Number of epics allies in different colour

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Colour Number of cards
Red 8
Yellow 5
Blue 6
Green 4
Purple 7

(Duel colour counts into 2 colours)

Popular cards (random observation)
Master booster :
Red Dragon

Mystical Booster:
Dungeon Master

Abyss Booster:
Fat princer
Blue Dragon

Harrowing Booster:

Heoric Booster:
Thumper F

Elite Booster:

In master booster, green dragon is not so useful as its CC is too high. Conbra with its backstab is, in some ways, worse than reach. Glumbie,well…we can simply use demon dwarf to replace it.

How come the number of red is so many more than green and yellow? With relatively popular cards, they are red and purple, making the current situation with red-mono, purple-mono, red-purple as the main trend. Besides, it is possible to make 2 different mono-purple but it is hard to make other mono, such as green-mono and yellow-mono.

It is advisable to start thinking of making more epic allies other than red and purple cards at the same time, with usefulness.

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You’re missing some:

Yes, GD is still used in many top tier decks. It is a great utility card, and I think it should be counted.

I’d like to add Spirite and AM to the list, and I think given more time, Squire F will also start appearing more often.

Note for popularity of Kuk/Sadi-they are unlocks, so I wouldn’t count them as “popular”. It’s that they are extremely easy to acquire that allows more people to access+use them

As of your main point: I agree with them. This is definitely an issue and does limit deck variability, but I am also pretty sure that with more expansions, the other colors will slowly be expanded too.

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The main reason that epic allies cards in yellow and green is less than other colours is because equipment/ armour cards are significantly better in Green and Yellow. Though, the number of epics for green and yellow should be similar to red/purple, maybe +/- (1-2), but not only halved the number of red epics

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Red: 9
Green: 4
Yellow: 5
Purple: 7
Blue: 6

Dual Color
Red: 3
Green: none
Yellow: 1
Purple: 2
Blue: 2

That just means next expansion will see no red, many green, and some epic monsters of the other colors.

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Right, expansion 4 had no purple/green or purple/yellow duel cards. So these will be represented next round for sure. Also although red has the most, remember that one red epic is gladior and it takes a long time to have that as an option for most.

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right, exp 3 has 2 red epic allies. It is good to hear lama’s great news :)

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Also, green monodeck and yellow monodeck are both (kind of) viable. Red/blue are more difficult, IMHO. Which is not saying red/blue are worse, btw.