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May I ask for a idea for deck beating Northern Storm?
What is the deck you are using for Northern Storm now?

Here are my epics: lv1 Feline Rider, lv2 White Rabbit, lv2 Musculard, lv1 Blue Dragon, Obsidian Spear

Rare monsters:
War: lv3 Bait Keeper, lv3 Adm. Eagle, lv1 Kamicron
Fortune: lv1 Griffin
Balance: lv1, Mookey, lv1 Vapor, lv1 Snail Mail, lv1 Murble
Nature: lv1 Kub, lv1 Crocobear, lv1 Sharknight
Chaos: lv1 Flame

Rare gears: War Hammer, Crossbow, Herald’s Bow, Shiny Bug, Twilight, Staff of Power

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In NS you prefer a non attacking tank due to all the thorns you will be facing
(firesnail) having a second 1 for spare in case bad draw lost the first 1 etc etc

Then you need 60 magic to 1 shot enemies as they comes

then you need healing 40

and you need courage to save your monster from feared

you can unlock acolyte and slap a staff of power on it for 50 magic then put a spirited flute on lapia for 10 more magic and 30 heal and courage.

you can have adm eagle with horn of ages for courage and heal.

50 magic is workable but less effective. 30 heal is survivable but leave a bit things to fate. except the uncommon spirited flute, all monster and equip suggested above are unlock-able. Rare mystical amulet is superior to horn of ages due to all the magic you will be facing but need luck in booster.

always have 2 copies of the monster needed to avoid bad draw

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there is a single monster in wave 3 that have reflect in NS, use other monster / item to kill it before risking your 60 magic.

You have flame, that is good for high melee wave 7 provided you have mystical amulet on other creature to keep you safe from magic

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Thank you very much.
Your advice is really useful ;)
I’m going to train my snail and acolyte now

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Sorry spirited flute can be rewarded from road to paladia area 6, so all cards to do a high win ratio NS deck can be unlocked / rewarded

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Nevermind, I now have all the cards for NS deck.
I just don’t have 2 copies ;)

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Another alternative is to have high shield(40+ would work on anything with over 70 hp), two sources of 20+ healing, at least 40 combined range+magic damage, courage source, and at least one of your wings having 20 wall. If you go the low magic route its a lot faster to setup than having to wait to kill the one with reflect. The main downside is that to do this setup you’d have to have tower shield.

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Mid: L5 Snail + staff of power
Left: L5 Lapia + staff of power
Right: L3 Eagle + twilight

this lineup will probably help you get 100% to easy rush NS

After the last updating, they adjusted 35%HP for all monsters

we dont really need the 60 upper magic at all

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You also don´t need so much high lvl rares if you are a bit lucky at packs. I do NS with:
Mid: L3 (L2 should work as well) Turtle with Excalibur
Left: L1 Green Dragon with SoP
Right: L5 Lapia with Heal Staff

So 2 uncommon, 2 Rares and yes 2 Epics

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Thanks for the opinions ;)
Now my set up is:
Mid: L3 Red Dragon + Horn of Ages
Left: L5 Lepia + SoP
Right: L5 Eagle + War Hammer/Obsidian Spear
I think its win rate is about 96%~98%

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Left : eagle + staf of power
Mid : snail+hor of ages
Right : smoke+arch with+20damage

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Mid: L3 Red Dragon + cleave equip (Gladius/Battle Axe/Mithril Blade)
Left: L5 Lepia + twilight / L5 watercat + SOP
Right: L5 Eagle + War Hammer/Obsidian Spear

(if you have a Mighty Mace with Eagle .
and your RD dont need cleave equip anymore for swarms)

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I can surrender trick nearly every time with this setup. I don’t have exact numbers, but I can edit once I do.
L: lvl 4 watercat+staff of power
M: lvl 2 snail+heal flute
R: lvl 2 eagle+long spear.

I plan on leveling them to 5, and see how that does.

UPDATE: Even after just leveling snail to 3, I haven’t lost a single time. I’m still gonna keep leveling it and the other cards, and hopefully it can MS. For the rest of the deck, just get cards that can take you through wave one. A lvl 5 headless should take you through all of it.

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Bump, topic relevant to some players as of 15,8,2015.

Im experimenting with a
Cyclops with Courage pendant mid, lapia with entangle left, and snowy white right.
Will update results soon

Mid: turtle2 with reach melee10
Left: Lapia with Entangle
Right: Snowy White with PoS

Idea deck will be
Mid: turtle5 with cautious, Melee30
Left: Eagle with Twilight
Right: Lapia with Entangle