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Plain and simple, we need more crystal allies. Right now purple reigns supreme with flame and sadistue. Yellow is the next best sac with GD but i fear it is really too high cost to play usually and even yellow players tend to go with not-a-rats. If we had more crystal cards, people would consider different routes than just buying sadistues etc. We know that crystal cost is basically free so I don’t see this adding costs to cards. I selected cards that are either generally poor in nature or support cards that need a boost for playability.

And I do not feel like this would make red super powerful or anymore powerful than it is. Most red decks obviously just run flame or sadistue.

So, i suggest a common, uncommon, rare, and epic for each color. I do not see the next expansion adding crystal cards since as it will also be dual color cards, that would be pretty powerful. So lets just add it to the existing cards. I propose:

Blue: Snowblade, Plaster, Cold Mistress, Spirite
Yellow: Non-a-rat, Evil Rug , Crocodime, Green dragon
Purple: Stalagmite, Lava Ooze, Flame, Sadistue
Green: Gerbip, Eelectric, Frock, Squiddiver
Red: Gloat, Twinaxe, Kamicron, War Wraith

These cards should get crystal +1 at level 3 like most other crystal cards. Now, next question would be does something need to be changed to control the number of crystal cards in a deck? I don’t think so. I know people currently running 2 sadistues, 1 flame, and a GD. and I don’t think their deck is any more powerful than others I see. It is true it gives them flexibility as to who to sac but with the above suggestions, I would not be afraid of any deck made up of solely those cards. But I am open to opinions. We could make it so that all crystal allys are unique, and can only run 1 of each in a deck. That would mean if you wanted two sac allys, you would have to run one of the other rarity levels. That would be interesting.

As always, questions, comments, and snide remarks are welcome.

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welcome to the crystal +1 world. :P

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i want crystal on RD and eagle :>
But seriously now: to decrease the popularity of sadistue, I think we would need the new sacs to be unlockables as well. Because I wouldn’t spam harrowing packs looking for a WW, seeing that I don’t need any other card there. I would stick to sadis. It would only benefit those who already own those cards.

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That is an excellent point irabelo. And an oversight on my part. It is off balanced that purple has an unlockable crystal card. My vote would be take crystal away from Sadistue, and put it on glumbie! Then all would be fixed.

Making more cards unlockable cards just means we are likely to see them flood the game quicker.

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I don’t think that taking crystal from sadistue would be fair to the (many) people who levelled it just because of that ability. It would mean that many people could have to go back to bigrats while they hunt for another sacs on booster packs (which can be hard to accomplish). Also, some of the cards you mentioned are already powerful and could become overused. It would be best to keep crystal ability to rares, IMHO (even though sadi/GD are epics). So the trade-off would be to have a very powerful sac on another color, or do a monodeck with a slightly less powerful ally as a sac (but able to use all equips).

Maybe we could have some rare unlockable sacs, or maybe new allies at the new expansion? And IF new epic sacs were introduced, I’d rather they came from the next expansion also. That way it wouldn’t be favouring anyone in particular, as everyone would have the same starting point, and they might not flood the game too quickly. Although the ultimate solution to any card flooding the game is to add more options :)