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I’m proud to introduce you

I’ve been working on this for some time now and I felt it was ready to be public. Testing was done on all major browsers and screen resolutions and it should be compatible with everything except Internet Explorer. It’s using Javascript for some features and it won’t work properly if you’re blocking scripts.

There’s an email link at the bottom. Please use it if you find errors in the data or bugs, you can also tell me here. It’s still a work in progress and I work on it everyday.

Current features
- Sort by HP, Melee, Range, Magic and Abilities.
- Choose up to 7 cards. Flag card as sacrifice only.
- Global stats for deck
- Link your deck to someone else

New features already in the works

-Equipment cards
-Build and save collection
-More statistics
-UI improvments

Future stuff

-Evolve into a fan site

I hope you guys like it and stay tune for more features.

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Fantastic to see various new people coming up with little tools in an effort to improve the community resources. Well done mate. Still looks a bit sketchy but that just means lots of potential to improve, yeah? :)

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I like it. just wish you could select 14 cards like a real deck instead of 7

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Wow nice work. Good to calculate deck statistics quickly!