Christmas wishes

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Ho ho ho! It’s almost christmas time, and Santa Lama is here to gather your wishes (suggestions).

So far, I have on my list:

-Christmas “decoration” ingame
-A special christmas-themed area (maybe even with new cards (reindeers, elves etc.))

I’m sure you can come up with lots of stuff, so what would you like to see in CM in the merriest of times?

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100 free tokens for everyone sounds about right for a Christmas gift.

A new special christmas-related ability would be nice as well. I already had a few ideas, but they all suck. Maybe someone can come up with something nice.

Oh, maybe on the Christmas day you guys could double the chances of getting epics in boosters. Just for that day of course. So all regular boosters would be at 20%, while elite booster would be at 40% (I can already see lots of people spending tokens on redraws that day)

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For people that completed northern swarm (because more fitting for Christmas themed) swarm wave 7, they continue to proceed with another 7 wave of Christmas related wave using the same card setup?

Lvl 4, 5 crocbear / frosty / coldfoot will appear in wave 8 to 14

This will appease people feeling swarm too grindy, as they have double the swarm and have double the time to do something else while auto-ing swarms.

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gnostic: If there will be a christmas area/swarm, everybody should be able to participate

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May I suggest a concept from Tyrant which I felt was excellently done and balanced?

New area, low difficulty so many can participate. Prize for full completion of area. High coins/light reward during event itself, possibly by halving light cost. Prize remains available for much longer than event itself, but at light cost is now similar to what’s seen in existing quests.

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Im thinking themed areas would be red and green decks! haha.

Maybe 12 days of christmas where for each 24 hours there is a different boost. Discount to the shop in coins, tokens, discount in booster packs. Maybe buy one ____ get one free, Free advance pack with purchase of master, light regenerates twice as fast, earn double coins in story, …double xp. increased chance of epics is nice. Extra rolls in roulette. Roulette doubled.

Looks like it is pretty easy to think of something different for each day. The other cool thing would just be a coin deposit. Maybe 5k coins for each player which is no different than a hit on roulette. It has been quite a great year for card monster! There is a lot to be merry about!

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Lama, I think Lama Claus sounds better :P.

I like bmuell’s idea, specially since we didn’t even get a black friday event :) But I’d be happy with ingame decoration too.

I think we should have one event card that is available through a themed, accessible quest. Every player that does the quest gets that card. That card should be powerful enough that people would want to use it, but only during christmas. After new year or some other date, it would lose some abilities, increased cost or something like that, so it wouldn’t be included in every single deck and it wouldn’t be unfair to new players, that join after christmas.

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New, temporary area will be the best. Some teporary christmas monsters with funny, strange abilities and great rewords (to feel the christmass). Really hope that Edgebee is going to positively suprise us! And will find the way to make all players happy ;) Like a Santa ;)

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Wow… I wrote that the new temporary area will be the best for christmas, with temporary monsters with funny and strange abilities… and I hope edgebee will positively suprise us and make all players happy …

and my post was automatically removed …. wtf ?

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Ok, last try … Have I guessed what will be for christmas or what ? I wrote 2 very friendly and nice posts… twice removed :(
What have I done wrong ? ;)

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The reward for the Christmas themed area could be a Christmas gift. When the player opens it they get a random reward like daily roulette or a random card they don’t already have in their collection.