Why is yellow/fortune so bad?

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I thought I was lucky getting some really good cards in the beginning in yellow like Turtle, GD, Protector and Excalibur. As i got more packs i nearly only got yellow allys like chimp and yellow equip. Now that I have to face top10 decks I had to recognize that no one plays yellow because it is too bad. No decent tank and without it a good backrow is useless.
Green and Blue are seen rarely cause you need luck (Glow) or have to play for a long time (archmage) to get a deck that can compete with red and purple.
This is really annoying if there is no posibility to get a competitive deck with yellow….

What do you think? Is there a chance to get a good deck with yellow or shall I throw all those cards away and have many boosters to get a deck in red or purple?

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I’ll say, green and blue are as powerful as red and purple, and aren’t all that hard to make either. AM isn’t much of a hard unlock, and cards like RD, BD for red and purple both also require luck.

To the point. Currently, yellow is indeed rather weak. However, with all of the right cards, it is still manageable, with Pincers, Boocan, battle tiaras and GDs, it wud still be a competitive deck.

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Your problem might be making a complete yellow deck. I would advise against making any deck only 1 color since two colors can reap the benefit of each colors perks. Chimp is amazing and many top decks have a GD and collector in their deck. So yellow is around. turtle and pincers are very similar. turtle lv5 is quite nice with some good equips. use dragoon spear on him. And griffin is mandatory. I have seen a few all yellow decks in top levels and they seem to work. you might need some key cards like scorpion to make it really take off.

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GD and Collector for me doesn´t count cause they are sacs. Chimp is so the only ally you can see often. Perhaps my second problem is too that I only have decent cards in one other colour: green. There I have Crocobear, Clam and Kuk. Without equip there is no Tank I could use and if I go with Clam the range equip doesn´t fit on it.

And I think that if I go with red/purple as second colour I can change the whole deck to this colours cause it gets tougher without yellow.

To Pincers: It is little better than Turtle but it can´t compete nearly with BD, MC or RD. Boocan is harder to get than Archmage and I don´t think it is easy to get a score of 5k in live. Cause for this I have to face these top decks I can´t compete with.

Turtle with dragon spear is perhaps a good choice and it could have a chance vs. the RD with BB decks. Thx for the hint…now I only have to come to this area cause now I´m still stuck on Stony Shore.

And the main problem that one colour is significally weaker than the others is still there :(

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Lvl 5 Pincers is pretty beastly, same with Lvl 5 Griffin. 50 + Counter is a pretty significant threat, and that is not factoring in their flying or shield. Yeah, neither compares to RD or MC but that is true for almost every other card in the game.

I do dislike how yellow gets cheap counter but it is almost wasted since their best 2 melee monsters already have counter.
Also kind of disappointing how Chimp is basically the only ranged option for yellow since Graverobber isn’t strong enough.

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I think you could make a top yellow deck with 2 Fat Pincers, 2 Boocans, Chimp, 2 Green Dragons. I have thought about doing it myself, but don’t have the patience to level up 5 new epics. With all the cheap yellow equips out there you could make some strong combos. Heck, with such a fast deck green dragon may even be playable. Yellow was initially really bad, but has gotten better recently, but no one wants to start a deck from scratch when they already have Red Dragons or other color cards leveled.

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The problem with yellow is that it’s 2 main abilities, chance and counter, are too unreliable for anyone to want to play.

Chance is annoying to play against, but even more annoying to try and win consistently with.

Counter should be 75% instead of 50%. You do have to get hit for it to happen and if you don’t counter the first time, chances are you’ll be dead on the next hit. Also counter against thorns can make your creature kill itself in one turn no matter how much shield or flying you have…. counter should not activate with thorn damage.

Snail5/Lion Heart, a couple clams… No epic creatures necessary to beat the best yellow deck you can think of.

I wouldn’t get rid of any of those cards… GD is still a swarm god and you never know what event will make them very useful ( or what they might change… they do listen), but I would definitely keep hunting for better cards as opposed to leveling the ones you have.

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I disagree about Chance/Counter being unreliable as to why Yellow isn’t as strong. Both abilities are good.

Chance- Very good ability, just that Crocodime/Big Rat are not strong enough. Imagine an Epic with 70 or 80 chance, that would be 1 scary card, being able to ignore Flying, Shields, Thorns is awesome and worth variable damage, we just need it in higher amounts on cards better than Big Rat.

Counter- Average or above average ability. However, yellow equips that give cheap counter are worthless because their monsters either have no use for it or cannot use it. Fat Pincers/Griffin-Already Have Counter, GD, Boocan and Chimpbow-Worthless to Have

Yellow monsters themselves are very good. However, with no Clearly OP melee monster like RD and MC there is little reason to play yellow over those.

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With your last post I agree Jason. And your last sentence is the point. Generally the monsters are good but you don´t have a reliable tank so the backrow is useless.

I´d say thx for all the help but now my decision is clear that I will look for another colour to go for…perhaps green. And who knows if yellow gets a big boost with the next expansion I can switch back and everythings is fine.

Sadly till that yellow will be out of my deck….

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BTW all this yellow discussion has convinced me to try to make a top yellow deck. We will see how if goes, but I bet it can be done.

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I am really interested in playing against it if ready, but please have in mind that you are a player having a top deck already. I mentioned the topic for a player without one and there it is much harder.

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It’s a few months away…I only have one of the yellow epics I want in my deck leveled (GD #1). I do agree with you coach that yellow is very difficult as a starting color to play. But then again, I don’t think going monocolor early on is the way to go anyways. You have to be very lucky to get all the key monsters in the same color early on. For most people I bet going multicolor is the way to go initially, until you build up a good amount of cards.