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Just had a meeting of the minds in chat and thought I would post them here. Lama was asking for what can be done for Assaults. Increase in gems that I saw today is a great start.

First what are the major problems so that we can figure out how to fix them?
1. everyone farm’s lower alliances
2. no incentive for lower alliances to attack higher ones except for a new slot
3. Big gap between 1-10 and 11-20.
4. Every assault is critical. New members are hard to get/keep since they are jumping into a new level of combat.

Possible fixes and proper credit….

Bmuell01 – The assaults should be handicapped. That would balance the ranks. My suggestion is the lower ranked alliance gets plus x assaults which is the difference in alliance ranking. Therefore if an alliance #15 is attacking alliance #5, each member would get 10 more assaults.

FamousXeon – Only count the top, say 70-80% of the assaults. this would allow alliance room for new players or people whose deck is not up to par with other alliance members. In the case of a tie, it would go do the next member’s completed assaults for the breaker.

Saw81 – Give out points based on completed assaults. So 1 point for wins 1-10, 2 points for 11-15, and 3 points for 16-20. (And maybe the 20th win is worth 4 points -bmuell01) Again would allow better members to support lower members.

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If a lower team gets more matches vs. a higher team, and those extra matches are the difference for the lower team winning, would the lower team then be higher rank then the team it just beat? If so this would lead to strange rankings. Just a thought.

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Strange? Or just dynamic? If a top tier alliance got beat by a lower one they would switch places. This would lead to a rematch which, I have never ever ever been involved in! One side loses so badly, its not like a rematch will make up for it. The rematch would then sway the extra matches in favor of the new lower alliance i guess. I guess it would be a yo yo.

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you forgot;

Wildwest – The lower ranked alliance gets xtra crystals at the start of their duels. The lower ranked you are, the more crystals you get. imho, giving a lower ranked alliance with lower level decks 10 more assaults to lose will just frustrate them more. xtra crystals at the start of their turns is an exciting chance to perhaps beat a higher lvl deck.

I also give a +1 to Saw81’s idea. a great way to make lower level decks MATTER when it comes to AAs. And things would be ALOT closer and more interesting.

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Also there’s the thing that you gain much more Rep helping an ally swarm, making doing AA for rep a poor choice.

Maybe let lower rank gain bonus rep when successfully win a higher rank.

Also higher alliance gain bonus rep when successfully hold a higher rank for X number of days.

Maybe not only rep, but bonus gem / coin can use the same formula?

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Why do not put it completely simple and maximum fair just grouping alliances in leagues.

Don’t judge the idea yet. Let me explain first.

Ranking Ladder will stay the same.
I don’t know how many active teams are currently but let’s suppose that about 100 (just as example).

1. Let’s group it in “10 teams” leagues (just adding one label on the screen in which league is specific alliance – no functional changes for now).
So we have best 10 league , 2nd league (teams from 11 to 20), 3rd league (21-30) …. and one after last for example 7th league (61-70)…
…and the last league with all rest (71 – infinity) like “Begginer League”.

2. And now functional changes :
Every 9 days there will start a new sezon.
During this sezon every alliance fights once with every other alliance in their league (so 9x 24hour fights).
After every fight the winner gains +1 +2 or +3 points depends on the results and the loser 0 -1 -2 depends on the results.
There isn’t attacker and defender, just a league fight.

3.After this 9 days :
2 best teams gets promotion to higher league and some reword in gems for players.
and logically 2 worst teams go one league down.

And there starting a new sezon. Simple.

Advantages :
1. You are fighting with alliances similar to yours.
2. Every fight is important (no just farming lower teams).
3. You have a new start and new chance every 9 days.
4. There is more motivation when you are fighting for some promotion or reword.

About the last “Begginer league” – there can be 9 opponnets picked randomly from all the rest, it should be similar level of alliances so even if it’s a little random it still should be fair.

What do you think about it ?

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Nice idea. I would also add that just like how you can make your alliance private, you should have the option of being a competitive alliance or just swarm alliance. Some people only want to do swarms and hate AAs.

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I love the soccer league idea. Round robin for each league will be entertaining, and stop the lower alliance farming.

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Weshu nailed it!

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Already tried that