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I got an idea about new addition to the game, which could be introduced in one of the next expansions.
Please let me know what do you think about it.

The point is to add something like “Arenas” (“Battlegrounds”, “Towers” … name isn’t important).

Every Alliance will be able to choose their Arena
(or every player personally – even better),
on which fight will be played.

Area will be like general ability inpacting the fight.
(both decks of course).

Examples :

Area 1 – “Each ally comes into play with silence 1”
Area 2 – “Each player starts its first turn with 4 crystals”
Area 3 – “All armors have 50% chance to avoid range attacks”
Area 4 – “Every turn all allies are demoralize 10”
Area 5 – “Every turn chance 20 hit random ally”

just small general ability impacting play…

There will be much more possibilities for strategies.
More possibilities to setup your defensive deck better.

Alliances (or players) could unlock, win in rewards or even buy in shop a new areas to make better chances to setup against specific opponnet.

In quest there will be more possibilities to make quest more fun defining an Area for specific zone.

In duels and live play there will be much more fun if an Area is random and also more diversity in winners (more people would like to try Live Play).

I don’t know if this idea makes sense so I’m waiting for your comments.

Lamatiel → Is there real chance to add something like this (from developer’s side of view) ?

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Dunno if bending the general rules of battle is possible, but I’ll mention your idea.