Too Many Request Threads

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Why are there four half-functional request threads (request/gifting/neighbor/help wanted) when we only need one? They all pretty much do the same thing. Can we just let three of them disappear?

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They might work a bit better if people didn’t cram all four into each post.

If they were used as they are posted, then it would keep things a lot cleaner and easier to use.

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What Eryssia said but…

Regardless of what people ‘cram into their posts’ – if you post in the thread concerning what you’re looking for, things should still work pretty well for most people…

EG You’re looking for neighbours (and offering whatever)… people who don’t want any more neighbours can simply ignore that thread (and also miss out on whatever you offered) rather than trawl through an additional X pages of posts on a ‘combined’ thread.

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The moderators should be a more severe…

It is sometimes difficult, visitors forum posting at the end of their message a link to be neighbor… while the fundamental component of message talk about exchange links “supply & demand”.

May revise certain rules? I do not know.

Expect to see the game evolve, there are many farms inactive, the editor will certainly help to remove inactive neighbors or which do not visit, you can imagine that after a week when there is no interraction between two neighbors, the link is removed.

I have 92 neighbors … is unmanageable.

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What I meant to suggest is that it’s not about putting requests in the correct sticky. Right now we have the same exact posts in four stickies. If I want to post a neighbor link and also request something and offer something in return, why not just have one forum posting for all? Clicks are clicks. If you are already my neighbor, but want what I’m offering, just don’t click the neighbor link. Things would run much more effeciently this way.

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Actually, beetlebob12 – the problem is that people put the same exact post in all four stickies, even if that post has nothing to do with the sticky in question.

For example: I’ve seen people put posts that were just a Resource Request in all four places. Not a neighbor link, but in the neighbor thread. Not a Help Request, but in the Help Wanted thread. You get the idea.

As donseptico mentions, if people put the correct type of post in a thread it would help. But I also agree with Eryssia in that it can be rather annoying to go into the Request Thread and click a bunch of the links only to get the message that you’ve already helped them in the past 24 hours since you clicked on their Resource Request over in the Help thread.

As for having only one thread, the only people that would benefit from that in the long run are people who log on multiple times a day and keep resubmitting their replies to stay on the later pages. Thus resulting in even more pages in the thread, resulting in even more people fighting to stay in the last couple of pages by resubmitting their replies. See where this leads?

If you’re looking for efficiency, people taking the extra three minutes or so to separate their posts (thus keeping things clean and neat) would seem to be the better choice.

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A difference of opinion, I guess. The links expire after 2 days and are deleted. And, again, a click is a click. It doesn’t really matter what it’s for.

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This will be my last post here. I’ll give everyone else the final word. What I’ve been trying (unsuccessfully) to argue is that this following (mock) post isn’t as efficient as it ought to be:

Posted on “Help Wanted Thread”: Requesting help staffing my barber shop. If you click on this link to help me, you can get a reward for your troubles on the “Gifting Thread.” But you’ll need to go back to page 3 of that thread, and if it’s expired by now, just send me a message and I’ll post a new one. Also, if you want to be my neighbor, click on my neighbor link on the “Neighbor Thread.” But the neighbor thread isn’t listed here, b/c they only keep two active at once, so just click on the old forum thread, find my neighbor thread there and click that. And if you post your own neighbor thread there, then this thread here will be banished to the older thread forum.

It’s that or the simpler: Here’s what I need—- Here’s stuff for you—-

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As you say, a difference of opinion. This one fed by play style. I use the forums by opening the full forum, then selecting the tasks I wish in the order I wish (usually: Requests, Gifts, Help – if that matters to you), where it seems that you use the forum links under the game itself. Neither right, neither wrong. But, as with anything else that people do, our opinions will be colored by the way we do things.

I don’t view the request/gift process in the game as having to balance out. I just give what I can, request what I need, and take a few others as I see them. I do see that if I required a zero-sum solution, then a single thread might be more appealing. But again, just a matter of style.