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The 5 improvements I’ve suggested before and continue to want to see at this point in time.

1. Expansion packs UCs and Cs
a) At least 1 uncommon and 1 common per expansion pack guaranteed to be from the expansion itself.

2. Swarm grinding alleviation
a) Faster way to do swarms, possibly a sliding scale to select “repeat swarm __ times” so you can do say 5 swarm runs in the time it currently takes to do 1 and/or extending the waves and increasing the light cost.
(Edge benefits from advert hits when you load the page, or light crystals when you buy with tokens. Faster grinding would not be bad for them because a player sitting on the page just to grind swarms does not generate revenue.)

3. Deck editor interface
a) Tile format, the album-flipbook is impractical (hides cards behind each other), laggy, bulky. Collection’s layout is nice, Raine suggested something like Sell page which “never lags”
b) A ‘chest’ to store unwanted cards you don’t use often but might want to pull out someday, like for events. Minimising and streamlining makes it easier to switch key cards between decks.
c) Search by card name, filter for abilities.

4. Encouraging new players to stay. A bigger community would be nice.
a) Having access to good cards early on, the less the chance of getting crappy cards the better. Advanced pack drops are very helpful and an excellent move from Edgebee. Possible solutions such as tweaking achievements such as letting Triclops unlock at soldier, or Turtle unlock on some quest before VG8? Just examples.
b) Other players look at the cost of epic evos, think “I’ll never get there, let’s not try”, grab the badges and leave. I personally think that reducing the costs of epic 4/5 evos might make a difference to new players staying, although it’s just a guess and I can’t be absolutely sure.

5. More developer interaction with community.
a) What updates are being worked on now? Does edgebee hear our voice? Does it know that I have an opinion about ____? These are all questions that are on the players’ minds, but edgebee is strangely distant. Developer presence on chat makes a big difference, like how synapticon from Tyrant finally came down to chat after months of not doing so and perceptions of him are now way improved.
b) Currently everything goes through Lamatiel, and while he’s doing a fabulous job, I can’t feel that it’s right that everytime he comes on he’s bombarded with queries (including from me) and has to explain to people. I mean, he wants to update his wiki and play the game, too. At the very least more community managers would be nice.

The changes to AA and Live Play have been pretty good, and I’m very pleased that Edgebee can make sweeping changes that, while far from perfect, are nonetheless visible improvements.

Comments, suggestions, criticism, and support are all welcome.

Thank you community and thank you edgebee. Have a happy new year!

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I think this sums up most of the major problems with the game and suggests reasonable solutions. I hope these issues are addressed soon and some of these changes are implemented.

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I for one agree with these suggestions, especially point 2. I would like to see a change to the swarm system so that I can use my light faster. I am not the biggest fan of grinding on swarms for hours when I would rather be spending my time on Live Play or playing against other human opponents. Playing more human opponents is how I would like to spend most of my time playing this game.

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I completely agree with all of your issues posted.

My biggest annoyance right now is with the deck editor. I hate that you cannot put any single card in multiple decks. Every time I would like to do something different in the game, be it questing, swarms, duels, live play or AA I have to switch my deck over and over. This is a colossal waste of time.

I would also love updates by the developers to know what they are working on too. It would love Edgebee to have a poll to ask what would the community like to update. This could give them an idea of what to update in what order. This may stop updates such as new colors and designs on cards when I think the majority of people would rather have them working on other issues.

Thanks for the post Juzzie

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This is like the best topic I ever read. This is what we want. Juzzie You Are The Man! Great Job!

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Very good ideas Juzzie. Here are my two cents:
1) Yeah, it would be nice to expand the pool of common and uncommon cards. The last few expansions have only been rares and epics.
2) Agreed. I quicker way to get through light would be appreciated
3) Either A or B would really help. Either switch to a title system so we can look quicker, or I really like the chest idea. Once you get a lot of cards it is very annoying trying to change my deck, since I have so many different common and uncommon cards to sort through, which I rarely use
4) Yeah some lower card unlocks earlier is a good idea, so players don’t get too frustrated. I don’t think lowering the cost of epic 4/5 will really affect new players, and will cost Edge a lot of money. Maybe a better idea is to not list the price of legendary evos till you get an epic monster card.
5) Yeah a way to communicate with the developers would be great. I would love to know which ideas we have that are being implemented, on a to-do-list, or no chance of ever happening.
I would add one more improvement I would love: Diamond and Elite Duel Macth Selection. Please make all matches against random decks in your league.

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I agree with everything you have nicely put here, Juzzie. Fabulous work. I would just add one more idea:

Make the roulette streak higher than 30 days. It is in best of Edgebee’s interest to keep the regular and active players close, and those are players who’ve played for more than a month. Please appreciate that Edgebee and reward us faithful players with better roulette prizes.

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+1 to everything.
More commons/uncommons-definitely needed, would also make soldier/ninja have more variety, not the same thing over and over
Swarm grinding-no need to add anything
Deck editor-completely agreed, its a pain in the ass to scroll through those cards on a laggy cpu
New Players-i personally think there shud be a free master booster somewhere around crystal shore or forgotten ruins, so they can get a rare faster and further enjoy the game
Dev interaction-agreed, lama is still only 1 person, he is not a god.

About roulette-completely agreed, a complete revamp is needed.

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Those ideas are very good indeed, I agree with all of them.

I thought the deck editor lag only happened to me, but now I see it’s not my computer’s fault. They still need to do something to increase live play activity, but I think those issues are more important and need to be addressed first.

I get very annoyed at the fact that I’ve bough 5 Harrowing’s pack so far (I stopped buying it when I found what I wanted) but have only 8 Harrowing’s cards. That’s less than 2 Harrowing cards per pack. I think the next expansion should have a lot more cards to be honest. Something like 10 epics, 20 rares, 30 uncommon and 40 commons (100 cards). The con would obviously be the time needed to make such expansion, but I think it would be worth it.

I also agree with SabakuNoGaara, we need daily rewards greater than 30 days, or something like that. The thing is, I hate receiving a simple moon shard when I have a 70 days streak. I think the lesser rewards should be locked when you reach a high enough streak. Because seriously, receiving 50 gems or a moon shard means nothing to a player that’s been playing this game for over two months.

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Concerning Juzzie’s post:
Point 1 I agree with. Also doesn’t help matter that exp 1 monsters/equips are showing up in exp 3 boosters even when the tooltip says there shouldn’t be any exp 1 stuff in exp 3.

Point 2 and 3 I’m not particularly concerned about myself.

Point 4 I agree with for sure. At least actuaryal’s idea of the price being hidden till you actually own an epic monster is already implemented. I will agree however the cost of the epic 4/5 evo is quite discouraging once it sets in how slow grind is for players. Triclops being unlockable earlier wouldn’t be a bad idea at all.

Point 5 I’m a bit mixed about. The time the developers spend on the chat could be time spent on getting content/fixes out faster. Play testers on the other hand can inform the community about what’s being worked on without the developers having to waste time to do so. Lamatiel seems to have a pretty strong link with the devs though. An other active community manager, however, would actually be a very nice idea. Although Lamatiel seems to have access to the actively developing, to do list, and the unlikely to happen lists he doesn’t share their contents much.

I agree with kevinke6 about (un)commons as well. This game is becoming very rare/epic centric. While that’s nice for the more veteran players it isn’t encouraging to the newbies in the slightest. Newbies just take one look at all the work the majority (being rare/epic) of the cards require and go “nope this game’s just too slow”. The fact the (un)common selection is so tiny causes the live play events focused on those 2 rarities to be especially boring as well. We could use stuff like common rarity healers for example.

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Since a few of the popular suggestions have already been suggested, I am going to mention a few others:

1) Better level progression for monsters. Some monsters have a constant progression of improvement whereas. Others suck for for 1 or multiple upgrades then suddenly reach a level where they get good all of a sudden. Similar but slightly different to this point is also how long it takes a monster to become good. Some are useful at level 1 yet others of the same rarity suck until Lvl 4 or 5a which makes you not want to take the time and effort to level them since you have to use them for so long while they suck.

2) More equality between cards of the same rarity. For example, look at epics. Everyone wants MC, RD, MUSC, M80, etc while nobody want Calamity, Shuriken, Soul Eater, Glumbie, etc. It makes it boring to constantly see the same handful of cards while others of similar rarity gather dust.

3) Improve the bad abilities. Disease-Horrible design, very situational and not even the best anti heal ability any more. Crystal Drain-Slow ability and more of a win more type ability, maybe have it counter the crystal ability instead. Etc

4) Epic Melee Equips. It isn’t a coincidence that most melee epic equips suck. A boosted attack boost that does not provide cleave, reach, or a defensive ability/armor are not worth it. I mean who would even dream of equipping a Soul Eater or Planet Smasher over a Battle Bracers the vast majority of the time. Melee monsters without armor/defensive abilities have almost no chance (unless insane hp like Mush or Glow)

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(1) Not much to say about this one, it should have been this way from the start but it’s never too late for change

(2) This one’s new to me but I couldn’t agree more. There’s no reason ‘not’ to have a repeat swarms option, the player will still run out of light, it allows for people that have a short amount of time to spend their light quickly.

(3) Yes, this current deck editor causes unnecessary strain, it should be kept simple and have more cards per page able to be seen. The ability filter would help save time aswell as the search-box option. The ‘chest’ also fits into the point of saving time by skimming down the cards you won’t be using.

(4 & 5) Anything if it can help the game community grow

Hopefully Edgebee can take this into consideration while starting the new year and maybe with the addition of these changes, they would make the game even better

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I agree with all of them, specially point 4 and 5

about point 2. that will be awesome if they can make this possible since they made light cap higher than 100

good job juzzieJT!

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- Ok all, + 1000 to poitn 2, re do swars is op bored, more enegi=more gems and problem resoult

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1. Expansion packs UCs and Cs
Absolutely. Getting these commons and uncommons helps towards judgement and other achievements. It should not be harder to get these cards than an expansion epic.

2. Swarm grinding alleviation
terrific idea. Maybe as simple as just saying “x” number of 7 waves for “x” times the light. then let the performance of the first 7 waves multiply that times. Everything needs so many coins its obvious that the majority of players are just mindlessly killing swarms to get the coins needed for the fun thinking modes like duels, live, and assaults.

3. Deck editor interface
any improvement to this is helpful. I think this is a separate issue from wanting to use a card in multiple decks. The interface in collection and the sell cards are both quite effective.

4. Encouraging new players to stay. A bigger community would be nice.
Awesome idea, but so difficult to implement. How do you get new players to stay? why did they leave? We have no info on this in order to make a change. Its the vets that make the most suggestions in the game. Remembering back to when i started, just having good cards early really helped. The unlocks in duels is a joke. Those cards are more for new players. As a new player, i remember people saying "oh well turtle is unlockable in duels. just do that. haha. Maybe take duel unlocks and put them in story mode. With what i know now, i would have been swarming much sooner. Vet players need to be more patient with new players and either point them in the right direction or say nothing. I think we scare off new players ourselves.
b) Its funny you mention costs of epic evos being “i’ll never get there so why bother” for new players. I’ve been playing a long time and still feel that way. I still think that the cost of a lv4 epic evo is astronomical. almost 90% of epics get only a 10 hp or 10 melee boost at lv4. Lv5 gets stat boosts plus a cost reduction which is worth the 225k coin cost. The only lv4 upgrade that is worthwhile is RD. Anyway, perhaps reduce lv4 evo to the 67k one. Fixing the swarm speed will improve the money generating which will help this so maybe that will solve the problem. The foundation of the game is really feeling like you are earning enough coins and xp to do what you want to do. The more this is improved, the more people will get hooked and keep playing.

5. More developer interaction with community.
I’m please with how this is going. I like your suggestions but even with Lama as the middleman, I feel like we have a voice in the game. It doesn’t get listened to often though haha. We have a great base of pationate players who are willing to help evolve the game through forums and chat. Keep up the good work!

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1). I’ve always been asking for new common monsters. With events like “common only” all weekend and new abilities, why would you not introduce new creatures throughout all the rarities?
2). I would just like to see a true auto play button. One that will play your deck like the AI does in duels and AAs. More waves would be nice too. That plus #1^ might actually make the simple evo you get from 8000 gerbip kills worth something by the time you get there.
3). YES! PLEASE! The collection screen would be great for the deck editor… or at the very least add more search options like specific abilities.
4). Hiding the cost is a great idea. It is an extremely intimidating # for noobs.
5). I can’t see anyone doing a better job than Lama… if it’s not broke, don’t fix it.

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I think some people are misinterpreting the common/uncommon thing. He is referring to it being difficult/near impossible to get the new expansion commons and uncommons since they are mixed in with the general population of master cards. But yes to Msr6’s point. New creatures with each expansion would be very welcome!!!

The other thing about hiding the cost, that will only be a momentary relief. The wiki and other players will all know the answer and provide it upon request.

I still think that with the introduction of level 5s the evo crystals need revising. What about something like a fixed evo price per card class (common, uncommon, rare, epic) and then to level it to 2 you need 2 of those crystals, lv3, 3 of them, lv4 four of them.. etc. So a rare evo would cost 9650 coins. so to get a card to lv 2 would need 2 rare evo stones and cost 19300 coins, lv 3 28950, lv 4 38600 and lv 5 would be 48250. (I got this number by adding the cost to buy the current 4 evo stones, then dividing it by 14 which is 5+4+3+2.) This system works nicely with all class cards except for epic where you see how unbalanced the lv4 and 5 evos cost. This would also be more proportional to the fact that lv3 is better than 2, and lv 5 is better than lv4. which currently have the same evo costs.

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Great topic. Should be detailed analyze by developers.

Some thoughts :

1. Nothing to add. It’s logical, convenient and reasonable. Just do it!

2. Agree. Swarms are boring. I haven’t decided how the perfect solution should look like but adding more vaves is in my opinion the best one. Also some more new rewards for sum of kills could be added.

3. Deck editor also need some changes and there I have my own proposal. Could you add something like “layers” in “Filter by” criteria ? I mean to make possible for player to create his own set of cards. Example : player creates layer “useful cards” and add there some cards he often use in decks, then when there is need to change anything player just go to deck and click Filter by : layer : “useful”. Convinient ? You don’t have to adding the same criteria again and again and searching too long list of cards etc. , you just have your cards split in comfortable for you sets.

4. Community in such games is most important so also great that it’s mentioned here. As I wrote the suggestions (all really good) it’s focused on create new players better possibility to develop their deck with fun and resonable fast. One thing which can improve it – add some really useful evos (for rares and epic creatures) as a rewards in story mode, in achievements etc. There is no single one as I know now :/

5. Lama doing his jobe very well – don’t need to change anything ;)

6. Change daily rulette, make streak longer, change rewards etc. And one more thing in this topic (also directly connected with the 4 point) – reward players for being long with this game. I mean there should be a good gift for example for having account 1 month, the next one after 3 months, 6 months, year… no depend on number of logins. Why ? If player haven’t been login for long time – this reward probably doesn’t change it … but if it changes and this player start playing again regularly then it’s more important then we have one player back to game then the fact that player gains reward for which in fact doesn’t deserve.


And also idea from one old topic : Create legendary card type and add rule that there is limit one legendary per deck. To stop all best decks be with tear, judgement, m-80 etc… and to increase diversity in decks.

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agree all 5
and here is my suggestion
1. a combine system .
i get alot repeat rare cards. and sell it is too waste.
2. add the crystals every turn form 3 to 4 even 5.
here are alot useless cards just because they are cost crystal too much.
and the crystal ability is too important to every deck.
that make player always play same cards. it’s boring.
3. adjust some cards crystal cost to be reasonable.

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ok my turn

1 more common cards
2 a use for double cards(increase sell value, combine system etc)
3 deck editor level filter
4 area 100% bonus
5 differend decks same cards
you need a deck for swarm, deck for defence, campaign, live play, assoult etc
but i only got 1 set of 14 good cards, wich i atm use for ALL of them, i never change to another deck only 1 card or so
i would like to have most of those 14 cards AGAIN in another deck with some modifications to actualy use other decks

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One more topic … nobody have mentioned about one big edge fail → Golden tickets.

I’m not sure but I think nobody is using this nowadays. It should be changed or replaced by something different.

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Thank you all very much for the constructive responses, I do intend to update the original post someday but things always get in the way.

While this initially started as a thread to highlight things that I personally wanted fixed most, I think this is an excellent opportunity to gather some consensus on what bugs the community the most and, hopefully, help guide edge to where they can best spend their effort for the community’s playing satsifaction.

Regarding certain things like game balance (especially nerfing/boosting cards etc.), and things which affect mainly veteran players (Judgement, Daily Duels) I initially refrained from commenting on because I feel it’s potentially too open to debate and I lack the expertise to really thoroughly know them. As these issues remain open to debate over solutions or even question the need for change, I shall be linking them to their individual threads where possible.

Also, for issues which Lama has said he will bring up to edge or edge is working on already, I see no need to repeat here. (Weshu, Gold Tickets is one such example)

Issues I initially missed that seem to be pretty popular: More Commons/UCs, Roulette, Better Rewards, Elite Duels.

(note: Epic 4-5 evos are already hidden until people pull their first epic creature, however seeing it only after unhiding might still be sufficiently discouraging. Not absolutely sure, but I have a hunch that a reduction would help keep newer players.)

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As a new player the prices of uncommon and rare evos are discouraging already. I guess originally when there were only 3 levels to get to it didn’t seem so bad- and adding the extra 2 later makes sense to keep older players engaged as they get new abilities etc for their old cards as well as the new expansions.

I enjoy using a lot of different cards so I’m enjoying playing with the cheaper options atm but I’ll likely quit when it becomes necessary to grind for ages just to level 1 card. If crystals were reduced in price by at least a half for uncommons and above i’d probably stick around for longer and spend some more real $ on extra max light but at this point i’d say it’s highly unlikely I will spend another cent.

Also I think live play should be the most fun part of an online ccg and atm the current one is crap plus having no tournaments is just lazy on devs part so they don’t really deserve any more of my money. Really enjoy the game mechanics but everything else around the product is just a massive let down

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I wholeheartedly agree with your issues and the solutions you are proposing Juzzie.
The other concerns about the amount of C/UC’s, Roulette and Duel matchmaking seem very valid as well.

Things that may be done to alleviate those could be:

(a) Make Basic/Adv. Boosters contain C/UC cards from every Expansion.
This would give a wider variety of cards to new players and allows advanced players a cheaper option to hunt for those.
The main concern about this is the lack of creature cards at those rarities in the Expansion sets, making draws unbalanced between creatures and equips/uses.

(b) As proposed, lock row 1/2 from daily Roulette after x logins, promoting daily login even more.
In addition milestone rewards like some coins every 10 days could maybe implemented.

I’d also like to add, I really liked bmuell’s idea about how to smooth out the progression on evo crystals and share his concerns about the power curve while leveling, just comparing cost/benefit factor between Snail 2→3 and 3→4 makes my brain hurt.

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Doing something to make swarms less tedious should be priority #1. The current situation is brutal for players of all experience levels. This basically is what stopped me from spending to increase my light cap. I simply couldn’t bear sit even longer waiting to exhaust my light on swarms.

The other big issue I see is getting new players to stay. I played for a few weeks months ago and just recently came back, so I consider my self pretty new to this game. I can definitely see why new players would not stick around. It comes down to 2 problems from what I can see.

First it requires a ridiculous amount of grinding to get and level good cards. Fixing swarms would certainly help make this less painful but it would take more than that to really fix it. Most of the problem is the cost in gold and the amount of experience needed to level rare and epic monsters.

A player’s experience is also way too dependent on their luck when it comes buying packs. Until you get one good tough creature you are at a huge disadvantage when it comes to swarms and quests which are the primary way for a new player to progress. A player could easily buy dozens of packs and only get equips, items and less durable creatures like ranged and magic. In the end you will need some of those types of cards, but starting off they just don’t make as big of a difference as a good durable creature. I probably would not have stuck with the game as long as I have if I hadn’t gotten a Sharknight early on.

My solution to this is to start each player with a durable rare card instead of a crappy common card. Give a choice between things like Sharknight, Swoord or Nin’jutsurtle. I can’t see the giving each player 1 rare card hurting Edgebee’s bottom line. Getting a taste of what good cards are like might convince more people to stay. It would make early quests really easy, but I don’t see that as a problem. It is common practice in many games to provide advantages to help new players catch up.

Second, PVP is total crap for new players. It would takes months of grinding, tons of cash, or way more luck on packs than I have had to get a respectable enough deck to be in a real alliance. New players basically have to form their own alliance and fight other 1 person alliances. 1 fight AAs are quite lame. Even getting several players together doesn’t solve this problem as it depends on the number of people in the opposing alliance.

Live play is even worse for new players. The restrictions put in place presumably to keep top players from being able just steamroll with their best cards only make it worse on new players. Really, rare only with no nature when I only have 4 rare creatures, 3 of which are nature? Even the common and uncommon only restrictions are problematic. How many new players can afford to take away from leveling up their best cards in order to focus on cards they will only use in specific live play situations?

I know I offered more complaints than solutions, but if nothing else I think enabling multiple swarm runs as suggested by OP, giving every player 1 beefy rare card, and maybe reducing the cost to level creatures would make a world of difference.