Blue Dragon and some other rants

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Change this card

Simple remove that crap drain ability and give it 30magic 30 mellee 6 cost

While were at it change Green Dragon level 3 to 6 cost aswell lets make this card playable for once

Fat Princess (pincers) again, another epic card gone to waste.
Awareness ring (epic) are you serious

As for the rest of the cards in the new exp pack well someone needs to have a word…the costs are all far too costly if your going to start bringing out cards that cost 5 crystals then bring out more armors that cost 1 and if a card is 6 cost then it has to be amazing otherwise were going to choose combinations of 4+2 3+3 over those cards anyday.

Will someone please explain to these people once and for all, the list goes on but i cant be bothered to list them all feel free too add your comments….


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drain crystal ability is way overpriced – considering in most situations its pretty useless.

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opportunity… you will never have enough opportunities to play it.
elixir… when do you ever play 3 melee monsters?
ode-to-war… why is this even an equip? why does the generic form cost more than war horn, but do the same thing?
and the crystal drain… It cost about 2 to play… therefore you must be able to kill 3 monsters with your one before it pays off. If you can do this, you will win anyway without needing the crystals! Completely worthless!

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I agree with small changes rather than big ones, so i get not having tons of “crazy new” cards that change everything. That being said, what exactly is the point of working months to build an expansion that changes NOTHING??

I’m all for giving this a chance and exploring, but i really dont see much changing here. Tho props for the new areas and changes to almost every aspect of the game. If the masses are happy and the game evolves, i’ll keep trying to keep up :)

Would have liked to see Blue Dragon be more epic.

-MSR you forgot trample. ya the planet smasher is bad. i havent seen 3 creatures on the other side of the field in months. maybe if i pass 3 times…. again, this might help the masses. my view is skewed.

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The Feline Rider is somewhat nice, but the charge ability being activated only once means that he’s not that usefull after his first attack, so he’s almost like an “usable monster”.

At level 3 he has flying, 40 melee, 30 charge and 40hp. Cost 3 crystals.
Kukulkan, at level 3, has flying, 40 melee, 30 ranged and 50 hp. Cost 3 crystals.

At level 2, Feline Rider has flying, 40 melee, 20 charge and 40 hp. Cost 3. So, you’ll need to farm 100.000 xp to get 10 extra charge.

In my opinion it would be better to just increase his cost by 1 and make him a rare card. Or make him cost 2 crystals at level 3.

About the drain crystal thing… I think those monsters, when sacrificed, should give you +1 Crystal, just like a stronger version of the regular Crystal ability. This would justify the cost, and at the same time, make the ability more useful.

Or you could make it that when a monster with drain crystal destroys another, you would get half of the crystal cost of the destroyed monster… it would give more of a “draining” feeling. Example: I play a drain crystal card, and the monster with that ability kills a fortified shield = +3 crystals to me. Another example: Drain crysal card destroys Pile of Trash = +2 crystals.

But the best solution would just to lower the cost of that ability, because as it is, it’s useless.

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Planet smasher, got it, complete crap. How is it even an epic…

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Originally posted by Wildwest99:
ya the planet smasher is bad. i havent seen 3 creatures on the other side of the field in months. maybe if i pass 3 times….

I haven’t seen this card yet, but I see 3 enemy creatures all the time – in NS and expert duels.
May be to someone this card will be deck improvement.

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I must agree with everything that was said so far, the exp2 cards arnt what i was hoping for.. blue dragon should be 30magic 30melle 60hp for 6 cost(like it was). planet smasher is a nice concept but probably only really useable on swarms. the abitities need to be tweaked, opportunity needs more triggers, drain crystal is pricey but maybe be useful, charge is worthless since it only lasts the first round (making the EPIC feline rider not very epic). disarm is to hard to use since most equips have armor. i have to say though, revive is awesome. overall the exp2 cards are decent i guess but if a few small changes were made to them they could be alot better and useable.

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My 2 cents. Abilities are all in the right direction but there are major problems i see:

Opportunity – against entangle? there are only 6 entangle cards (ok 7 with the new set) and 2 of which are useables. Same thing with courage. Reach i can understand although again there are not many cards that have it. My suggestion for opportunity is to give range a boost where it needs it. The ability should hit twice against flying and armor, both of which range has a 25% chance of missing. If that is too OP, make it a 75% chance of hitting twice or you can have it be “if you miss the first time, opportunity allows a second shot”.

Charge – very confused. As others said it is a usable but an equip. Similarly courage is found on several useables. For it to be more game changing, it needs other triggers. Going with the theme of “charge” I suggest it triggers on play, and then when against an opponent who has thorns or counter. And also maybe if demoralize is in play. Since it would could counter that. Basically charging into battle despite the risk of defeat.

Drain Crystal – looks good but giving it to moonkey? really? I would like to see drain crystal on some strike cards. go back and change that aweful shurinken card. replace disease with drain crystal. Might be interesting.

cautious – was supposed to be everyone’s answer to thorns. It is only on 3 cards. And the epic ring is not very epic. Best use of this ability is Kub.

No problem with trample except that it cost too much. I thought when thrash came out it originally hit like trample. Then you decided to nerf it and make it only hit one side. So why bring it back now? An official trample would be if an ally destroys a card, and has more damage to spend, it carries over to the next card that comes into melee spot. Like a super cleave. Would be exciting given the large number of tanks that just hit.

A lot of other people mentioned the less than epic epics. If i am going to play an epic card to level 3, it should be epic. That is a lot of work and time. Epic healer should get heal 20* at level 3. Or shield 20 instead of stealth.

People are grumbling because the best thing about new cards, is wanting to put them in their deck and start over. If what they have is better, then it didn’t change a thing. Perhaps fix the abilities and then sprinkle them among the existing cards. Make my unplayable cards playable!!

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I will add few words as well.

First of all i want to say i appreciate the work edgebee put in to create the update.

As a player i like new things, thats obvious. However i have few things to say about this whole rarity system and balancing cards.
I see there is a problem with several cards that are epics and should be rare, and opposite (this concerns commons and uncommons too). Im not a fan of suggesting developers what cards they should create, but i think this system was started in chaotic way, and this new exp pack proves that.

What i would suggest is to make some rules about rarity cards (from developers point of view this should make life easier in the future). What i mean by that is very simple.
- Make all common cards with no abilities, and create MAX value of melee, range, magic and hp the lowest of all rarities
- Make all uncommon cards with 1 ability, and create little higher MAX value of melee, range, magic and hp than commons and lower than rare
- Make all rare cards with 2 abilities, MAX value of attacks and hp higher than uncommons but lower than epics
- Make all epic cards with 3 abilities, MAX value of attacks and hp higher of all cards

Crystal ability i would consider an extra ability so that common card as an epic card might have it.

All these changes will make very good balance and its going to be hard to get ucommon card stronger than rare. It still might be usefull due to its abilities but general strenght of a card will be categorized. This way no matter how you will create blue dragon, as an epic it will be stronger and i think all players above want to see EPIC cards STRONGEST of all, i understand that.

I dont know if players will like that idea and if developers will want to work on this solution. I just think this will solve lots of problems on both sides. What i want to see is this game getting better. Did this expansion pack achieved that goal? Im not sure, and that should be a sign for developers :D.

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Although i agree with a lot of what was said, i cant say i agree with everything.

Crystal drain – some creatures get that ability for 1 extra cost, so having it activate once pays for it and twice or more gives you extra

Blue dragon – is not as weak as people claim and tbh wouldn’t giving him magic only make him worse with all the reflect going around these days, i do agree they should take away crystal drain and give him something better though.

Planet smasher – one of the few epics i got and i have yet to really find a use for it, could use some tweaking.

Awareness ring – this is a big one. what a piece of sh*t epic that turned out to be, im still using agility bracers over it.

Fat Pincers – nice concept for a cheap tank with 4 cost but hes completely useless as a tank so why bother, he needs some big changes.

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lets see if theyve listened to anything that we,ve said…

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at least ur post didnt get locked. Which also makes no sense lol. just delete it if i said something wrong or swore too much or something. why lock it and leave it??

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probly because you was having a conversation and an argument with yourself? they thought this guys a lunatic haha

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disarm—so so stupid
oppurtunity—use it all the time!
Trample: pretty cool, but I deal so much damage when I have my deck set up I don’t need it
Caution: only good against snowy peak levels
charge: man, only first turn? I’d rather commander condor.
Drain crystal: who needs that when You probably already have 1 dragon’s tear, 2 collectors?

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most people use equip with armor rather than pure equip making disarm rather pointless

You have let your opponent have 3 monster to use trample, which is very bad news for you and will likely lost even with trample. you will likely need higher damage to kill 1 / 2 monster. Thus trample is rather ……

If they have charge with cleave then it is useful

If drain crystal drain all the crystal the monster killed cost then it is useful.