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I would like to first mention that is unfortunately not easy to figure out if one is reposting, since I don’t know of a way on Kong to search a single game’s forum. If there is, I would like to know. I therefore apologize if this has been previously discussed.

So I am trying to figure out the order for heal. I read in the wiki that “usually, the monster with most HP missing will be healed. On tie, it seems to still be random,” but I don’t feel this is the way it works. I’m only working off of impressions, as I haven’t been very scientific here, but I feel like the card with the largest health fraction missing is healed first. For example, a level 5 Sharknight (Asseassin) with 60/110 HP would be at ~55%. If I have out a Squidiver with 10/50 HP (20%), I believe (and would hope!) the squid would heal itself first.

On the matter of ties, this would make that occur much less often. That could account for the “random” appearance of the order. However, there could still be ties based on percentage, so I would like to know what would occur in that case.

I would also like to mention that I don’t need anyone’s opinion, seasoned or otherwise, on the matter. Senses of numbers can be misleading, so unless someone can provide actual combat information, I would really prefer an official word.


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The card with the lowest percentage heath is not always healed first. On multiple occasions my level 4 Lapia healed itself with 40/70 health ~57% instead of my level 2 Bellican with 20/40 health 50%. I unfortunately can provide no further information other than refuting your initial hypothesis.

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In first, the card who heal try to use all his heal. For exemple, if there a card with heal 40 (with full hit points), a second card with 10 hit points/30 and a third card with 210 hit points/240, he will heal the card with 210 hit points/40.
If there is a tie, we see the percent (explain by R4M3N).
And if there is a second tie (exemple : heal 20 for the first card (with full hit points), 20 hit points/40 for the second card and 60 hit points/120 for the third card), i think it is random. (not sure for this)

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Agree with toggler. My healer healed itself at 50% health and not tank with 20/80 (25%).