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I bet half of you checked Tinkerer F before reading my thread, nasty habit ;). Which means half of you have seen what I am going to ask.

Level 2-3 and level 4-5 seem to be very pointless upgrades? I don’t see how this can be the case but also can’t see how you would possibly want to upgrade this card as it is?

Anyone know if it is a mistake?



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It originally had 40 range, which was way too strong for a mere uncommon card & changed in the last minute. The current levels are a result of not enough time and will be changed eventually.

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pls, change it asap.

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Edgebee seldom does any non-promotion updates outside of a major update, sometimes even prominent bug fixes will roll out only when new expansions do. Other times their temporary stopgap measures simply remain unaddressed for multiple releases.

You’ll just have to wait for the next expansion or something similar.

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You are right JuzzieJT … however where there is a bug which can help players (and make edgebee loosing money) – like possibility to get 9 light crystals per day from duels … then suddenly they can fix it quickly , without update , without tons of reminders… suddenly they can…

but what is the worst and annoying – it was so important to prevent players to progress too fast that they not even fix the bug, they replace it with another bug – which instead of helping players make the duels rank not fair. Now where there is two players – all win 19/20 duels and one player lost his 1 having 25 points – this player have 1 more point and better reward. Fair ? of course not… edge – if you want to fix something – do it properly or better let it be instead of creating a new bugs.

(I’m not sure if the bug is still in game – last time I’ve checked last week but as edge doesn’t loose any money because of this – probably they don’t bother to fix it – exactly like with annoying bug which froze your screen when you try to check AA standings).