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Patch v0.6.2 is live!
Mostly more live play bug fixes in this patch.

- The tooltip for cards now displays the sub-type of the card (Example: Fairy, Human, Warrior etc). This will come into play for future cards/abililties
- Slow down after consecutive live play matches has been fixed
- Playing an AI match after a live play match no longer disables your battle button :)
- Idle time-out shouldn’t be occurring anymore (when you are actively playing, it will still timeout if you sit idle for 4+ minutes in an AI battle)
- Space bar no longer ends turn
- Error 1132 after some live play battles should be fixed

In addition to this there were also 2 new achievements added. Go check them out!

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v0.6.3 is live!
More small hot fixes today.

Main highlights are we fixed the Starter Pack issue some players had. If it still appears Sold Out for you after you attempted to purchase it, please contact us so we can correct it.

Full patch notes:

In other news, the Live play arena update is going nicely and scheduled for next week. Guilds are also cruising along and we’re currently looking ~mid-late August for that update.

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v0.7 is Live!

This update includes an arena revamp with full integration of the live play, as well as a few smaller bug fixes.

Full patch log can be seen here:

Happy battling all!

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v0.7.1 is live!

v0.7.1 Patch notes
Released @ 2:45 on 8/13/12

Unlocked by completing Chapter V on Insane mode:


In live play enabled arenas if no match is found within the time limit, it will match against an AI opponent. Reward will still take place, however no rating will be exchanged.
- Min deck size decreased to 30
- Loss gold increased to 50
- Hero tier is capped at 2
- Energy decreased to 5
- Win bonus increased to 150
- Loss gold increased to 100
- Win gold increased to 300
- Loss gold increased to 150
- Bonus gold increased to 250
- Skirmish arena was added back in


- Core gold pack lowered to 5k gold
- Eve gold pack lowered to 15k gold

Bug/Minor Fixes:

Live Play
- Hero abilities should no longer cause an out of sync
- Idle timeout is now 15 minutes
Card/Ability Functionality
- Maelstrom Blast now rounds down correctly
- Aegis Shield now prevents physical or magical damage as intended
- Shields now play an effect when they prevent damage
- Featured pack is now a CORE Epic pack for 50k gold or 100 gems
- Featured cards are now (Forked Lightning, Sparkshot Avenger and Element Converger)
- Some of the gold values were increased in Daily Chests
- Bonus amounts reset properly at 00:00 server time


2 Badges were added.

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v0.7.2 Patch Details
v0.7.2 Patch notes
Pushed @ 2:10 EST on 8/17/12


A game wide chat component has been added so now all players can communicate with each other!
To see a full list of chat commands type /help :)

Battle Mechanics

- Timid has changed to: This creature won’t attack if it has an opposing creature
- A new status effect “Pacified” has been added. It prevents the creature from attacking

Card Tweaks

Target creature gains Timidbecomes Pacified
All eggs now have: This creature can’t attack added.
Interface Changes

- Backgrounds in deck editor and hero page now change based on the kingdom of the Hero
- Battle backgrounds will pick a random one of the two Heroes
- Player profile got a revamp

Bug Fixes/Minors

- Vengeful Titan now deals Physical damage properly on the play effect
- Weakened is now known as Weak
- You can now search for cards via their subtype
- Fae Trickster no longer steals abilities while dead
- There was a bug with removing status effects that would automatically always remove any Slow counters + another effect. It now just removes 1 effect properly.
- Some more anti-cheat measures in place

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Patch v0.7.4 is here!

v0.7.4 Patch notes
Currently in development. Scheduled for 8/30/12 Afternoon.

Unlocked by completing Chapter VI on Insane mode:


Player mailbox has been added. This will be used for guild interactions and friend requests, as well as tournament reward delivery later on.

Friend List:
There is now an ingame friend list. You can add players from their profiles and you’ll see when they come online in chat.

Battle Chat:
There is now a battle chat tab that opens up when a live play match is made.

Guild Chat:
There is now a chat tab for guilds (for the forthcoming guild release)

Hero Trade:
You will now be able to trade in your purchased Heroes for a Hero of the same tier. When you trade, you will lose all hero star progress and stats on that hero.

Battle Interaction UI:
There are new Cast/Banish (formerly discard) buttons which should make it much clearer what your intention is and how to use certain actions. NOTE: for advanced players there is a new option now to enable the single clicking that was there before.

Live Play Time Extender:
In live pvp, when you play a card, discard a card, or use a hero ability it will extend your turn timer by 5 seconds (this number will likely be played with)


Beginner Arena:
Max hero tier in beginner arena is now T1 so newer players stand a better chance. We had to reset the arena in order to remove any invalid decks.

And much more!
Check the full patch notes here:


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Card Trade In Program

Hi all,

As Kingdoms grows and patches are done, it is sometimes necessary to do balance changes to both cards and heroes. Sometimes positive and sometimes negative changes are done.

These changes are done with the best intentions for the greater good of preserving a healthy meta game and making it a competitive, fair landscape for all players.

We understand these changes directly affect some of our premium players and as a result would like to offer a special trade in program where players affected can trade back those cards for gems.

Full details of this program can be viewed on our official forum here:

Thanks much for all your support!

- Kingdoms Dev Team

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v0.7.5 is Live!

Hero Tweaks:

Jorma deals magic damage to target creature equal to half its HP rounded up; then gains 1 Mana for each point of damage dealt this way
Target creature loses half its HP rounded up and Jorma gains 1 Mana for each HP lost this way

Furious Revival:
Remove target corpse and put the next creature with a lower Mana cost from your deck in its slot. It gets +1 attack and gains Haste

Shrapnel Blast:
- Costs [6,5,4] [7,6,5] Charges

Virtuous Summon:
Put the next Light alliance creature from your deck in a random target empty ally slot. It gets +1 attack and +1 HP

Necrotic Infusion:
- Costs [4,5,6] [4,5,5] Charges

Bug Fixes/Minors

- Abaddon no longer swaps corpses, he simply takes theirs. It now also works if you have a corpse occupied slot, just not if you have a creature.
- Alisten now properly summons Whelps when used by AI
- Belnir can now be traded properly
- AI can no longer use Dark Missile on undead heroes
- Fae Trickster now properly only steals abilities from enemies
- Phantom Image now triggers On Enter effects

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v0.7.6 is Live!

v0.7.6 Dev Notes
Pushed today @ 2:00pm EST

New Features

Hero Store
The Hero store got a facelift. Some prices were adjusted, and there is now a Sale feature for the first 2 heroes you buy of each tier. This will work for existing players as well on the next Heroes they purchase.

Hero Tweaks

Frost Nova:
Uunys deals [1,2,3] magic damage to the creature in target slot and 1 magic damage to its adjacent and opposing creature slots

Jorma deals magic damage to target creature equal to half its HP rounded up. That creature becomes Immobile (It can’t be moved to another slot)

Maelstrom Blast:
Jorma deals 1 magic damage to a random enemy creature or enemy Hero whenever an ally Dark alliance creature with Attack [4,3,2] or more Mana cost [5,4,3] or more enters play.
Furious Revival
- Costs [7,6,5] charges(was 6,5,4)

Holy Summon:
Charges increased to [4,5,5] from [4,4,4]

Card Tweaks

Skybreaker Giant
HP increased to 8 (was 7)
Dwarven Sot
On enter: deals 1 physical damage to another random creature

Roaming Spirit
Now has Dust
Weathered Knight
If you control another Light alliance creature, this creature has Armor
- Attack was reduced to 1 (was 2)
- HP was increased to 4 (was 3)
Young Giant
If you control another Giant, this creature gets +1 attack
Willow Guard
If the enemy Hero is Elemental or controls any Elemental creatures, this creature gets +1 HP
- Now has resist
- Mana cost was reduced to 3 (was 4)
- Attack was reduced to 1 (was 2)

Tenacious Demon
On death: Tenacious Demon is put on the bottom of shuffled into its controllers deck

- Improved overall loading time
- Reduced memory usage

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Guilds are Here!

v0.8 Dev Notes

Guilds are now here! Full details can be found below!

Promo Card
Juggernaut is now available! He can be unlocked by completing Chapter III on Insane mode.


Guilds are now upon us! Round up your friends, foes and whoever else you want to join you in your journey to be the top guild in Kingdoms!
- You can create a guild for 50k Gold or 50 gems
- You can have up to 15 members for now
- You can assign different ranks to your members which will limit their control in the guild
- You can initiate wars against other guilds within a point range
- Win/Lose points based on the outcome of the war
- Each war, each guild will have 3 quests that can be completed for bonus points
- Individuals earn Honor for their participation in the guild. Spend this honor in the guild store on exclusive cards
- Top ranked guilds will have a more prestigious profile button to show off in the leaderboards
- You can earn an additional 25 wins worth of bonus gold in Guild War battles


- Eve cards have now been added to the Singles store!


- No longer shows Honor points if you don’t have any
- Akatril’s Judgement damage no longer keeps adding 2 each time you use it
- You can now have up to 25 friends. We also fixed the bug with friend requests crashing when you have more than 25.

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v0.8.1 is live!

v0.8.1 Dev Notes

Currently in development.


Slots full issue
When a guild sends an invite out to a player, it reserves the slot in their guild. Thats why some guilds say they’re full when they have 11/15 members. We have now added the pending members under the membership page. From there, the guild will be able to cancel the request, freeing up the slot.


- 1009 error during guild wars when news lists update is fixed
- Fixed the guild scrolling issue in the leaderboard
- Jorma’s Undertow can now target ally creatures as intended
- Guild rank is now shown properly in guild component
- added better error handling for guilds

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v0.8.2 is Live!

v0.8.2 Dev Notes
Pushed @ 5:05pm EST on 9/18/12

Guild Honor:
We reworked the honor system to be a little more generous. Players will now earn full honor on a guild loss. If a guild is victorious, each member will earn 10% bonus honor. We felt it was too punishing to not give any honor.
With these changes we bumped the honor prices of the uncommon and rares slightly to (300 and 1250 from 250 and 1000 respectively)

First Turn Advantage:
We ran some data on first turn advantage, and while it’s not as crazy as everyone thinks (56%) we felt a small nudge is needed to get it down to an even 50%. Therefore, the player who goes first will no longer receive Charges on their first turn.

Chat Moderators:
We now have chat moderator support. They will be seen with a red M icon. They will be fair and just, and prevent any vulgar/abusive or spam activity and have the ability to disable your chat. Please be respectful to all players and moderators.

- Battle tab now shows who you’re battling
- Fixed a bug with Guild point calculation on War win/loss. Should be accurate to the Wiki now.
- Player component got spruced up to show honor and guild rank in it
- You can now private message players across different rooms properly
- Featured pack changed to (Eve – Dark Alliance) Cards changed to (Mage’s Mantle, Hero Ring, Omni Cloak)
- New splash screen

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v0.8.3 is Live!

v0.8.3 Dev Notes
Currently in development. Scheduled for 9/21/12

Battle Mechanics:

Corpses now last an additional half turn, meaning each player will have a full turn to try and interact with it. Corpses will clear at the beginning of players turns now instead of after the attack phase.


- Guild card unlock requirements were reduced a fair amount

Hero Tweaks:

- Dravkas is getting a bit of a rework as we found he lead to a pretty narrow (and not the most fun) strategy with the essentially free board wipe (Replicate & Shrapnel blast). We are reworking Replicate and Shrapnel Blast. Current details:
Re-designed Replicate:
- new name “Assemble”
Destroy target ally gear; summon an X/X Alchemy Construct in a random ally slot where X is the gear’s Mana cost. It gains [1,2,3] random abilities.
- Costs [4,4,4] Charges
Re-designed Shrapnel Blast:
- new name “Master Artificer”
Whenever an ally gear with Mana cost [5,4,3] or more enters, Dravkas gains 1 HP, 1 Charge or 1 Mana.
- Passive

Card Tweaks:

Wild Behemoth
This guy got a rather large rework. We felt it was far too punishing and had too much of a random chance, which lead to not seeing much play. The new version is as follows:
This creature can’t be set to Defend mode. On attack: deals 1 physical damage to your Hero.
Abilities: Splash, Armor and Unblockable Intimidate and Overrun

Mage’s Ring
Mana costs of your Spell cards is reduced by 1
- Mana cost increased to 3 (was 2)
Glass Sword
On enter/On your turn: your Hero deals 1 physical damage to enemy Hero. Destroy this gear when your Hero is dealt any damage


- Cancel Ability button is now accessible in Advanced Casting Mode
- Baleful Mist – Fixed a few interaction bugs
- Featured pack and cards changed

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v0.8.3.1 is Live!

v0.8.3.1 Dev Notes
Pushed @ 4:40pm EST on 9/25/12

Gem Bonus:
On your next purchase receive an additional 25% more gems! This applies to all players.

Featured Items:
Featured items now rotate on a daily basis.

Hero Tweaks:
*Redesigned*Crush Mortal:
- Renamed to “War March”
Target creature attacks, if able
- Costs [7,6,5] Charges

Card Tweaks:

Soul Funnel
Your Hero gains 1 HP and the enemy Hero loses 1 HP

- Increased server stability
- Fixed multiple clicks on your battle war icon could cause errors later on
- Fixed a server guild room related bug

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Kingdoms CCG on Steam – Need your help!
Hi all,

Kingdoms CCG is now in the Steam Greenlight program and we need YOUR help!!

You can vote for us here:

Needless to say it would be tremendous for the game if we get on there, please help us out and vote!

If we get picked, there may even be some Gems in it for everyone! :D

Thanks so much,

- Kingdoms Dev Team

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v0.8.4 is Live! with New Bundles and Special Deals!

v0.8.4 Dev Notes
Pushed @ 3:30pm EST 9/28/12

New Bundles:
The old Starter bundle has been removed and 2 new bundles have been added: The Bard Bundle and the Dragon Bundle. They can each be purchased once per account.
Bard Bundle
For $10 or 100 Kreds you will receive:
- 3x Core Packs
- 50 Gems
- Plus a bonus promo card: Realm Sworn Bard

Dragon Bundle – Unlocks after you purchase the Bard Bundle. Next patch will also make it available if you purchased the prior starter bundle
For $20 or 225 Kreds you will receive:
- 3x Core Packs, 3x Eve Packs
- 100 Gems
- Plus a bonus promo card: Abysmal Dragon

Core Deals
- You can now purchase 3 Core Gold packs for 99 Gems
Eve Deals
- You can now purchase 3 Eve Gold packs for 99 Gems
- You can now purchase an Eve booster box containing 10 Gold packs for 299 Gems

- Now has 15 HP (was 16) and 1 mana (was 0)

We overcompensated a bit too much on the last update with Honor reward amount on a loss and suffered a decrease in competitiveness as a result. In order to restore that competitiveness, we lowered the loss amount to 50% of what you earned and 100% for a victory. Future guild upgrades may affect these values.
Chat Icons
Now the players in the first place guild will have a special legendary chat guild icon. Players in guilds ranked 2 and 3 will have an epic chat guild icon.

- A deck slot save issue has been fixed where sometimes it overwrites your first slot

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Energy Arena Bug is Fixed
Hi all,

We have just fixed the energy and arena bug.

We apologize for the inconvenience. Any players affected by it have received 15 Gems.

Happy battling!
- Kingdoms CCG

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v0.8.5 is live!

v0.8.5 Dev Notes
Pushed at 5:30pm EST on 10/5/12

Battle Mechanics:

Decking Out
When a player can no longer draw a card due to no cards left in their deck, – they immediately lose. This is known as Decking out. There will be cards that allow players to “Mill” other players. Mill will be a new keyword that puts the top X cards from a players deck into their discard pile. We added this as an additional strategy type to allow for multiple win conditions. This is not enabled in campaign story mode

Discard Pile
Now when players play a spell, discard a card (not banish), get a gear destroyed or have a creature corpse removed, it will get added to their discard pile which is visible to the right side of your hand. This can also be used to see what cards were just played by the opponent. Interactions with this will be coming in a future set.
Copy Creatures
Copy creature spells/abilities now copy the creatures current form – meaning if it has new abilities/status effects or taken damage, those will all be copied as well. Cards affected by this are: Phantom Image and Doppelganger

- Reworked beginner mode targeting to be a little more intuitive
- Discard Pile was added to battle. You can click on it to view either players list. Mousing over will display the full card.
- Entering chat now shows how many friends you have online

Load Times:
This is big enough to warrant its own header. We managed to reduce the overall game size by more than 1/3, subsequently decreasing load times by that much!

Card Tweaks:

Flight of the Pegasus
- Mana cost reduced to 4 (was 5)

Blunderbuss – available for trade-in
On your turn: destroys a random gear and deals 1 ` damage to its controller. If no other gear is in play, destroy this gear.
Note: This nerf was done as this was too effective to completely neutralize a core strategy in the game. 1 card should not be able to do this.
- Mana cost reduced to 3 (was 4)
Fervor – available for trade-in
Ally creatures get +1 attack and gain Haste until end of your turn
Fae Trickster
Now has 2 attack
Realm Crusher
Now has Giant as a subtype as well
Now lasts 5 half turns
Now lasts 5 half turns

Realm Sworn Bard
Other ally creatures get +1 ATK and +1 HP

- Players who bought the old Hero Bundle are now able to buy the Dragon Bundle without having to purchase the Bard Bundle
- Refactored a bunch of the targeting code – proper targets should highlight appropriately now
- Battle victory/defeat screens how show the player component of who you battled so you can easily find their profile
- Fixed the energy arena bug

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v0.8.6 is live!

v0.8.6 Dev Notes
Pushed @ 5:20 EST on 10/12/12

New Hero – Shadow, Assassin of Kings
We are pleased to announce the release of a new T2 Hero – Shadow, Assassin of Kings.

“Born from the darkness, Shadow knows not of compassion or allegiance. Legend says he was once a crowned Prince of a dynasty, now known as an assassin of Kings. Shadow trusts nobody and definitely should not be trusted himself.”
Shadow is unlocked after acquiring 75 stars – then he is available for purchase with 150k Gold or 89 Gems. Discounts and Trading do not work for Shadow.
Full details can be found here:

Starter Packs:
There are 6 brand new Starter Packs designed specifically for new players to help get an early boost into some competitive playing with their favorite kingdom!
Each Starter Pack contains: 1 Epic, 2 Rare, 5 Uncommon, 8 Common cards plus a bonus of 50 Gems and is available for $10 or 100 kreds. Starter packs are available in the newly designed store!


Limited – adjusted base amounts to be more on par with Standard
- Win amount increased to 300 (was 200)
- Loss amount increased to 150 (was 100)
- Energy increased to 6 (was 5)

A new arenas has been added. Here you will only be able to play with only the cards that share a kingdom alignment with your heroes.
- rules/payouts will otherwise be similar to that of Standard

Battle Replay
- After a defeat in Campaign or an AI arena battle, you now have the option to immediately replay. This is shown where the old “Buy a pack?” option was.

- There are now confirmation popups on any Gem purchases
- There’s a new guild component that should look a little nicer

- You now have an “edit deck” option after purchasing packs/singles
- Virtuous Summon now starts searching from the top as described (was searching from the bottom)
- Torch now only gets destroyed if it did infact damage an undead creature
- Loading progress bar fixed
- Fixed forgot password bug

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v0.8.7 is Live!
v0.8.7 Dev Notes

Pushed @ 5pm EST on 10/19/12

This weekend only receive 25% off all gem packages $20 or more!

Deck Slots
- Players can now remove their decks from arenas. Their old deck will remain in place until they rejoin with a new valid deck.
- Guild slots are now freed upon kick/exiting a guild

- On death effects now properly trigger
- Shadow Strike now targets any creature properly
- His 10th star is now fixed. It requires 100 wins against unaligned heroes
- Due to all the issues with the Hastey Victory star, we changed it to Defeating Noran 50 times
- Win 500 times vs Elemental star has been lowered to 100

- Willow Guard now gets a proper +1 boost against elemental heroes
- Improved some animation performance in battle
- AI improvements

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New Holiday Bundle! v0.8.8 is live!

v0.8.8 Dev Notes
Expected release: 10/26/12 @ 2:30 EST

Spooky Bundle
A limited time Halloween bundle is available for $10 or 100 Kreds. It contains 4 Exclusive cards PLUS 50 Gems. There is no limit to how many you can buy.
Starting October 26th, the Halloween bundle is our seasonal treat for the players of Kingdoms. Containing four limited edition cards and 50 gems this is one bundle you don’t want to miss! These cards are only available until November 5th and then they will be locked away with only those who jumped on the chance able to get these sweet treats!

Deck Editor
Deck editor got a revamp to be a little more user friendly. Also better illustrates arena rules when building/modifying a deck.

Pack Adjustments
There were a few pack adjustments to improve the experience.
The Eve gold pack was removed and 2 new packs are now offered.

Eve Basic
Costs 5000 gold and contains 6 cards with commons/uncommons and 25% chance for a rare or better (2% for epic), which on average is 50k cheaper than it was. We chose to do this to allow players an easier access point to Eve cards rather than having to save up 15k.

Eve Premium
Costs 39 gems and contains 6 cards with 3 commons, 2 uncommons, 1 rare w/ 10% chance for an epic

Kingdom Packs
Epic chances changed to 1 in 10 (from 1 in 8) to match the Premium packs.

We have finally added a tutorial that should better explain the battle system and key areas of the game to newer players.

- Overrun bug fixed where it called the ‘attack’ trigger twice.
- Promo card #’s have been hidden since they get shifted around too much with new cards coming out
- AI now chooses to defend a little more wisely

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v0.8.8.1 is live!
v0.8.8.1 Dev Notes
Pushed @ 5:45 EST on 10/29/12

Halloween Bundle
We have decided the following solution to the Halloween bundle to allow all players to have the same opportunity.
There will be 3 options to purchase the bundle during the limited time offer.
- Purchase with kreds/$ as is now. You get the 4 cards + LE etching, plus 50 bonus gems.
- Purchase for 100 Gems. You get the 4 cards, regular edition.
- Purchase with 100k Gold. You get the 4 cards, regular edition.

We feel this is a fair solution to all players. Those who purchased gems during the sale, can still acquire it. Free players have a gold option, and further supporters get extra value for their $ with $5 worth of bonus gems and LE etching.

- Price/unlock condition bug was fixed and returned to normal values.

Deck Editor
- Card sizing’s/spacing has been adjusted to fit 42 comfortable, shown in a similar proportion to before. A scroll bar will appear when there is more than 42 cards displayed.

- Trick/treat stacking bug has been fixed
- Tutorial flow was smoothed a bit

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Spooky Bundle – Last chance!
The limited edition Spooky Bundle is available for another 12 hours only before it gets locked away for some time. Get it while you can!

Happy Battling all!

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v0.8.8.2 is live!

v0.8.8.2 Dev Notes
Pushed @ 2:20 EST on 11/5/12

Arena Tutorial & Locking

- Arenas and guilds are now locked for new players until they have sufficient cards to actually build a deck for those areas. (30 for Arenas, 40 for Guilds)
- We have added a tutorial for newer players that shows them how to properly access and join an arena once they are able to do so, as well as the benefits of doing so.

Card Tweaks

Fireball – A change to the targeting. Its flexibility of targeting an empty middle slot to kill top and bottom slot was just too strong for its mana cost
“Deals 3 ~ damage to the creature in target slot and each its adjacent slots target creature and deal 1 ~ damage to its adjacent creatures”

- Fixed the chat scroll issue. You can now scroll up properly and not get your scroll bar reset when a player sends a message. Admin messages will still force this.
- Shadow’s Charge Strike is now fixed.

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“Rise of the Demigods” – New Card Set Announced!

Rise is the new set for Kingdoms CCG. With 144 brand new cards, the introduction of three new status effects in the form of Blessed (When this creature dies, it’s controller is gains life), Cursed (when this creature dies, it’s controller looses life) and Polymorph (Creature becomes a 0/1 sheep for X turns), the new Mill Mechanic, three new Legendary Cards including the first non-creature Legendary and the introduction of the Demigods.
Demigods are a new card type for Kingdoms. They are played just like creatures but are inactive, unable to attack but still able to block, until their tribute is paid. The tribute will vary from Demigod to Demigod. To activate Justice, his controller must gain 8 life. To activate Undying, 5 creatures must die while he is in play. Demigod’s can’t be targeted directly by spells or hero abilities but are still affected by board wide effects, and are still damaged by other creatures hitting them.

With powerful and exciting new cards at all rarity levels Rise is the best built set to date. Taking everything we’ve learned from Core and EVE to make Rise the next level in set design for Kingdoms.
Throughout the week we will be spoiling the set a few cards at a time. To get the week rolling, check out an uncommon creature from each kingdom.

We would like to extend a very special thank you to our Beta team for their excellent work in helping make this set complete!

Rise is set to be released on November 29th with the Pre-sale starting November 22nd. More details to come!

Be sure to follow the forum for latest details: