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Originally posted by JeffoANTIC:

We will all just have to sit back and wait until they become the next “Magic the Gathering”. :)

We actually do read most posts, even if we don’t have time to respond to them all since we’re very busy trying to make this the next “Magic the Gathering”.

jefo what exactly is your job in antic?

thread is tl;dr

its a pay to win game, nothing more to add

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I have to agree, when you calculate the dollar value of the packs in this game, it really is ostentatious of the developers and an insult to both the community and everyone who has ever worked for WotC on Magic.

There is no way I will be playing this game much longer. If I wanted to spend $10 a card and $4 dollars a pack, I would go back to Magic.

Any argument about the cost of building competitive decks is moot when you realize that you would have more than a full playset of commons and nearly a full playset of uncommons in a M;tG 150 card set from spending $100 dollars plus you would have 36/50 rares. 1 full playset (4 each) of a 150 card Magic set would be roughly a case, or 6 boxes, or $600($540 at case pricing), plus another $100-$200 for some premium rares to finish it off. $800 would be the absolute maximum you would have to spend for a full playset. You could easily spend $200 and have a full playset of commons and uncommons, one-ofs of most rares, and many double rares; spend another $100-$200 for select rares, and you can make many playable (competitive) decks for about $350.

In this game, it would be extremely difficult to get a full SET for less than $350, and a full playset would be about $1200. You could buy 25 gold CORE packs for $100. At a 1:20 chance for an epic, that’s a probability of 1 Epic and 24 Rares. There are 35 Rares and 17 Epics. $200 in you might possibly have a full set of rares excluding epics, and might have 2 or more epics. You would likely have a set of commons and uncommons at double the price of Magic’s full playset of commons and uncommons. Moving on from there, buying epics at about $10 a card, would likely be another $150 for a SET, involving luck and the timing of the cards coming up in the shop. Continuing forward, about 114 rares and 51 epics later, and it’s $1316, or with bonus kreds probably rounds out at $1200 to buy a full playset, not counting the heroes and likely requiring several weeks of constant monitoring of the shop for singles.

While we can earn cards for free, the time investment required is just as restrictive as the money investment for me.

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dr but certainly looks very interesting