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Dear Edgebee,

Thank you so very much for listening to the community.

New commons, check.
Swarm multiplier, check.
Slight discounts for earlier evos, check.
DT unlockable, check.
‘DT + Judge + M80 compulsory in every deck’ resolved, check.

Thank you for making this game a much better experience for the players.

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I agree, great additions. Maybe now the devs will have time to fix the duel match selection for higher leagues :)

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+1 all

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Great job, very nice update :)
Act, while I do agree duel selection should be changed, I wouldn’t get my hopes up, since it is currently complained about only by a few people…

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Agreed, good update indeed. I’d like to add that there has been slightly more interaction of the community, as the devs have posted a couple replies to the top comments, replies which I am inclined to agree with regarding the high costs.

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Great job Edgebee !!

All changes look really thoughtful, all was really needed and makes exp4 the most significant exapansion since this game started. Thanks !

and btw. FINALLY UNLOCKED AND BOUGHT TEAR!!! Thank you Lama ;)
(the problem is that now I don’t know what to complain about ;) ).

and Elite Booster as a area reward… it’s nice :] like surprises like that ;)

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Btw. What for is Live Rank now ? Looks like useless (after you unlock all cards).

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Wow these suggestions look great. Maybe I’ll finally get better cards. Lol

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Once again, thanks to Edgebee for the great changes of the past update and the direction they’re moving in.

Outstanding issues and new ones that have been raised by multiple parties OR still bug me, appreciate if you, the community, would help by discussing, criticising and adding your own:

1. Deck Editor Interface
See OP

2. Elite Live Duels
Several elite players have complained of the difficulty of being at the top, where having a stronger deck and rating is actually less advantageous than say, having just entered Elite. Better matchmaking systems have been proposed, the one I see the most is to randomly choose from all targets in Elite league instead of a restricted range above/below.

3. AA cooldowns
I’m surprised nobody has brought this up yet. My alliance is hovering around ~50, in the past this used to mean ability to hit anyone at anytime we wanted. Recently there’s been a flood of new alliances coming up which is great BUT suddenly every AA window, there’s only 1 or 2 targets and it is very upsetting when they’re 1-5 man alliances because it means a lot less coin from AA that day. I can only guess at what top10 alliances do, possibly they go periods missing wars because there is absolutely NOBODY to hit.
a) Reduce protection cooldowns. 12 or even 6 hours instead of the current (36?). They’re a bit too long now and since you no longer lose rating for losing wars, I think the ability to choose more targets and be in constant GOOD wars with 10-a-side outweighs the need to prevent repeat farming. Plus if you’re active enough you should be attacking people while still during your cd. and/or
b) Some system to extend your hitting range downwards when you have absolutely zero attack options until you’re allowed a hit.
c) Total revision of the AA system where leagues are involved and fights are automatic, not chosen.

4. Expansion packs UCs and Cs distribution
a) At least 1 uncommon and 1 common per expansion pack guaranteed to be from the expansion itself.

5. More proportional rewards for effort spent
Like Simple Evo for 8000 Gerbips, or unlocking Triclops only in 2200, or many of the other mysteriously underpowered Quest drops or unlocks. Better to just give a coin reward than a frustrating one, really.

~. Encouraging new players to stay. A bigger community would be nice.
I can see devs have worked on this, and hopefully future changes will continue to bear these in mind. Early access to goodies and visibility of continued progress seem to be key tenets.

~. More developer interaction with community.
Apparently from other members of the community this seems to be happening although imo it’s remarkably low compared to some of the other Kong microtransaction CCGs I play. Continued movement in this direction is of course a plus.
Also, new community manager. Even the best person in the world would not possibly be able to catch all the incoming feedback, provide a balanced view and tank all the work without getting grouchy or descending onto provision of abrupt answers as fatigue sets in.
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3. Protection cooldown is 12h ! (24h your are during the fight).

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Originally posted by weshu:

3. Protection cooldown is 12h ! (24h your are during the fight).

Right, thanks weshu. If the overcrowding is still so bad with only 12h cooldowns then perhaps 6h is in order. Or whatever brilliant solutions people can come up with cause I’m a bit stuck for ideas here.

Plus can anyone enlighten me as to what causes the difference between the “Protected 1 day ++” displaying in yellow text and “Under attack by __” displaying in red text on the AA selection screen, then? I was under this impression that red text meant an ongoing assault and yellow text for protection only displayed after the war per se was over.

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Nice one Juzzie! These ideas are great :D

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As far as I am aware, you gain 12 h protection after an AA ends in which you were attacked; however, the attacked alliance gets additional protection time against the alliance that just attacked them (don’t know how much extra), hence giving the possibility of being protected for over 24 hours.

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Hmm. yes something should be done to mix up which alliances are available when. Currently we are in a loop where we have the same alliances free to attack. Some things i have been thinking of.

1. Would be cool to have a challenge feature. If the attacking alliance is open and the other is not, the attacker can challenge the defender. Defender can then accept of deny it. Acceptance would line those two up for assault when the defender is free and the attacker would be locked so as not to be attacked. If the defender denies their challenge, then nothing happens. I suggest that you can deny the challenge a maximum of 3 times and then the battle has to happen. This would help alliances looking to move up but can’t seem to align their assault times. It would also allow easier battle arrangements between top alliances or alliances that know each other.

2. maybe the protection period should be based on how good or bad the assault went. You win by “x” number of check marks out of 10. the protection should be longer for alliance that got trounced and lost by more than 6 for example. Those battles that were close should have less protection time. remember protection time is not bad, the protected alliance can still attack who is open.

3. Having “round” numbers like 24 and 12 hours may set up the pattern of availability and perhaps random or odd number cooldown times should be given. This would break up the patterns of who is available when.

4. Allow protected alliances to attack other protected alliances! Like the losers can duke it out. That would really help free up available alliance battles.