Need help with deck improvment

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My current deck is:
Dungeon master[Purple] – <+> <stuff> <repair>
Green dragon[Yellow] – <stuff>
Blu’Jitsu Turtle[Yellow] <samurai> <shifty>
Crocodime[Yellow] <shifty>
Healing lafia[Green] <horn>
Serial killer[Green] <horn> <dragoon>
Aeon / War wraith (The ones I want to exchange)
Attack item – <poision>

As you can see I don’t have any ranged cards since all my ranged cards are uncommon or common and I want to build a Stronger deck in advance.

What cards would you suggest me to change or remove, I’m basicly doing preety good but against a very strong melee team (Shark+Berseker) It’s not solid enough.

Thanks in advance :)

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Somehow the tags under <> got shortened and changed so..

stuff = Staff of power
repair = Repair Plate
samurai = Samurai armor
shifty = Shifty pistol
horn = Horn of ages
dragoon = Dragoon spear
Poision = Poision dagger

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What’s better – Improve Graverobber or Improve Crocobear and equip him with Backstab card i’ve just received?

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Backstab only works if the creature has melee attack, so it won’t work on Graverobber, and Crocobear you probably want up front.

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From the cards you listed the best ones are crocobear, pretty thief, turtle, green dragon. You mention a TON of healing (lapia, horn, and repair plate). That is overkill. horn is as just about as good as a lapia, and pretty thief already has regen. Replace lapia with a range card perhaps. Repair plate is nice on crocobear. Aeon is nice for a crystal card as is green dragon, assuming he is level 2 already. Otherwise he is hard to play. Don’t be afraid of using uncommons. A level 5 tux is an awesome card. Or evil rug is good too. Or better yet get your hands on a chimp, bellican, or clam. War wraith has little place in your deck since he is red. Shifty pistol is very expensive card to play. if you are really looking for chance the best is battle tiara. for counter, there are courier gloves. a nice flyer like griffin would help. Crocobear and pretty thief would benefit from lots of armor.

good luck!

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Bmuell, Aeon does not have the Crystal Ability. It has Magic + Silence

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i was thinking of the infinite aeon. damn edgebee for naming two cards so similar!

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Hello there!
many thanks for your replies guys.

My current deck is :
O’Justurtle(Turtle 3) , Crocodime, Insane Beggar(Graverobber 2), Rebel(theaf 3), Barren Lapia (lapia 3) , Green Dragon, Dungeon Master.

I got your point on letting go lapia and getting crocobear in, The problem is that I will have many melee and less support , I got 1 Archer, 2 Mages which mostly 1 of them is useable and the problem with the healer is that he uses 4 crystals till I get him to 5th upgrade, So it’s mostly useless now ALTOUGH in some battles I rly need him! , Espcially battle with melee that do 70 dmg+ .

So will you still recommend kicking off lapia and pushing crocobear or find a new better last card?

BTW if I fight vs 70+ melee + 70 side reach attach what is the best tactics?

Many thanks