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A lot of players are calling for this so of course I have been thinking about the reality of it. I don’t know if it is proven but perhaps if we do the upfront hard work for Edgebee, it might be easier for them to pick up from the forum and implement. Also and more importantly, I have put consideration into their business model (ie. them making $).

Ok first, PRICE point. i think that a $10 tourney is much more friendly than a $15 one. The higher entry cost would allow better prizes and better deck diversity. Lets go forward with the $10 tourney since I think it is a good price point.

Now WHO? My model below really works to the members and since they are asking for it, I think you should be a member in order to access the tournaments.

Next, DECK. $10 = 1000 tokens. Edgebee on multiple occasions has 20% off tokens for members. So that equates to a profit margin they are ok with. The buy in would allow for members to build a deck using 2 master/expansion packs, and 5 basic packs. That equals 900 tokens (using the 20% off). Thus you will have 2 rare/epics, 4 uncommon, and 29 uncommons to make a deck. I would advise that the tournaments are 6v6 (12 card) decks. since i do not know the chances of getting 7 allys might be too difficult. This would need some further investigating. The remaining 100 tokens goes into the pot.

EVOs Just having a closed deck build would be no fun. In order to bring strategy into this we need to allow for evolving and color changing of cards. Our two options are an allotment of gems for use in the tourney or a number of crystals available. I would prefer the gems since it would give more power to the player to use as as strategy. Note that xp would not matter. if you give the evo crystal to a creature, it would automatically evolve. For gems, i would allot 120,000 gems. That would ideally allow for 4 level 3 commons, 2 lv 3 uncommons, and 1 lv 3 rare, or 1 lv 2 epic ally. Now you may prefer to have 2 fully leveled rares and not much else. It depends on your card and strategy. For the crystal allotment, i would say give a certain number of types of evo crystals and color changing T-crystals.

CONTEST. I do not have much experience on how a bracket should go but I would think it would be a pair up, then best out of 3, and if you get 2 loses you are eliminated. This gets a little complicated because the more people in it, the better the prize, but the longer the tournament and harder to run. I need some feedback or expertise here.

PRIZE. Ok so the 100 token pot from the beginning can be used a few ways. My personal desire for entering a tournament would be that I can pick the card I want for winning. For Edgebee to support this, we would need a good amount of people in each tournament. Using the 20% off rule, we would need 12 people to pick any rare equip, 16 people for rare ally, 24 people for epic equip and 40 people for epic ally. It will be determined if these are so popular that we continually get those numbers. The other option is the winner takes all the tokens to spend as they wish. So for a 20 person tourney, that is 2000 tokens. Again this whole model is based on no loss to Edgebee. Certainly the tournament would be sweeter if Edgebee bumped up the prize.

Ok so what do you think? Any merit here? Constructive criticism is most helpful as is offering suggestions.

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Ok quickly reading this did you just say the tourny will be only accessable by using only real money/tokens…

What youve just done right there is make sealed deck tournys a complete waste of time, youve just illiminated half of the CM playerbase and as a paying player myself theres no way i would pay any real money to play a tourny and highly unlikely that half of the rest of the paying players would either.

Sealed deck tournys are supposed to be there to add more variety for “everyone” i dont care about edge,s profits and neither does anyone else so entering these tournys should be accessed by buying in with gems this is because we dont expect tokens for prizes all we expect is more depth to the game, variety, gem rewards, exp rewards, card rewards, crystal rewards.

This is all constructive criticism based on my time here and what everyone says on a daily basis.

The sealed deck tourny addition to CM was firstly brought up by a few of us in chat the intention was not to gain free tokens or anything like but mostly because the game is going nowere fast edge shouldnt see this as an oppurtunity to quickly rake in more money but more as a feature to add more depth to the game that prevents people getting bored quickly and quitting thus making them more money in the long run.

I do agree though obviously we need a sealed deck tourny feature that can be accessed by everyone and can be bought into by everyone probably 16 players buy in and when its full it begins winner progresses to the next round kinda thing and 1st 2nd and 3rd take the prizes and like you said you can maybe pick the card you want for winning or you get a free pack or xxxx reward.


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BLAAAZE, I appreciate the points but if you want something implemented, how about helping flesh out more answers. I understand that you feel that you won’t pay for a tournament, but why would Edgebee want to put resources to this idea just to keep players who don’t want to pay $ happy? I would think at a minimum, even if we had a gem admission, the tournament would only be available for members as another incentive. And I do think that people would pay tokens for a tournament because the prize is to pick your card at the end. I know I would want that ability.

Ok, so what is a fair gem admission? If my deck building discussion is acceptable I would think the entry fee would be at least 30k gems. That would buy you a master booster, exp booster, one advance boosters and 4 basic boosters using member prices. that gives you 35 cards to make a 12 card deck. You would have 1200 gems left over for a pot. For 16 players that pot is almost 20k. The winner could get the pot and their entry fee back.

I know for the upper tier of players, coming up with a large gem fee is no problem. But for the general population, in a game where gems take a long time to get and have more places to spend than you know what to do, I don’t know if this format will be as popular. Yes you will basically get your 30k gems in cards but you are forced to buy advanced and basic boosters where I would rather another master booster as a new player.

Well let’s see what other 2 cents people may have.

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For the simple reason that all of us top players have everything we need so by eliminating free players and making tournys cost real money to buy into then your going to have to give us paying players something we dont allready have otherwise why would be pay real money to play a tourny, you see my point why tournys should not cost real money now and open to everyone?

Again 30k gems entry fee is very pricey, i can earn that in a day myself usually but the point is unless the rewards are something that paying players dont allready have then theres no incentive to join tournys and newer players would never be able to get 30k gems.

+1 to making it only for members though yes

Im just giving answers to your suggestions from someone who knows this game inside out :)

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I have a solution. fix Murky swamp. its already there…but noone plays it. its certainly challenging to even the top decks, but its just not worth it. the marginal gem/XP increase over NS makes it not worth the time. And even if i wanted to spend the time, i cant collect the kills because there’s no way i can get that many unless i play 24 hours straight and noone in any alliance wants to ever help with anyone elses swarm now since rewards are so great for just doing your own.

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What if it were reduced to 1500 kills instead of 2500?