Proposed alliance switcheroo

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Grim Reapers:

Raisin Ray

Proposed changes. Exclusivestache and WW will leave together, Seether takes over Grim. Shadowhacker OR RaisinRay have to pick and alliance and go due to deck strength. ES and I will go anywhere.

that leaves 4 spots in grim for mid decks.

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  • you do NOT have to be an alliance leader to post here. Say for instance, you and a friend in Nightmares think goin to Grim is a cool
    idea. post here and we will make something happen. Beware, the Grim you see today, is NOT the Grim of tomorrow. the object is
    to make all alliances ~equal. you might leave #8 for #2 and number 8 might be #1 next week. and hopefully all ~top 10 alliances will see the number 1 spot at some point in the next few weeks/month. That is really the ultimate goal here.

Your “mid-level” decks will now decide the fates of alliance wins/losses. so hopefully anyone “moving up” plans on sticking around, grinding out some XP and continuing to contribute

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i agree with the alliance resorting / rebalancing issues we cm players have had.this wi|| also help turn over a new leaf and be a nicer kinder seether, >:/

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^^ I have a very hard time believing that was actually Seether. Something amiss. Something foul afoot perhaps?? or was he just really really stoned?

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forcing up a change now to make things intersting…i do wish the AA will be more intersting just like you said wildwest and i think your idea is good
but the way you want to make people blend in one alliance or the other isn’t.
a better thing to do in my opnion is to make a list of all of the top 10 alliance player and deem each ones streangh then suggest/make alliances with equal streangh.

i doubt though this will happen, people don’t like such drastic changes and i doubt that this idea of yours will last… sadly but this is the truth

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agreed. but its a start. and poor idea, poor implementation aside…at least we tried something. that’s more than anyone else has done here other than whine and bitch about AAs for the last 5 months.

I applaud Maki’s determination and will work hard to emulate his balance moving forward.

Look fwd to seeing you all in AAs…win or lose.