulty, and some better reward than just resources and 20 prestige. Maybe adding some Siezable NPC castle that gives some bonus(like 5% attack or defense or exp/prestige gain) during 24h (and restart again every day) so those cities don’t end always siezed by the same person.

- I’ve spent all my trumpets and i can’t comuniate anymore with brighties and i have no way to get them. Why not making them dropable on explore like spirits? a faction vs faction without world chat lose his PvP mage.

- An other way to bring activity on World Map could be a daily quest that gives 3 coordenates on World Map to hunt, like a treasure hunt that drops a treasure box (with gold, prestige, items, etc).

- Adding quests during events. Events are so cool, but many ppl is tired of farming and many players just don’t care about them. Faction vs Faction on S2 dark side is about 5-6 players, the rest lost interest (and im sure that it happens with all the factions in general). To increase implication you could add challenging quest like: killing 1 NPC in Faction vs Faction gives 5 badges and 1000 credits, getting 100.000 credits 5 badges and 1000 credits, getting 1 milion credits 10 badges and 10.000 credits, etc.
For Grail phase (despite it needs some balance), adding rewards for getting footholds, barrels (mercenaries are rewarded already), etc.

Well atm is enough or it will take yeras to do everything. Thanks to Airesito to support my suggestions and you ideachannel to care about our suggestions!

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during faction wars defending really is not a viable option. The game automatically returns my garrisoned troops to the barracks after 10 minutes. how is anyone supposed to hold territory with this in place. I love this game but not enough to stay logged in forever. We need an option to keep our troops in place.

Another idea is a retreat option if i’m losing up to 9 battles in a row any good commander would order a retreat to avoid a rout.

that said “Cheers!” to the valor of troop marching to their deaths, outnumbered 1500 to 1 that take something that courage just falls short of describing.

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i want to make a suggestion for the new pvp the 3 vs 3, it is alot easier to win if you attack someone so you can change your heros around an so forth i think if you make it so the heros random swap positions every fight kinda like the attack bonus n defense bonus so it makes it more fair for defending an also attacking.