Level 2 Equipment

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Allies have upgrades from level 1 to level 5
How about equipments?

I proposed that edgebee could design upgrades on the equipments

For example:

Currently seems to be too OP – Grim Reaper

Lv 1 Grim Reaper: Deathstrike+Fear+10 armour (3-4cc)
Lv 2 Grim Reaper: Deathstrike+Fear+20 armour (3-4cc)

The progression of ability is lower for currently OP equipment

Another Example:

Currently seems to be too weak – Assassin Blade

Lv 1 Assassin Blade: Backstab (3-4cc)
Lv 2 Assassin Blade: 20 melee + Backstab (2-3cc)

The progression of abilities is higher for weak equipment

Cost of upgrading the equipment:
Same equipment x 2 (Whatever the colour) + Dollar Cost

Dollar Cost:
Epic: 150,000
Rare: 45,000
Uncommon: 9,000
Common: 1,500

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I think merging epic should use 3 same cards cuz it may be a little bit easy for some players to merge 2 GRs. But it is difficult to consider merging 2 uncommons into 1 lv2 uncommon. For example, merging 2 heal flutes, should it keep its heal value, 20 HP, or reduce its CC to 2? While comparing to horn of age, 3 CC with 30 HP, if merging 2 heal flute will increase its heal value to 30HP with 3 CC, it is the same as horn of age lv 1. And the cost of merging is $9,000, so it may make ppl to use lv 2 heal flute instead of lv 1 horn of age.