Bug in ninja league?

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I have a question:
why can’t i enter a fight there, even if i find an opponent?
(and do you have the same problem)

(it shows “found player” then it turns back to “looking for players” but shows no error at all)
(in soldier league everything is right however)

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Is this happening all the time, and at difference times of the day?

If you run into a string of this happening (one time after another), chances are the reason is people are trying to boost themselves, and do not want face a real battle, so they cancel out of the match as the last second. Ninja league is pretty bad for boosting, because Mighty Mace is top unlockable. Soldier league doesn’t have any good unlockables, so very little boosting happens there.

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yes, everytime, but i don’t understand, how do they boost if they don’t fight?