I need more coins! Here's my suggestion

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OK another one of my ideas. I know this is heard a lot and often in the beginning. As I have now been playing for about 5 months, I realize that some of those times were not justified and just me being impatient. But alas, I am here again asking for more coins! But I have a solution that makes sense.

CM in general has a very nice progression and I think there are only a few rough spots for players where you have to grind your face off. The beginning was a little slow but that picked up once you got a decent rare. I don’t know if it is still rough with the new rewards packs added etc. Lets assume that is ok how it is.

The second and rougher spot for me (which I spent several months in) was not being able to run Norther Storm swarms efficiently. Swarms are the biggest source of coins in the game. Even after months of grinding the cards I had, I was only able to do NS after the hp update. Once I could do that money came a little easier. I don’t know if players after me will have it easier now.

So despite being able to do NS, because my deck is pretty evolved (not a bad thing mind you), I am in yet another rough spot where I will likely see no progression for several weeks. Yes this is in part due to needing Epic lv4 evos as well as having several cards ready to evolve at once. These rough spots are horrible for players since there is so much to spend coins on (packs, lower evos, etc) it is not only difficult to save, but you have to do the same thing over and over for weeks. When it does not feel like you are making progress the game is not as fun and many newer members give up.

So an easy solution is to boost coins earned in matches or cut costs in the store. This has already been done before and like I said, the game does have a nice progression. Plus a global cut would make it easier for all players from the beginning and that is not my intention and would hurt the game. What I propose is this:

For every 10 consecutive logins, the coins earned per match are increased 5%. 20 logins, 10% etc. This starts out as a nice minor boost but will eventually get to 50% coin increase with 100 logins. I know a few players have asked about some kind of reward for such dedication. I think this would be suitable. I do not think that reward coins should also be boosted, just the ones won in matches (swarms, story, duels, assaults). Here are the positive points…

1. Edgebee should reward dedication and encourage daily participation. The roulette does so but only up to 30 days. CM and Edge would only benefit from having more players with 100 consecutive log ins!!! A health community adds life to the game.

2. If you are dedicated enough to play the game long enough to get to 100 logins, you likely now have too many things to spend coins on. I have commons and uncommons i would like to evolve, more packs to buy, as well as my epic and rare evos. I have so many cards maxed on xp waiting for an evo. Many unlocks are currently price prohibitive to just try out.

3. yes this would make decks reach level 5 faster, but this is not a bad thing. There is a lot of grumbles about top alliance balancing. A handful of people already have lv5 epics. Having more decks maxed would make this balanced. This increased revenue would allow dedicated players the chance to catch up a little faster and allow for future top players to get to the top.

4. Some say maxing decks fast would ruin the game. I disagree. I would love more coins to experiment more with other cards and work on the many other facets of the game. I could start a soldier or ninja deck or work on a defense deck etc. maxing cards will not make players bored or leave. There are always ways to make your deck better. With the great work already done by Edgebee with the steady flow of new expansions, there will always be new cards to level.

5. This boost is not asking anything ridiculous. Lets use NS as an example since it is most player’s source of income. Completed a whole NS yourself, which takes probably around 2-3 hours time even to auto, will net you 15050 coins. For a player with 100 logins this would boost to 22575, an increase of 7500. That allows me to buy an uncommon evo basically. So to earn 225,000 coins for an epic evo, instead of taking 15 days of spending 3 hrs of just grinding, it would take 10 days. This is still a major undertaking requiring at least 30 hours of game play! I have beaten console and PC games in less than 30 hours.

So I think that this method promotes more dedicated players, allow the coin intake curve to match the player’s progression more closely, and will improve player morale. As always, comments and critiques are welcome.

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I think thats a very good system you’ve thought of bmuell :P It allows for more experimentation, while giving people a reward for being very long term players. 50% would be a good cap. Although losing the 100+ consecutive logins would be very rough, so perhaps something like losing 10-20 logins for missing one day instead of them all? Sometimes you just can’t come on, and I don’t think its fair to lose months of logins over perhaps an internet connection, or just something plain and busy.

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tl; did read.

Excellent points posited, I’m just wondering whether the solution suggested might be a bit complicated on implementation- or player- side.

Would just prefer to have an increase in the number of max waves and hence reward each swarm, and a significant decrease in the coin cost of l4-5 epic evos.

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Yeah looking back it is long. Sorry about that. I feel i need to reply to the critic points before they bring it up.

Juzzie you bring up a good point. Maybe after you beat all swarm rewards, you should get some kind of multiplier boost like 1% for every 1k kills. So that the more you beat it the greater the reward.

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There are mentioned two great ideas which I totally support.

1. Some better reward for consecutive logins (not only for 50 and then forever the same).
2. And some better swarm rewards as multiplayer boost – it will makes player help each other in swarms more often.

Thanks bumuell01 for enter this topic, great feedback to edge.

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I really like this idea bmuell, that’s a very good system you came up with. That’s not dificult at all to implementr, since edgebee already keeps track of how many consecutive logins you have, that’s just a matter of doing some simple maths.

The swarm boost idea is not bad, but the coins income boost due to consecutive logins is a far better idea and I think it should be implemented.

I think instead of working hard to make a roulette revamp, they should leave it like it is, and add this little nice feature bmuell has suggested.

To sum it up: bmuell01’s idea = easy solution that actually works.

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Hi, I got a same error in duel.

AttributeError: ‘NoneType’ object has no attribute ‘melee’

I don’t want to surrender since I don’t lose any game so far today.
Is there any way to recover from that?

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Daily login should not be the reward. Right now, the daily roulette is all that’s needed for that aspect. A small encouragement. 100 consecutive logins is a different mini game altogether. If you say 100 logins will help you in pvp O.o I think that’s the wrong direction.

I suggest moving away from the bottemless token purchases and bring in a small monthly fee to be a member, which could boost your roulette chances as well as give you monthly rewards for paying each month.

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And you will lost all no-paying players… great… go for it and you will see how fast the game community can be ruin! Idea with monthly fee just doesn’t make sense.

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Dave Yo. Im not saying 100 is the goal. at 20 logins you would get 10% more, at 30 logins you would get 15% more etc. It is just a “the more you play” incentive. Dedication is the key to success. A monthly fee ostracizes many players and would likely even turn off players that do buy tokens.